AMC and OLTL Fans Hit ABC Studios to Protest Cancellations

All My Children and One Life To Live viewers, outraged over ABC's shocking decision to cancel the iconic suders, took to the streets of New York today. The fans were outside ABC studios protesting this morning. Similar efforts, organized via Facebook and Twitter, are taking place all across the country today. Daytime Confidential reader/listener Xanderdash tweeted the following pictures. Check them out after the jump!

Picture by Xanderdash

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    Good luck with that, ATWT/GL fans tried all that. We even got the FBI involved fans where sending in bars of soap, they though it was anthrax, wouldn’t try that, but can send in the wrapper with the bar code.

  2. Profile photo of WAZ1954

    :) Love to see the fans showing their support!!! I am with you in spirit today!

    Hopefully Frons will get the messsage that we are not going to back down!

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Keep on fighting the good fight, folks!!!!!!!!

    It might be easy for SOME posters to simply denounce their efforts as being futile or a waste of time, but the only way to TRULY lose is to roll over and bow down!!! Nothing of great importance has EVER been accomplished by doing that.

    :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

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    Yea, that was a really bad hour to call for a protest in NYC. For those travelling from the boroughs they KNEW they would be caught in rush hour traffic so they probably didnt go, and for those who work in Manhattan couldnt have possibly left their office at 10am. If it was for lunch hour it would have been bedlam, which was what they were looking for.

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    As long as the crowd is under control and keep protesting peacefully, the cops can’t do anything, keep fighting the good fight guys, I’m with yall in spirit.

  6. Profile photo of Scoobysnack

    The ABC shareholders need to vote to replace the head of Daytime programming for this horrendously wrong decision to cancel All My Children and One Life To Live. It wasn’t too long ago when Coca Cola and WCBS FM made the same stupid mistakes changing the formula and format respectively and were forced by the public to put everything back the way it was. Those executives were eventually fired for making the change which didn’t work.

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    Disney Doesnt Want Soaps Either. Frons Just Did what they want. he’s Their puppet and they will keep him. Frons However if had a heart or brain Might have fought harder to save soaps but he doesnt and never did.

  8. Profile photo of Y2Jin99

    Looks like about 20 fans. LOL
    Forget it. There is no chance.
    People are wasting there time.
    The big petition site has less than 7000 signatures.
    That won’t wake nobody up.
    One viewing of OLTL on youtube gets more views than that daily.

    Barring a miracle new network for both soaps we will be saying
    goodbye in Sept and Jan.

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    I have signed some of the petitions and I have sent in thank you letter to Hoover and have been to a few other advertiser websites to log comments.

    I live in Atlantic Canada, so it’s not possible for me to attend any of the protest rallies, except through supporting online measures. Though it does feel like a futile effort since Frons, ABC and Disney don’t want the soaps anymore.

    Rather than filling up all kinds of space here, I’ve put up a blog post the other day: The continuing saga of daytime soap opera cancellations, on my thoughts of the cancellations and the efforts that fans have been doing and can do.

  10. Profile photo of basilnsybil

    Hi Ceridwyn2 and Everyone!
    Live in Canada too we can all really mount a good economic protest against Disney the parent company of ABC that clearly wants out of soap business. Yes buying Hoover products is good but also not buying Disney merchandise sends a message taking vacation at Busch Gardens instead of Walt Disney resorts these are all other ways of protesting too. Come next year ABC daytime will be in a very bad position saying soaps are a dying entertainment format is garbage look into sucessful movies, primetime shows etc… they all have a soap opera format. Just my two cents.

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