Constance Towers Heads Back To General Hospital

TV Guide's  Michael Logan is reporting Constance Towers is checking back into General Hospital, just in time for Aiden's paternity to come to light! According to Logan, Towers hits Port Charles a little sooner than expected due to Tyler Christopher's ousting at the sudser. Towers' airdate is slated for the week of June 27. Yes folks, the sound you hear is our Luke Kerr doing a back flip.

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    I LOVE Helena and Constance Towers, so this is definitely great news!! She needs to be around more often. GH missed a GOLDEN opportunity to have her and Tracy fighting/battling it out over their grandkids Brook Lynn and Nikolas dating. Plus, Helena spices things up. An Anthony/Helena pairing would be epic!!!

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    I wonder if this is the last we will see of Good Ole Granny Gruesome??? I mean, there will no longer be a Cassadine she “likes” in PC after they get rid of TC. Although I gotta admit, it would be nice to see Helena playing with Luke’s mind about killing a child. I want her far away from Lucky though!

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    RE: GH missed a GOLDEN opportunity to have her and Tracy fighting/battling it out over their grandkids Brook Lynn/Nikolas dating. Plus, Helena spices things up e.g. Anthony/Helena pairing would be epic.


    Yep I waited for more after the dungeon storyline w/Tracy/Helena. I’ve always wanted those two to go toe to toe in a storyline..I foolishly thought that Tracey/Elizabeth would team up against Helena or Tracey would be more involved in trying to figure out about Aiden’s paternity switch…I knew it wouldn’t happened but one can still hope LOL Basically she came in to call Elizabeth names, killed a lab tech then Poof! She was gone.

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    :D AHHH, I get up this morning having coffee before work and like always check DC and fell out of my chair laughing, Jamey!! Best line ever on Luke…just because I could picture it I my mind’s eye and I have never seen Luke but it made my morning. Luke must be in good mood, you go Luke. I know CT has played “Helena” for years but my fond memories of her are from “Capitol”. Nothing was like her and Marj going at each other’s throat…just classic.

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    As much as I love Helena, this is the main reason I stopped watching this show. The revolving door of actors coming and going was frustrating. I could no longer invest in the story lines.

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    Ohh some exciting news!! I love the crazy granny!;)

    She always brings some excitment.
    What I don’t understnad though…Tyler last date is next week so she won’t even be airing till the end of June…and on top of that Tyler won’t even be around for it then…so what’s up with that…the outing of this paternity is stupid without Nikolas.

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