Why DAYS Needs Matt Ashford

How time flies; 20 years on soap years can seem like an eternity.  How quickly a 20-year relationship, romance and then marriage, can be turned upside down and onto its head without any explanation at all. When shows make changes to their writing team or production crew, they run the risk of losing focus to their television serials structure, backbone and history. Unfortunately, we have seen the sudden cancellation of two daytime soap operas – One Life To Live and All My Children, serials that have brought television drama into the homes of many for generations.
There is no doubt that the soap opera industry is fighting for survival. Only a handful of daytime soaps remain on screen or tied to a tight contract – Days of Our Lives is one of them. Several new storylines have begun to form on the show, which has seen viewer outrage and backlash, one in particular that story of Jennifer Rose Horton (Melissa Reeves) and her sudden loss of love for her husband Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford).


This  trip down memory lane takes you back to the year 1991 when Jack and Jennifer were married before a large studio audience, on location at Universal Studios’ Wild West Arena. The scene begins in true comical fashion for Jack, but is quick to focus back to the mutual loving vows that they exchange between them. ‘Now there is no loneliness’ Jennifer says, ‘Now there are two bodies but one life before us’.  If these clips don't showcase that Jack and Jennifer's love is not one that can be so easily dismissed, then I don't know what could.

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    I was thinking about this too and felt that they need to get Jennifer involved with someone else and when that becomes real serious, just like in true soap fashion, they will bring Jack back! No one does this better than DAYS!

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    THANK YOU!! I’ve been saying for months that Jennifer shouldn’t have been brought back without Jack. This is a repeat of Melissa Reeves’ return ten years ago that began as a total flop (they tried to pair her with *BO*) until they brought Matthew Ashford back about four months later. No one wants Jennifer with Daniel—we want her with her soulmate Jack! Why is the only supercouple allowed on this show Bo and Hope? If Days wants ratings, it should bring back its extremely popular supercouples and save this damn thing!

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    They need to do a true build up with Jennifer and Daniel and then have Jack crash the wedding and wisk Jennifer away on horseback or motorcycle. But, knowing Jack, it would have to be something else, cause I’m sure he can’t ride either. Ha, Ha! I just love Jack and Jennifer.

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    Jack needs to come back asap..the show has continually screwed up what they should be doing to write a good story….first they killed off Lawrence who could easily stir up trouble for Jen/Jack/Carly/Bo/Hope/Victor Frankie should be brought back and put with Jen if they refuse to bring back Jack. Marlena/John need to come back front and center NOW if not them we need more fan faves not newbies we all hate. i wouldnt mind seeing Billie back or Carrie and Austin, Kate needs her children.

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    Well said, tylerbo20! You should check out my post “Why Days Sucks” on the Days DC forum because I think you’ll agree with most of it.

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    I think this could be easily done. Maybe Lawrence is alive and he has Jack abducted and locked away somewhere. Jen and Daniel can become in lust with eachother until she gets a clue that Jack might be in trouble. Then she and Daniel along with BOPE and Justin/Adrienne go looking for Jack. This would be a huge mystery s/l involving several of the most popular characters. I think that Sheri Anderson could totally pen this s/l and put Days back on the map for sure.

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    It’s a total shame Days FINALLY brought Lawrence back but AFTER Patch had left the show. Patch and Kayla should totally be in Patch’s orbit. They could also explain how Stefano ended up with Patch when it was Lawrence who was responsible for his “death”. And there is tons of story potential. After all, Lawrence is the biological son of Stefano and Daphne DiMera.

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    Brian Peel

    So much potential there AlistairCrane!

    The older characters who have recently returned to Salem could all be thrown together for a big story involving those mentioned above! Let’s hope Jen sees the light or Jack makes a ‘grand entrance’!

    You can follow further discussions on this topic via my twitter page: @theaussieword

    Enjoy soap fans!

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    If they have to bring Jack back, he should be paired w/Melissa Horton, NOT Jennifer.

    CarJenn all the way. This whole Daniel thing is a bump in the road to get Carly & Jennifer closer together. :)

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