Matt Lauer/Katie Couric Talk Show "Not Going to Happen"

Rumors of Matt Lauer doing a talk show with ex-Today Show host Katie Couric are greatly exaggerated. Deadline reports that Lauer addressed the rumors at a press conference, admitted that there had been some talks, but ultimately a talk show between the two was not in the works. From Lauer:

"We certainly spoke about the possibility, but we’ve talked about a lot of possibilities over the years. It turned into just talk. And that’s where we left it. It’s not going to happen.”

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I gathered from the article that he won't join HER on HER "potential syndicated" talk show.... Davie

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Get Ready Port Chuck Fans. Just like the Quatermaines, your show will disappear soon enough .....

Little Miss Tic Tack Teeth is more important to Fronzie than your show. I'm sure he can't WAIT to call it a day. Get.....Ready.....

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Cutest couple since Edgar Bergen and Charlie Mccarthy.

For those of you who don't know who I am referring to, check out the link below:

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So hope this doesn't happen. No that it'll save GH mind you. More than likely, some other crap will rise up to take it's place.