Can Greenlee and Ryan Survive Her Lies on All My Children?

Will Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) and Ryan’s (Cameron Mathison) marriage survive his discovery that she knew Madison (Stephanie Gatschet) was pregnant and didn’t tell him? God, let's hope not. Watch this week’s All My Children promo after the jump!

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    AMC should have done a Liza/Greenlee/David triangle, or a Ryan/Madison/Frankie triangle. Will they ever learn their lesson?? RYLEE is TOXIC. And I don’t care how many “Soap Opera Digest” or “ABC Soaps In Depth” polls that they win. I have only known TWO people in my blogging life that have liked this couple, and neither of them seemed to be wrapped too tight, if you get my drift.

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    Julie and Frons will….MAKE…it survive. Even if it kills them, or AMC. Oops, too late. Sad reality, honey!! Their failure to evolve and give fans stories that we really want contributed greatly to this show’s demise. A DAYUM shame!!! :( :(

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    I know right, I mean I have always liked Ryan and Greenlee just not as a couple, even Cameron Mathison is on record saying he isn’t crazy about the pairing.

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    First off, why is Ryan always the supposed victim??? You know, when he first returned in 2003, I started hating his ass and haven’t stopped. When he was first on the show, he was interesting, a con man, I loved him, I did. See, he wasn’t such a sanctimonious douche back in those days. He had flaws. Now, I hate him because it’s like the flaws have been erased and replaced with Pimping By Frons. If there were any justice, the whole Rylee thing would be a nightmare, and Greenlee would wake up to Leo in the shower and Ryan, the version who wasn’t such a douche, would turn over to Gillian in his bed. I haven’t liked that man with anyone but her. Well, I liked him with Kendall before he skipped town in ’02, then I stopped liking HER when they tried them again upon his return, where she and Greenlee were fighting over them, then I realized HE was the reason. UGH!

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    I hope to God not! I know Frons and Crapputhers are all about this Rylee pairing, but since Frons canned the show, he simply can’t dictat pairings *now* can he?
    For once, I am actually looking forward to seeing Ryan’s self-entitltled ranting because it will lea to a Rylee break up. Greenlee s someone who gets her. Greed 2.0 anyone?

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    I, for one, disagree with you guys. I hope greenlee & ryan will survive this. Madison isn’t all that innocent herself.
    I also know plenty of people who want ryan & greenlee together. :D

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    [quote] Cameron Mathison is on record saying he isn’t crazy about the pairing. [/quote]

    I read that too, but can’t remmeber where…


    Now in regards to Madison, I don’t care about her. Love Stephanie since her GL days, but I’ve never liked Madison because I always thought she was a pointless character. The background involving her husband and Randi was beyond dumb. And her getting knocked up with Ryan’s baby was stupid and contrived writing on the parts of TPTB who can’t think of an original story when trying to create conflict for couples in Daytime. So they toss in another woman and she conveniently gets knocked up. I guess we’re supposed to believe Ryan’s peter is made of gold. And I’m glad for folks who like Rylee, really. I just don’t happen to be one of them. I’m a SUPERFAN of AMC’s Dixie and OLTL/ATWT’s Roger Howarth and there’s plenty of people who don’t want them back, but I’m ecstatic. And with Dixie, I hope she comes back ALIVE. *shrug*

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