Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Real Rafe and Sami Are Reunited!

Rafe/CloneRafe/Sami: The real Rafe arrives at the safe house to find a mad as hell Sami who's packing a pistol! Rafe tries to explain to Sami the last thing he remembers, being locked up and breaking out. Sami starts to head out but he stops her, just as she opens the door to see CloneRafe. Sami is stunned by sight in front of her. CloneRafe states the other Rafe is the imposter sent by the DiMera's.

CloneRafe whips out a gun and is about to shoot the real one! Sami intervenes and says he doesn't have to do that and a fight breaks with the two Rafe's. Sami gets the gun, causing both Rafe's to plead they are the real one. Sami shoots CloneRafe, but doesn't fatally wound him. CloneRafe attempts to snatch the gun away from Sami, but Rafe knocks him over the head. Rafe and Sami tie up CloneRafe and the real one wonders how she knew who was the fake, Sami tells him her gut instinct told her and kisses him. Later, the two plot revenge on Stefano and EJ.

Brady/Taylor/Nicole: Little sister Taylor flies the DiMera coop to Nicole's joys and EJ's dismay. Later, Taylor runs into Lexie and tells her about her plans to leave town. Lexie convinces her not to and explains she needs to be around people right now, since she lost her mother. Taylor also reveals to Lexie she's taken aback by EJ's demeanor, not realizing Nicole is blackmailing him. Lexie invites Taylor to stay with her and Abe for a bit. Nicole shows up and Lexie lets the sisters chat. Taylor fills in Nicole on her plans to stay with Abe and Lexie.

Taylor heads over to the DiMera mansion to talk to EJ about his feelings. EJ can't let Taylor know what is going on, so she leaves confused as ever. She heads to the Cheatin' Heart and runs into Brady. Brady tries to cheer up Taylor, and they end up talking about Nicole. Taylor tells Brady about how bad she feels that things didn't work out with them. Brady lets her know it wasn't in the cards and this shocks Taylor, since she believed EJ when he said Nicole and Brady could reunite. As the two are hanging out, Nicole spots her sister in Brady's arms! Later, Nicole tells Brady to stay away from her sister, amusing her ex in the process. Meanwhile, Taylor wonders what exactly does Nicole have on EJ.

Chloe: The songbird emerges from her one-night stand to find cash from Quinn. Chloe also finds a note thanking her for what she did and is pissed! She wonders if Quinn thinks she's a hoe on the stroll, but pushes all that to the side when she starts to count the cash. Chloe doesn't want to use the money considering what it represents, but she starts to debate looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Brady sneaks up on Chloe and wonders where she got the money. She downplays where she got the money and informs him she's moving out of Maggie's. Chloe is hell bent on getting Parker back and wants to find her own place to put the plan in motion. Later, she heads to Maggie's and fills her in on moving out. After, Chloe goes searching for new places and realizes the money Quinn gave her will be needed.

Adrienne: She convinces Justin to help Chloe.

Gabi: She figures out Dario has a thing for Melanie.

Vivian: Madam Alamain makes a play for revenge against Kate.

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    Taylor heads over to the DiMera mansion to talk to EJ about his feelings.


    What feelings??? Like I said, I realize I love James Scott more than EJ these days, because they totally ruined the character to the point where even I can’t defend him anymore, and I defend all the baddies, even those beyond redemption. (YR Adam for some reason, I can never defend.) Anyway, EJ can be a pure villain for all I care, but IMHO, villain’s need motivations for being evil, not just because they feel entitled. The Fafe/Rafe is just one more thing Sami would have every right to plug him for and he’s sitting around thinking about his ‘feelings’ for his wife’s sister. Good grief, he’s the Tin Man at best. Pre-OZ.

    And now they’ve just made Chloe a prostitute without actually having to say it aloud. Granted, they did the same thing on Sex & the City, with some guy thinking Carrie was a prostitute, having left her all of this money on the nightstand after they slept together. But Carrie wasn’t trying to jump into a river just a month before knocking boots with a total stranger because someone was trying to take her kid away from her unstable ass. :puzzled: I’m going to start thinking of DOOL as more of a comedy, and less a beloved, long running soap that deserves much better. Then, I think I can enjoy it better…

    But “hoe on the stroll”! Best. Line. Ever! LOL

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    yeah a corner is turned! Let’s get on with the revenge though. I hope Sami sticks it good to EJ. Wouldn’t it be great if Nicole and Sami hooked up to kick EJ’s butt?
    I am confused about something though….. Is’nt Chloe a world famous diva?
    Surely she either has made some money with that or could make some money with that? She could maybe start by getting a job singing in a night club or teaching kids to sing… Probably doesn’t really need to stoop to prostitution.

    And are tptb at Days punishing us for wanting a little CHILL? Because suddenly neither one of these fine actors have a story line. Oh sometimes they have a group date at the coffee house. Or one of them have a conversation with their vapid girlfriends. Big Whoop. These boys are the new stars of your shows you dumb asses. Maybe give them a story or two?

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