Steve Burton Re-Signs With GH

Fans of General Hospital’s Steve Burton can rest easy. The actor announced on Twitter he has signed on for another year.

Hey all, just want to announce that you are stuck with me another year. Can't wait to see what happens next. :0 Appreciate you guys.

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    Good for him to re-sign!!
    I hope when GH shuts down, he sue’s disney for ‘breech of contract’

    If in fact any of this is true. Remember what show we are dealing with here. Publicity stunts and LIES are what they are known for. ;)

    For what it is worth, I hope I am wrong. But I doubt it.

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    I am sure Steve knows GH is going to go off the air. I am also sure they (TIIC) have their butts covered if they cancel early. Hopefully the man is not stupid enough to not ask these questions and say “ok I will stay for ending of GH”. And I am sure he is planning how to make a living once the show is gone.

    From what I understand he and his family will be in TN about six months this year so I would say that he is getting prepared for “Life After Soaps”.

    I only read the posts about this I do not go to his site or anything to “learn all there is to learn about SB”..LOL

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    Yeah Plus All Actors Contracts Have 13 week Outs. They Just Have To be Notified At Least 4 Weeks Prior To end of that Cycle that they are being let go. Stuart Damon said this once on an episode Of SoapTalk

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    Great. I get to enjoy his tight black shirts and hypnotic blue eyes for at least another year!! I know Jason has his share of haters, but I am definitely a Steve Burton fan. :) :) :) :)

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    I never liked the characters of the mob stuff. I just don’t get him or the others. From his standpoint, he is making money so why not.

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    You’re right. At this point in his career, there is no place he could go to and make the same money. Unfortunately, Burton doesn’t have a substantial list of non-soap roles. His acting reel is all GH. ABC never helped him get guesting spots on any of its shows.

    This is the same fate for most of the stars of the show. I’m sure the stars all make mid to high six figures. They’ll have to compete with all of the other actors in Hollywood. Look at all of the actors for ATWT, GL, Passions, etc. How few of them landed steady acting gigs in primetime, daytime, or film? A handful?

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    SB has said he likes the family life he can have with the steady employment of GH, he was successful away from the show but didn’t like the travel of moviemaking. Mr. Burton has always appeared to be a good man, I haven’t liked Jason for a long time but I am happy for SB.

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    Steve Burton could probably afford to move to Tennessee with his family and live a quiet, happy life. I am pretty sure he has healthy savings. He has even discussed his desire to relocate his family one day away from Hollyweird. Let’s not ASSUME that he doesn’t have other job options, because NONE of us knows what his options are or what he has or doesn’t have in his hip pocket.

    Many actors stay because they enjoy their work and want to keep doing it, not because there aren’t other options out there for them.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Great. I get to enjoy his tight black shirts and hypnotic blue eyes for at least another year!! I know Jason has his share of haters, but I am definitely a Steve Burton fan. :) :) :) :)[/quote]

    I must agree with you on that! Just call me shallow, I don’t care. Actually, I think they write Jason so that he is far more shrewd than Sonny, although Sonny is supposed to be the boss.

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    SB could very easily retire at this point in his career. For him to go to work, where the job is easy, they kiss his azz, he makes good money, why not stay until the end?? Whenever that is. A contract is good only for as long as the show is on. So for him to tweet about signing a one year contract has no merit to me at all.

    He stated he can’t wait to see what happens next.
    I bet he can’t. ;) Either can I.

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    [quote=Jon]Crap! Another year of that air hog!
    Good for Mr Burton, though.[/quote]

    I so agree with the air hog comment. Nothing against SBu, but I get tired of the Jason show. Besides not being the sharpest tool in the shed, he’s got no personality, no conversation, no goals other than polishing his glock. Other than the outside package I don’t understand the popularity of his character.

    As far as SBu financial situation. He promotes Monavie juice and it sounds like its been very lucrative for him. Also if you follow him on Twitter he is constantly shilling his Port Chuck CDs. In fact, these days that’s about all he talks about. I finally had to unfollow him…If I want to sit through commercials I’ll turn on the TV.

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    Just noticed in this picture this is what people call his constipation look. He always has it on this show. LOL

    Sorry to his fans but it is so true.

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