Elizabeth Rodriguez Says Susan Lucci is Headed for Desperate Housewives

Since the cancellation of All My Children, rumors have swirled that Susan Lucci could be headed to ABC’s primetime hit Desperate Housewives. Now we have another reason to wonder if such a move is in the works. In an interview with Pop Eater, former AMC star Elizabeth Rodriguez (ex-Carmen Morales) gives the latest indication that it could be a possibility.

"She's going to 'Desperate Housewives' apparently. She has a contract at ABC," Rodriguez said of Lucci. "You heard it here first. That's what I heard!"

Watch the clip at Pop Eater.

Photo Credit: ABC

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    This is great news. I love Elizabeth Rodriguiz too! how great would it be if she would join Susan on DH and they could restart their frenemy staus on that show?
    SoapActor, give it a rest. NBC will not pick the soaps up and even if they did Susan Lucci wouldn’t be able to go with the rest of the cast to NBC because she wouldn’t be able to get out of her contract with ABC.

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    If this isn’t the nail that puts the coffin to rest, then I don’t know what it is.

    Sad. As much as I love Susan, I’m not about to begin watching this show during it’s eighth season.

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    Despite its problems, I am still a big DH fan, and having LaLucci join the cast will only intensify my desire to watch!! Now if only they could recruit ROBIN STRASSER along with Lucci, I’d be in primetime soap HEAVEN!!!!

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