Susan Lucci Talks AMC’s Cancellation and Fan Campaigns on The Tonight Show

Daytime superstar Susan Lucci stopped by The Tonight Show last night and chatted with Jay Leno about All My Children’s cancellation, passionate soap fans, and her new book, All My Life: A Memoir.  Check out the interview after the jump!



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    It was a good interview, she didn’t sound to optimistic that they where going to be saved. That scene bear was funny. How cheap can soaps get. I know there will be nasty remarks on Leno, I’m going say it anyway, he is a good interviewer.

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    Never been a fan of Lucci. She is not a good actress in my opinion.
    And Leno makes the soap fans look bad by showing 2 of the worst scenes of all time.
    Non viewers are like wow that was bad and who can watch that nonsense.

    Rob Lowe sex tape line was the best part.

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    I have always loved Susan Lucci. I thought the choice of clips used on Leno were both humorous and fitting to show who Erica Kane was and is. The bear scene, in my opinion, is the perfect mixture of camp and comedy that soaps used to do so well.

    And most importantly, I commend Susan for NOT mentioning the names of these two TRAIN WRECK SHOWS (which I still refuse to acknowledge by name!!) that will be replacing OLTL and AMC, and will hopefully crash and burn. She simply pointed out that they would cost a lot less to produce. Brava.

    I would have LOVED to see Susan, Erica and Robin Strasser on the show together, because Robin would have CERTAINLY removed her gloves and told it EXACTLY like it is. Robin seems to be far more direct and opinionated.

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    Soap Actor—

    I hope and pray that you are right, but I am STILL waiting on some CONCRETE evidence to back up your assertions. Still haven’t seen it, buddy!!! Until the soap press announces it, it’s nothing but a rumor. A SWEET rumor, but a rumor nonetheless. :) :)

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    Wow she is polished. I don’t think I could talk about something so personal as a firing without getting emotional. Very Classy lady. She told it ‘as it is’ without getting nasty or personal.

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    I have a feeling NBC picked up AMC because they would not be showing clips of AMC on The Tonight Show if they hadn’t. Plus i KNOW Jay Leno IS a soap fan because i know he watches DOOL.

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    I enjoyed watching this …she’s very polished and the bitter irony is she would make a great talk show host LoL..

    she tells it like it is…I felt that she is not too happy she says flat out she was blind sided, shocked and in so many words lied to then going out on this book tour after they said everything is fine (she made a huge homage to loyal fans)then called up to the office 5 min before…and Brian Frons waiting to lower the boom in the EP office, the “suits” coming down from the office.

    the tone even though she is a company girl reeked with read between the lines especially when she starts talking about the people in New York then in Los Angeles, she pretty much said everything that has been brought up on the podcast

    The one that got me is the line about about Agnes Nixon, will “write them off the hands that brought us on the one the audience loves.” Aka the writers were crappy…

    Susan is saying a whole lot without saying it..I was never a big Erika Cane fan her acting wasn’t always there for me she tried to mimic Joan Collins for awhile when I was watching back in the day …. but I’ve always liked and respected Susan Lucci and couldn’t wait to see her and Brooke go at it. They were my favorite characters. I especially liked at the end of Part I when she stands up for the actors giving it all they’ve got with a good show powering out til the end.

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    I agree with appleridge. I don’t mean to be rude, but where is your proof of this SoapActor? If Robin Strasser can name names of who knows what behind the scenes, surely you can too. What do you have to lose as a nameless, faceless, person behind a computer screen? No more than Ravenbeauty, who when she knows it, tells us so we can be prepared. All I see so far is hearsay repeated. I don’t mean to offend but really, where is your proof of this? Do you know someone who knows someone or are you an exec yourself? I can’t speak for anyone else on here and I won’t, but it frustrates me because it gets hopes up with no way to back up the words. No offense, but why should we trust you? I don’t know you from Eve’s garden.

    The same thing happened when ATWT and GL were cancelled with people saying they were picked up and saved. Insiders know nothing but a random person is giving us all of this information? Why haven’t you contacted Jamey or Luke with what you know and proven yourself legit? Why sign up six days ago just to tell DC members this news? Have you gone elsewhere with the info you have and been more detailed? I’m sorry, again, I don’t mean to be rude, but this whole thing seems odd and fishy because it is so random. And I don’t think La Lucci knows anything. She thought the cancellation rumors were just rumors and kept saying so. And you think she knows about this? The actors are always the last to know. It’s already been said that Chrishell Stause learned about the move to LA from fans on twitter. Strasser learned about OLTL’s cancellation from Nelson. Executives lie to the fans, they lie to the actors, they lie to just about everyone but themselves. So please, present your proof or source, or something. Otherwise, you’re reposting hearsay from another person who has already been outted as a fraud and liar by not only the people on this site but on soapcentral too.

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    TV Gord

    Soap Actor is doing it just to drive everyone crazy. I suspect he or she is the same Thom Blake who posted the original info on soapcentral. Last night, he/she acted as though he/she had seen the light and was going to stop, and yet here we go again tonight! Just ignore Soap Actor (who only joined a few days ago, suspiciously). Don’t feed the trolls.

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    I am not thom blake or whoever that idiot is ….
    I just have strong faith , that is all .. I Cannot believe that a network, besides ABC cause they clearly do NOT want the shows, I cannot see how some other network would not pick them up, or streaming live webisode , or cable station, etc.. I just have strong faith ….. I think everyone needs to have that … look at what happened for AMERICA tonight … HAVE FAITH .. that is all I m doing …… Nothing more, Nothing Less.

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    IMO i don’t think NBC & The Tonight Show would air clips of a daytime show from another network,that has been canceled,unless they have invested in the show they seem to be promoting. To me this is a clear media campaign to get the ABC daytime fans to know AMC is going to NBC. Susan Lucci could have just plugged her book and talked about the cancelation WITHOUT showing the clips. I mean why show clips of a show from another network that has been canceled if it has not been picked up? That would make no sense at all.

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