Will Katie Couric End Up on ABC Daytime After All?!

TV Guide is hearing Katie Couric is thisclose to inking a deal with The Mouse House. According to the report, ABC has been agressively courting the former Today Show host and soon-to-be exiting CBS Evening News anchor to offset the loss off Oprah Winfrey and cancelling two soaps. Here's a snippet:

ABC's last minute surge to get Couric may be driven by the loss of The Oprah Winfrey Show on its owned and operated TV stations. "They are still in the station business," says one industry insider. "They are not going to go with those new daytime shows after killing their soaps and losing Oprah, leading into the evening news and prime time."

What, you mean the insider doesn't think such future Paley Center honorees as The Chew and The Revolution are viable enough to steady ABC's daypart after losing Oprah, Reege and Erica Kane? I'm shocked. Shocked I say!

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    $50,000.000 says her show is going to replace GH. Since it has already been canceled. I read at S.O.C that the actors at GH have already been told the show is canceled and is going to be off the air in Sept,2012. I also heard the official announcement will be made after May sweeps.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    The last thing that I need is more Katie Couric. I like her, but doesn’t she already have ENOUGH money, fame and prestige??? I admire her ambition, but when is enough enough???

    Besides, how many talking heads do we REALLY need????? For many of them, it seems that enough exposure is NEVER enough.

  3. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I guess I’m not that Coo-Coo for Katie I realize she’s a big commodity and I don’t blame her getting all she can in fact I admire that in her but I’ve never been that enthralled.

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    If Katie does end up on ABCD, I bet replaces GH, there’s already rumors that GH is a goner in Sept. 2012 and that the cast and crew are already aware of the news just saying.

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