Let’s Make a Deal Host Wayne Brady Tapped to Host Daytime Emmys on June 19

What's behind door number one? Certainly not a soaper hosting this year's Daytime Emmy Awards, wocka wocka. According to a CBS press release, The Tiffany Network has tapped Let's Make a Deal host Wayne Brady to MC this year's Vegas telecast. I was hoping for Neil Patrick Harris and Eric Braeden. The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will air lve from 8-10 pm EST, Sunday night, June 19 on CBS. The show will air tape delayed on the West Coast.

Photo credit: CBS 

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    Man, the new Let’s Make a Deal is horrible, but not as bad as that primetime revival with Billy Bush. I loved the Monty Hall versions, though.

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    J Bernard Jones

    And yet…DAYTIME tv is not JUST soap operas and never has been (although, yes, soaps are the main lure). Daytime includes childrens shows, soaps, talk shows, games shows, and even news programs.

    It’s called the DAYTIME Emmys.
    The Soap Opera Digest Awards went away a LONG time ago.

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    Wayne Brady is a pretty charming and funny guy, although I still REFUSE to watch “Let’s Make a Deal,” which is one of the cheesiest excuses for a game show that I have ever seen.

    I agree with J. Bernard—the Daytime Emmys encompass all of the facets of daytime (game shows, news, cartoons, soaps!). Although I could care less who wins Best Talk Show or Best Game Show, I have learned to simply mute my TV or tune out the Emmys, aside from the 9 categories that I care about. And the producers are not going to hire anyone to host it anymore who isn’t hugely recognizable. Like it or not, Wayne is more recognizable than almost all the soap stars in daytime, with the exception of Susan Lucci.

    As long as they don’t give me a repeat of what happened last year, I will be a happy camper. Just make me laugh and entertain me. Since I can’t control who wins these awards, that’s really all I ask for.

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    I have no problem with the choice of host even though I don’t watch his game show. I’ll be happy as long as they show clips of the soap nominees and the nominees themselves and it’s not turned into a two hour long Vegas infomercial like last year!!!

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    Sorry J Bernard but, I still weep everyday at 3oclock Wayne Brady Hosting the Daytime Emmy is a Statment. CBS JUST STABBED ME IN THE FACE AGAIN!!!!! HOWEVER I WOULD HAVE PERFERRED THE LADIES OF THE TALK TO HOST INSTEAD.

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    Marland Fan

    How are they going to do the Daytime Emmys in a couple of years when there are only four, maybe even three, eligible shows? Just fold them into the Prime Time Emmys for one big show?

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    Guys, I think this is a great choice!!! I agree Appleridge, he hosted in 2003 and did a great job, he’s funny, charming, and is multi-talented.

    Like J. Bernard said this is the DAYTIME Emmys, which means it covers soaps, game shows, talk shows, kid shows, lifestyle shows, and news shows. It covers everything.

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    I taped the 2003 Emmy’s, lol. I still have that tape in my bookcase. I don’t watch Let’s Make a Deal, obviously, lol, but I actually liked when he hosted that year. I liked the opening number he did too. I just hope they show clips of the nominees this time. I hate when they only show the names and flashes of people and then annoucne the winner. Can we at least see SOME of the reason why a certain person was chosen for whatever category? I hate when they skip over that and spend so much time on insignificant bullcrap.

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    TV Gord

    I remember when the daytime Emmys WERE a part of the Prime Time Emmy Awards. I imagine it could go back to that again one day. It wasn’t bad, and actually provided more content to the broadcast (which does tend to drag, especially through the movies and miniseries section).

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    Toddy Woddy

    With all do respect, Wayne Brady’s previous stint as host of the Daytime Emmys (2003) was subpar, to say the least. I think this year, especially with the degeneration of the genre hitting an all-time low, this should have been more of an homage to the fans; perhaps allowing former soap actors do the presentations, and have someone, like Michael E. Knight, co-present the awards with Ilene Kristen.

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    He will be good. I don’t watch his show because I only watch Jeopardy as far as game shows go in order to learn. In the future they will have to restrict with no more than 2 or 3 nods for a category. In fact, 2 may be more appropriate otherwise everyshow is getting in every category. What sense is that?

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    There is actually something worse, remember the Gong Show, I like Wayne Brady, but LMD, so this is what Daytime is coming too. There where other great gameshows like Match Game, Password, Press Your Luck. Hollywood Squares. If they are going back to game shows, please find something better. Those where different times back then, don’t know if they work today, and also worse are Dating Game and Newlywed game, I know some people like that. And yes I know they have been remade over the years. I will DVR D.E..

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