Meredith Vieira Leaving The Today Show?

It looks as if Meredith Vieira may be able to sleep in a bit later in the morning very soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vieira will leave The Today Show in June. Reportedly, Ann Curry will replace Vieira as Matt Lauer’s co-host on the No. 1 rated morning show. the announcement could come down as soon as next week.

By elevating Curry and Morales, Today executives have the benefit of personalities who are familiar to viewers at a time of pronounced tumult in television news in general. 


Am I the only one who wishes Vieira would return to The View? It just hasn't been the same without her.

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    I find this game of musical chairs between all these OVERPAID talking heads tiring and boring. I actually like Meredith, Ann Curry and Matt Lauer, but with people losing their homes to foreclosure and natural disasters, not to mention all the other trials and tribulations that Americans are facing, I find it difficult to care about what happens in the land of milk and honey that they inhabit.

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    Agree wish they would listen to us, just like the networks I guess. Gas jacked up to 3.85 in KS, herd gas is 4.54 in LA. I can’t afford a eletc. Car, who can now. And I don’t care about either side.

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