Victoria Rowell Hosts Dance Theatre of Harlem’s Inaugural Vision Gala

Former The Young and the Restless star Victoria Rowell (pictured with Jessye Norman and Rowell's husband Radcliffe Bailey above) hosted the Dance Theatre of Harlem’s Inaugural Vision Award Gala on April 25 in New York City.  The event, which featured performances by the Dance Theatre of Harlem Ensemble and surprise guests, honored Arthur Mitchell. Funds raised at the gala went to the Next Generation Fund.  See more photos from the gala after the jump!

Virginia Johnson and Victoria Rowell

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    They will just delete it again Alston. I wrote that I thought it was wrong to list anything about VR under Y and R Banner as she was gone from show and would never return. Didn’t see anything but the truth there.

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    I have known for quite some time that you don’t like Victoria Rowell, and I respect that, but as far as I’m concerned she will ALWAYS be a part of Y&R!! She’s the most famous/popular female character that the show has ever had…or ever will have. Drucilla is irreplaceable, as is Victoria Rowell. Simple as that.

    But I respect your opinion. I just don’t agree with it.

    :) :) :) :)

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    No problem, Alston, but I just don’t see anything about her that needs to be posted under Y and R. To me it indicates that the writer feels that is the only place she would get the publicity. I just feel it is the wrong place, but none of my business, just my humble opinion. You would have to admit that she would do anything for publicity though.

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