SHAKEUP AT MAJOR ABC AFFILIATE: New York’s WABC Announces Anchors for Newscast to Replace Oprah!

It looks like affiliates are about as trusting of ABC Daytime to transition to a post-Oprah and Erica era as soap fans are. A few months back, New York's WABC affiliate announced they would be filling the timeslot currently held by The Oprah Winfrey Show with a local news broadcast once The Mighty O signs off the syndication airwaves this May.

According to TV Spy, Liz Cho, current 11 pm anchor, and David Novarro will anchor the new Eye Witness News…First at 4 newscast. This means instead of leading into America's most popular talk show in NYC, General Hospital will be airing before an untested early-evening newscast. Nothing like a little News, Weather and Sports In The Afternoon.

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    Yayyy! If there’s one thing this country needs is MORE NEWS!!!! 24/7 cable news/internet just isn’t satisfying my needs. So now we’ll have 2 1/2 hours straight of Channel 7’s specialty of shootings, murders, fires, and beatings. Actually 3 1/2 hours if you include General Hospital.

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    actually coming into an election year, those news program will likely get audience. Because politics can be so intriguing during an election cycle.

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