Thorsten Kaye Returns to AMC; Will Zendall Reunite?


Good news for fans of All My Children’s Thorsten Kaye. According to Soap Opera Digest, the ABC soap has asked Kaye to return to the soap opera. But does Kaye’s return mean that Zendall will reunite? According to ABC Soaps in Depth, whether-or-not Zendall reunites is still in question to be answered.

Thorsten Kaye — who exited the soap last year when his alter ego's plane went down — is returning to help wrap up AMC's final months. But since the body of Kendall's presumed-dead husband body was never recovered, will Zach return to Pine Valley in the flesh, or be a figment of his widow's imagination

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    Eff that. I wanted him back on OLTL as Patrick to escort Marty off the show.

    MAYBE this means OLTL will keep Susan Haskell on for the foreseeable and reunite her with Patrick, say, around November sweeps?

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    I hope this is true so that all of the DIEHARD/SOMEWHAT PSYCHOTIC “Zendall” fans that I encounter on other soap blogging sites can finally SHUT UP about Thorsten Kaye returning to the show.

    I mean, Thorsten is a great actor and Zach was a great character, but I have never understood people acting like he’s the second coming of Christ. It’s just overkill for me and I don’t get it. I felt the same way about Vanessa Marcil’s return.

    As long as I get my David Canary and Julia Barr back before the clock strikes midnight, I will be cool.

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    I could care less if he comes back to AMC, he needs to come back to OLTL so Marty can have a happy ending. AMC needs to bring back Haley, Mateo, Adam, Marian, the real Liza, Skye, Bobby, Nina, Daisy, Dimitri, Maria, Joe, Ruth, Brooke. Zack Slater is not someone I care to see before the end.

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    That’s cool that he can come back to wrap up Kendall’s story and please those fans.
    That is a good idea that he goes to OLTL after AMC is done and wrap that up with Marty also.

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    the news of actors recruitment was just a cover up….
    even daytime confidential knew about this, and said nothing .. apparently SUSAN LUCCI was informed of all this in FEBRUARY… so the fans can be safe in knowing the shows will go on …… the only question is where ONE LIFE will be housed, NY or LA……..

    I KNEW SOMETHING WAS UP! AND… this is not re-runs of the show, it will be full production!!!!

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    I find it hard to believe SL knew anything like that. Remember her daughter tweeted or wrote about how her mother found out about the cancellation. I watched AMC way back and then returned about 1 1/2 years ago. I couldn’t get into some of the vets, etc before that. I would try and not like the stories. The one that stick out is when Kendall was locked in a room at Zacks. Who has input on the direction of these stories because I believe that was before the current writers. Do we have a trend here? All these women kept in rooms. Yikes. Just sayin…I sort of like the current characters being new. It does look to me like they will have Zack be alive. Glad for the longtime viewers even though I could care less. AMC is running out of filming time. So, if by some miracle, the rumor is true, they better hurry up before actors move on. That is what happened quickly on GL/ATWTS.

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    I bet they are waiting till MOTHERS DAY to announce it or just in MAY …..
    think about it, even the actors are hush hush, not saying anything , and its their jobs on the line, so they all know .. and chrishell stause on twitter from AMC also said GREAT NEWS THAT WILL MAKE FANS HAPPY!

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    SoapActor, what is the source? Where did you find this? I hope it’s not just getting people’s hopes up. Would be great if it were true though.

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    there was a whole feed about it …
    how SONY almost got into trbl by mentioning it, so they said they are looking to recruit actors from those shows to the others, to cover their butts… its all there…. plus Susan Lucci may have mentioned it tonight on JAY LENO too!

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    SoapActor, you must have a death wish messing with these soap fans the way you do…LOL

    Thorsten was probably the first person AMC contacted after the cancellation was announced. All I know is Cady’s deal better come through. I need my Tad & Dixie reunion like yesterday!!!

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    its what I read …
    everyone is to keep hush hush about it …. that is why its not announced.. just wait … you really think someone or a network besides ABC in question, would allow two if not just one of the 40 yr old shows go down ….? NOPE!
    they will continue…. for how long, remains to be seen , I think soaps need an overhaul construction done, but ….. just watch … I m stating everything I read from FACEBOOK on someone’s wall, who used to be on ONE LIFE …. and also on SOAP CENTRAL message boards.. So if someone is making it up and posting, its not me …. BE HOPEFUL, REJOICE…… I really think SUSAN LUCCI will be the one to make the announcement too, cause she is on JAY LENO friday night, wouldnt that be perfect, NBC and the announcement … WATCH!

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    this is the info I got …
    I Have read other things as well.. ONE LIFE is the show to save .. I have always said its the best one, and its under appreciated at most …. I remember writing to actors on other shows, never to get a reply, and well ONE LIFE actors, not all, but Erika Slezak, Florencia Lozano, Elaine Princi, and Fiona Hutchison all wrote back, even YASMINE BLEETH and I talked on the phone, as well as Elaine and I ….. I know its all about COST.. but I agree, ONE LIFE should have had a wonderful powerful promo for ERIKA SLEZAK’s 40 yr anniversary show that aired the other day , and it did not ……

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