Are All My Children and One Life To Live Actors DAYS and Y&R Bound?

Is Sony Pictures TV president Steve Mosko about to pull a serious power move? According to Deadline, he just may. The site is reporting once news of All My Children and One Life To Live's cancellations broke, Mosko started having serious talks with Days of Our Lives executive producer Ken Corday, The Young and the Restless' Bill Bell, Jr. and daytime exec Steve Kent on which ABC stars to poach in order to boost their shows canvas. The names being floated around are: Debbi Morgan (Angie), Jacob Young (JR), Josh Kelly (Cutter) and Gina Tognoni (Kelly).

Josh Kelly? Hmm… I guess he could make an okay Eric Brady or even Shane and Kim's kid Andrew over at DAYS. While I'm all for Tognoni heading to Y&R as Victoria, the best play for any Bell is for The Bold and the Beautiful's Brad Bell to snatch up Young to reprise the uber popular role of Rick Forrester, though B&B isn't a Sony soap. Although now that Billy Miller is leaving Y&R, sister-in-law Maria might wanna make a play for him. What do you guys think?

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    Hey wouldn’t mind it, but I’m with you, Appleridge, stay as far away from GH, guys!!!

    I say Days should snatched them up, or maybe go to Y&R, (hey other ABC castoffs are), or maybe B&B.

    I will be very happy for them all!!!

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    I hate it when Days uses famous actors from other soaps—it makes it feel less like Days and more like….not Days. Remember when they used to hire newcomers?

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    OK, so here we go, shoehorning out-of-work soap actors into the few existing shows…

    Well, Gina Tognoni was been the queen of the dead since her return to OLTL; Brad Bell will take pity on Jacob Young (probably); dudes like Josh Kelly are a dime a dozen on the West Coast.

    But, Debbi Morgan — send that woman to Y & R!


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    Gina Tognoni? Really? I don’t get it. Josh Kelly seems to have no range, but maybe that’s just the material he’s getting. No opinion on JR–haven’t watched AMC in ages. I remember DM from my AMC back in the day and she’d be an asset on any soap. She would never play Dru, though.

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    Scooter Smith

    Ok, Gina and Debbi are obvious choices for poaching. Jacob has the obvious role he could return to. But if they want to have huge draws, why not try to poach Robin Strasser, Erika Slezak, or Susan Lucci. Imagine Slezak as the new Marlena on Days. Or Lucci as Victor Newman’s first wife (Jamey has detailed this idea before). Or Robin as,… well Robin or someone like her on Bold and The beautiful as a love interest for Eric or Patrick Duffy’s character. Those stars are the ones that would make a big splash in the thoughts of soap fans.

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    Debbie Morgan is a SPECTACULAR actress, who I LOVE, but there’s only ONE Drucilla, and that’s Victoria Rowell. She would be a great female love interest for Neil, though. Far better than Julie Pace Mitchell, who still comes across as if she’s reading from the phone book in most of her scenes.

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    Sony might want Jacob Young, but I say he’s probably more likely to go back to B&B as Rick, especially now that Adrienne Frantz is back as Amber. In fact, I thoroughly expect Brad Bell to make a big play for JY and bring him back as Rick by year’s end.

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    I Could See DM On YR Or Days Probably New Role
    JY Could Do Billy On YR Or Days’ Phillip
    JK as Days Eric Or Rex Or One Of Adrienne and Justin’s Kids
    If They Put Don’t GT as YR’s Victoria, Maybe She Can Be Maggie’s Daughter Sarah On Days

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    While I’m all for Tognoni heading to Y&R as Victoria

    yikes poor Amelia Heinle – I suppose without Billy Miller propping her up, she will be in trouble eh? well tsk….
    Plus now with so many fabulous soap actors being available, the ones who have jobs should watch their backs.

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    Gina Tognoni as Victoria Newman Abbott!!!!!

    PLEASE, Maria. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pretty please with sugar on top!! I’ll be your new best friend……… ;) ;)

    Amelia Heinle has been wearing out her welcome for going on 7 years. And I don’t care anymore about her chemistry with Billy Miller. I am pretty sure Billy would have MORE chemistry with Gina anyway, IF he decides to stay on the show, which seems unlikely.

    Who am I kidding?? Maria doesn’t get rid of the actors that she NEEDS to get rid of. She simply brings on new actors to play roles that didn’t need to be recast in the first place.

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    Alistair, I agree with you! Hell has indeed frozen over! LOL. And yes JY should go back to B&B. I just wish Kim Zimmer & Tom Pelphrey would end up on Y&R or GH and my little soap world would be right side up again.

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    Um, maybe it is just me thinking this though I doubt it but from listening and reading the comments on here, Days is horrible on a good day so I wouldn’t want any of the ABC actors going over there. And Y&R has one of the largest soap cast ever which includes me, my mother and my granny so unless MAB is about to skim the fat I don’t see how anyone can be added to that cast.

    On the plus side, I would really want Gina Tognoni as Victoria on Y&R, Debbi Morgan as a love interest for Neil and Jacob Young as a long lost son for Tucker. I don’t really see a need for Josh Kelly. Though I know all of this is wishful thinking on my part.

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    Tucker doesn’t need a long lost son, he needs to be written off ASAP!!! He’s one of the big things wrong with Y&R these days.

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    I would love to have Gina Tongoni as Victoria on Y&R. I think Josh Kelly would be a decent nuBilly. Get rid of Sophia and bring over Debbi Morgan. That one guy can go back to B&B. I would love for Y&R to cast Susan Lucci as Diane, but she might be expensive.

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]Tucker doesn’t need a long lost son, he needs to be written off ASAP!!! He’s one of the big things wrong with Y&R these days.[/quote]

    I say that b/c MAB does not seem to want to get rid of Tucker so why not bring on a son that will cause him hell?

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    ^^ Because the character needs to be isolated, not expanded upon. Giving him a child will make him even harder to get rid of. Tucker should be kept away from everyone else’s stories, and if not fired, just made completely irrelevant (except that’s kind of hard when he already is).

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    [quote=betterdaysahead]Ted King to Days of Our Lives to work with Tamara Braun again! They had sizzling chemistry! >)[/quote]

    This is what I’m afraid of. Days is not a refugee camp for other soaps’ cast-offs! Days needs to concentrate on bringing back some of its own classic stars like Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn, not taking on stars of cancelled soaps.

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    Well, I agree with those who say to stay the hell away from GH. They hardly use who they have, so anyone who went there would be totally wasted. Not to mention, there are things floating around about them anyway–if you read Ravenbeauty news and spoilers, you know what I’m talking about–so if they are smart, they will go flocking to CBS if beckoned. As for DOOL, Love my Tams Braun dearly, always have, always will, cause the girl knows how to work it, twirk it when it comes to a shytty storyline, IMHO–though I’m intrigued by her version of Taylor w/EJ. She’s the only reason I’m really trying to watch now since the storylines are so damn dumb and the writing is so bad. Anyway, they need to fix what is broken–get rid of Dena–before they try to add more talent. I don’t want to see anyone else wasted.

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    Poor Daniel Cosgrove. He will probably NEVER work in daytime again. Wherever he goes, soaps seem to drop dead. AMC will be his THIRD “fatality.” I like the guy, but have you ever heard the saying about not befriending black cats, just to be on the safe side??? Superstitious or not??

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    BB does not need anyone new they have too many balls in the air with their back burned characters!!!!!!!!!!!! Castoff Count: 0-1

    Y&R Could squeeze in a couple cast offs, This show needs a online spinoff or something to move it forward, and cut about seven faces Sophia/Malcom/Heather/Chance just for a start. Castoff Count: 2-3

    Days is the best bet, This show is in desperate need for a renovation I can most of the cast offs going here and thriving for its last five years or so. Castoff Count: 5-7

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    This is the way I see it, people have made comments about how expensive soaps are to produce and we have already seen many of them cancelled. If Y&R were to have an influx of well know soap actors, what would that do to their budget? I wouldnt want the chances of cancellation to increase because the show becomes to expensive to produce. I also dont think that the current actors should loose their jobs to a recast due to the fact that other soaps were cancelled.

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    Thom Blake Castle

    Actually, what is really happening is Sony is in negotiations with ABC to buy AMC and OLTL outright. Sony wants to make sure they get the most popular actors signed and their contracts out of the way first before they go through with it. This news is how Sony is spinning it so no one will suspect anything. When major corps. do deals, they want it kept quiet until the papers have been signed. In this case Sony put out this story to make people think that they are negotiating to get the actors for Days and Y&R. NBC exec came out yesterday in an article talking about how many ratings points ABC was giving up and that they are in desirable demographics that advertisers love. That article was the first you will see from NBC giving the viewers what hints they can and also to back up their decision with stockholders etc. for when they air the two soaps.
    Basically, NBC just told us they think the soaps are still worth something.
    Sony sees life left in AMC and OLTL and they want to market them abroad like they do Y&R and Days. Sony makes big bucks off of selling the two soaps overseas. NBC makes profit off of Days by showing it on Comcast. NBC will then show AMC and OLTL on comcast. This deal has been in the works with Sony to buy them long before the cancellation was announced.

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]^^ Because the character needs to be isolated, not expanded upon. Giving him a child will make him even harder to get rid of. Tucker should be kept away from everyone else’s stories, and if not fired, just made completely irrelevant (except that’s kind of hard when he already is).[/quote]

    I see your point Alistair, Tucker is annoying. MAB should have gotten rid of the character when she brought back Eric Braeden but I guess then MAB would have to admit Tucker was a version of Victor.

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    I figured the remaining four soaps would start making calls. I like the canvas to be smaller, but I think it would be really smart for the shows to clean up what is not working right now (they have a few months) and set the stage for bringing in some of the familiar ABC faces. I’d like Jacob Young as Phillip Kiriakis on DOOL. I also want DOOL to do everything it can (even though I know it is impossible) to get Erika Slezak as Laura Horton!!

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    I could see them casting Jacob Young or Josh Kelly as Billy if Miller bolts; the fact is it doesn’t matter whether the fans think they’d be good in the roles or not(hello, Eden Riegel, Stephen Nichols or Maura West anyone?). MAB makes(and breaks)the rules whenever she deems necessary, viewership be damned.

    As for Gina Tognoni as Victoria, that ain’t happenin’. Amelia Heinle just re-signed with the show; not sure the terms or length, but she seems to be highly regarded by TPTB.

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    [quote=ChrisGa]As for Gina Tognoni as Victoria, that ain’t happenin’. Amelia Heinle just re-signed with the show; not sure the terms or length, but she seems to be highly regarded by TPTB.[/quote]
    Yeah, but if Billy Miller leaves the role of Billy, I see the writers having trouble keeping this version of Victoria interesting. She’ll sink, IMO. GT could save Victoria if that happens.

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    I would love to see Gina and Debbie on CBS!!! The other two guys, I really don’t care about. I could come up with a whole laundry list to get rid of on Y&R right now to make room for some decent actors.

    And who ever mentioned bringing Kim Z. and Tom P. to Y&R, I whole heartedly agree!!

    I have never been a Susan Lucci fan, she is getting a raw deal from ABC, but let her retire to keep writing books or something because I really don’t care to see her on my TV screen on a regular basis.

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    I’m getting superstitious so a word of advice to the remaining soaps:

    Do not hire Daniel Cosgrove.

    He was part of the final cast of the long running GL (ended September 2009).
    He was part of the final cast of the long running ATWT (ended September 2010).
    He is part of the final cast of the long running AMC (ends September 2011).

    He was also a part of the final cast of the long running BH 90210.

    Just sayin’

    Ditto for Kim Zimmer (part of the final cast of The Doctors, Santa Barbara, Guiding Light, OLTL).

    When Kim Zimmer joined OLTL, I joked that it would be ending soon. I wish I had been wrong.

    When Daniel Cosgrove joined AMC, I joked it would be ending soon. I wish Ihad been wrong.

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    I actually think GT would be good Victoria. I don’t get this current actress. At this point I don’t like the other one either.

    I think GT among others have their roots in NY. or East coast. Different kind of living.

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    I *might* tune into tune into Y&R if enough of my favourites headed over there. And I’d love to see Gina working with Crystal Chappal again.
    I’d *love* to see Ron and Frank headed to Days as well!

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    I certainly hope not. I have never liked the actors/actresses on ABC soaps. We definitely don’t want them on Y&R, which will probably be the last soap standing in the end. The writers are trying to kill off Days. Sending ABC actors/actresses over there would be the final nail in the coffin.

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