Roger Howarth Returns to OLTL May 13!

That didn’t take long. Barely a month after news of Roger Howarth’s return to One Life to Live broke, fans will see him onscreen. According to Soap Opera Digest, Howarth returns home this Friday, May 13.  

Photo Credit: ABC

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    Unfortunately, they don’t have much time. :(

    I love Roger Howarth as Todd. Trevor St. John is awesome but there’s just something about RH’s Todd that is HOT. I’ll definitely tune in to see what’s up in Llanview when I can. :)

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    Just getting into OLTL, lot of the ATWT/GL actors there, much like the actors, wonder if they should go to another soap. Is there no hope for AMC/OLTL? Doesn’t sound like it?

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    OMFG… I’m SO effing hyped. Can you tell??? LOL. First time I’ll get to watch OLTL live in a while. Don’t know WHERE this story is going, don’t know HOW we’ll get here, but I am a ride or die chick sticking it out till the bitter end. And it IS indeed bitter, THANKS B.S. FRONS! a**hole.

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    Argh!!! Why isn’t ABC advertising this?? Oh, that’s right…Anne Sweeney and Brian Frons don’t want OLTL to have the great ratings it deserves!

    People! Get your Facebook and Twitter accounts! Spread the word of Howarth’s return! Let’s drive up OLTL’s ratings!!!

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    I don’t understand how he can have the scar. That gives me hope that TSJ is the real Todd. RH’s Todd got rid of the scar well before he left, so if it is possible that there is a fake RH Todd, then there is no reason that this present RH Todd is genuine meaning TSJ could still be the real Todd. At least that is the hope I am clinging to for dear life. I am eagerly awaiting to see this all play out.

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    Okay, has anyone seen the promo with him in it??? Don’t know if DC will post it yet, but it shows Roger at the very end. Lucky we got that much, no??? Here’s the link to the promo:

    And here is the We Love Soaps link to RH and TSJ standing side by side:

    Fuggin epic!

    I will post anything I can find on the man and spread it till the cows come home to anyone who will listen, lol. Especially since it’s clear as day that Frons stepchild–OLTL–can’t get the same respect or love as his biological child. Funny, my stepmother treats me the same as she treats my younger brothers, her kids w/my dad. Someone should brush up the idiot on his parenting skills. Oh wait, he’s already killed the kids, no need! Just put his ass behind bars!

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    I don’t know where this story is headed, but Roger’s Todd had that scar till he left. It was a reminder of who Todd was and what he had done to Marty; the makeup for the scar just got lighter and more terrible…

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    4-now, didn’t RH Todd have plastic surgery to remove the scar? I am pretty sure he did, because he got cut again while doing something menacing and he was afraid that it was going to be permanent again, but it turned out not to be.

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    you’ve got me looking at old vids on YT and double checking, watchingallday, lol. I found a vid of him talking to Mitch Lawrence first, and then Evangeline in Feb. 2003 right before he left. The scar is still there, but very faint. You can really see it in a few scenes, but other’s, not well.

    Now, it’s not to say he’ll be Todd because the scar is there now, lol, but like you, I’m still SO looking forward to this storyline. For once, I don’t know what’s going to happen, and it’s got me excited, since I’m usually a spoiler nut.

    Oh, here’s the clip:

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