General Hospital Nabs 21 Daytime Emmy Nominations

The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy nominations were announced today in New York City and ABC Daytime's General Hospital led the soap pack with 21 nominations. CBS Daytime's The Young and The Restless wasn't far behind with 20 nods. The biggest shocker from the nominations has to be Days of Our Lives earning a nod for Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team, while One Life to Live was snubbed. (Editor's Note: You damn sure got that right!)

All My Children
The Bold and the Beautiful
General Hospital
The Young and the Restless

As The World Turns
The Bold and the Beautiful
Days of Our Lives
The Young and the Restless

The Ellen DeGeneres Show 
Live with Regis and Kelly
Rachael Ray
The View

The Dr. Oz Show
Dr. Phil
The Doctors

Alicia Minshew, All My Children
Debbi Morgan, All My Children
Colleen Zenk, As the World Turns
Susan Flannery, The Bold and the Beautiful
Laura Wright, General Hospital
Michelle Stafford, The Young and the Restless

Ricky Paull Goldin, All My Children
Michael Park,As the World Turns
James Scott, Days of Our Lives
Maurice Benard, General Hospital
Christian Le Blanc, The Young and the Restless

Melissa Claire Egan, All My Children
Julie Pinson, As the World Turns
Heather Tom, The Bold and the Beautiful
Nancy Lee Grahn, General Hospital
Bree Williamson, One Life To Live
Tricia Cast, The Young and the Restless

Jonathan Jackson, General Hospital
Jason Thompson, General Hospital
Brian Kerwin, One Life To Live
Doug Davidson, The Young and the Restless
Billy Miller, The Young and the Restless

Brittany Allen, All My Children
Lexi Ainsworth, General Hospital
Emily O'Brien, The Young and the Restless

Scott Clifton, The Bold and the Beautiful
Chandler Massey, Days of Our Lives
Chad Duell, General Hospital

For a complete list of nominees click here.

96 Responses

  1. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    It’s clear that the people who choose the nominees don’t actually WATCH the shows. They choose the ones they THINK should win, or the ones who campaigned the best. Brittany Allen??? AMC gets a nomination, but the much better OLTL is shut out? Ridiculous! And not to take anything away from Bree Williamson or Brian Kerwin, but there are people on OLTL who are more deserving of nominations. They’ve been nominated before, so I think a lot of the people filling out the ballots just checked off names they recognized from past nominees. What a joke!

  2. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    Yes I’m in a snit. JVD doesn’t get nominated for making Clint must see TV? No Eddie Alderson in the younger catagory? No writing nod for OLTL? What a bunch of crap.

  3. Profile photo of NLGFan

    So happy for 1st time nominees Laura Wright and Jason Thompson. They’ve done excellent work for so long, it’s nice to see them finally break through. Far too many repeat nominees. It’s a shame there’s only 2 first timers out of 22 lead and supporting contenders.

  4. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    How do some acting categories have 6, 5, or 3 names?

    Love that Billy Miller is in there and that ATWT had some names. I would love Michael Park and Colleen Zenk to win.
    Love that Tricia Cast is in there!

    So screwed that OLTL got shut out of show and writing. That’s bullshit. AMC getting best show is bullshit too. The past year under Donna & David hasn’t been good and everyone knows it. AMC will be good come May 27th.

  5. Profile photo of

    As for the nominations, I have to say that there were quite a few surprises in there that I had not expected:

    1–“As The World Turns” getting a nod for Writing totally shocked me and made me want to reach for a barf bag.

    2–“Days of our Lives” for Writing?! Whoever was judging these shows must’ve been high on something cuz, they just were not paying attention.

    3–Katherine Kelly Lang “Brooke, B&B” gets snubbed again!

    4–Doug Davidson “Paul, Y&R” gets a nom? What did he do last year?! I sure as heck don’t remember him doing anything worthy of being noticed for a nomination, no disrespect to Doug by any means.

    5–For Best Lead Actress, that will come down to Debbi Morgan, Susan Flannery, and Colleen Zenk. None of the other gals stand a chance.

    6–Best Actor——–Michael Park repeats.

    7–Supporting Actress, my pick is Tricia Cast from Y&R all the way. I don’t watch the ABC soaps, but when I compare Tricia’s work against Julie Pinson and Heather Tom, Tricia had the strongest material of the three.

    8–Supporting Actor, despite the fact that I don’t watch GH and from what I’ve been hearing about Jonathan Jackson lately, my bet is on JJ to win this category this year. As I said earlier, I just don’t remember Doug Davidson having any strong material and honestly, JJ’s work is much, much stronger than Billy Miller’s work.

    9–Younger Actress, that one’s a toss up for me.

    10–Younger Actor, Scott Clifton in a landslide.

    11–Drama Series, B&B 3-peats!

    As for the Daytime Emmy host, I’m tempted to just not watch the Emmy’s because I cannot stand Wayne (Robbed the time slot from GL) Brady. Besides, I see him as a pompous ass!

    12–Writing, B&B wins again.

  6. Profile photo of soapbaby

    ITA NLGfan about how happy I am to see Laura Wright and Jason Thompson finally get their well-deserved Emmy noms! I have been a fan of Laura Wright since her days as Ally on Loving. She has consistently given some of the best performances in daytime for twenty years now. I don’t think she will win this year but I hope she wins before the soaps are over and there is no more daytime Emmy broadcast. Jason Thompson is sorely underrated. Too bad Jonathan Jackson has this year’s win in the bag.

    Each year, I am disappointed by daytime Emmy noms and this year is no different. I agree with those who stated that the noms are developed by those who do not watch soaps. I mean AMC garnering so many Emmys for a particularly poor year, c’mon. OLTL is good now but it wasn’t so good a year ago, so I am okay with the show’s lack of nominations with the exception of Robin Strasser and Jerry Ver Dorn. If Ricky Paul Goldin can get a Lead Actor nom when his role is/was supporting than JVD should have gotten that slot. There are three actresses that Robin Strasser should replace in the Supporting Actress category (NLG, BW, JP). Also, Tricia Cast and Billy Miller are the only Y&R actors deserving noms.

    Oh well, I am torn between rooting for Debbie Morgan and Laura Wright! They gave great performances. Just watch their reels (Nelson Branco listed the dates of submitted reels on TV Guide Canada.)

    I am happy about Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak getting Lifetime Achievement Awards!

  7. Profile photo of RoseNylund

    Drama Series – OLTL was shafted, what a shock. AMC WTF?

    Writing – Days really?

    Lead Actress – I thought this was a good category. THRILLED to see Laura Wright on there! But I think Susan Flannery will take it home.

    Lead Actor – No Jerry Ver Dorn uggh! :( :( I love Christian Le Blanc but what did he do last year to get a LEAD nom? Not sure who I’m rooting for in the category…

    Supporting Actress – Good category except for Bree Williamson. I’m still recovering from Teen Messica. Rooting for Nancy or Tricia

    Supporting Actor – Brian Kerwin ROTF! I can’t wait to hear the next podcast! This is JJ’s to lose!

    Younger Actress – GO LEXI!! Brittany Allen…this chick got a nomination over Kristen Alderson and Haley Pulous??? I am PRAYING this won’t be Drew Tyler Bell part 2. Lexi deserves this hands down.

    Younger Actor – I would go with Scott Clifton. But where is Eddie Alderson???

  8. Profile photo of Luke

    The complete shamness and just lack of knowledge of daytime continues to show. OLTL, the much more superior show than AMC and GH, is snubbed??? I mean, seriously?

    And I love NLG just as much as anyone….but how does someone get nominated in a category when they barely had any story or airtime in the last year

    I’m so glad I don’t watch this nonsense anymore, as it appears its based on picking names out of a hat

  9. Profile photo of dewlove

    Hi All….I love OLTL, but their lack of a nomination is not surprising at all. If I remember the reports right, they picked two “Prom Night” episodes for their reel for both series and writing. Remember, the daytime community that picks the nominees mostly does not watch other shows. If they bothered to watch OLTL’s reels, they saw what was, at best, a cheaply staged rip off of Glee. Most of the soap press had written them off on getting a nomination because of that. AMC on the other hand submitted the episode where David Hayward reappeared in the courtroom and gave details on faking his death. While AMC was a mess for nearly the entire year, I remember watching that episode and thinking “this has to be their Emmy show”.

    I’m pleasantly surprised with the nominations as a whole since I can’t think of many pre-noms that I feel were horribly cheated. It’s still a crime that Michael Mulhaney, Melody Thomas-Scott, and Stacy Haiduk weren’t pre-nominated, but that’s old news. I was just thinking last night that Colleen Zenk had better win this year since she was sooooo robbed in 2002 (or was it 2003) after the boathouse explosion. Unfortunately, she received another Lead nomination in a year where Flannery is the balls to the wall favorite to grab her 5th trophy. She’ll join Erika Slezak and Kim Zimmer as the only actresses to win trophies in three separate decades.

    Here are my quick guess winners

    Series & Writing: B&B
    Flannery (no doubt)
    Benard (blech)
    Cast (please please please)
    Jackson (absolute lock)
    O’Brien (she was pretty damn good while held hostage)
    Clifton (eh, he’s due)

  10. Profile photo of SoapActor

    Question has ROBIN STRASSER nominated as SUPPORTING
    and DC: doesnt have her listed, which one is correct.. just pointing that out ….. one of the sites is in error

  11. Profile photo of NLGFan

    Why single out NLG? I could understand if she was nominated lead like CLB but she had more than enough story for a supporting nomination. She submitted scenes from Kristina’s abuse storyline. It aired more than a year ago but it was fantastic material for both NLG and Lexi Ainsworth. They both deserve their noms and I hope they win.

  12. Profile photo of keanna

    Some of the nods you wonder who exactly is nominating these awards, I doubt most of them watch soaps. Brittany Allen, really? As much as I love NLG, but she wasn’t on alot.

    Yeah even though I don’t think that AMC should be nominated for Best Drama, OLTL didn’t do themselves any favors by submitting the prom episode, who’s bright idea was that?

    Glad Laura Wright finally got a nod, and I think she can win, even though I love all the other nominees and they’re tough competition.

    Also, happy for Patrick Thompson, Lexi Ainsworth, and Chad Duell on their first-time nominees as well.

    Congrats to all the nominees!!!

  13. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Also, Michelle Stafford and Christian LeBlanc??? What in the FREAK? I guess threatening co-stars and bringing muffins into work pays off, huh, Michelle?? (eyeroll!)

    I love Christian LeBlanc, but as usual, I don’t understand how he made the cut. WHAT did he do last year aside from rubbing Lauren’s shoulders and trying to talk some sense into Phyllis, Kevin and Gloria???? NOTHING.

    Ricky Paull Goldin has NO chance of winning. Have no idea how he keeps popping up on the list year after year. I like the guy, but come on!!!

    The rest of the categories leave me neither shaken nor stirred. I just want Colleen Zenk to win in Lead and I will be a happy camper!!!

  14. Profile photo of Bourgeois Nerd
    Bourgeois Nerd

    What is the actual time period the 2011 Daytime Emmys cover? Because if it’s really mostly 2010, I can live with OLTL not getting nominated as much (though they still deserved more than they got, and certainly above AMC), because they’ve really only been on FIYA for a few months. If they don’t get a lot, lot more next year, then I’m gonna have to cut a bitch.

  15. Profile photo of SoapActor

    Ok soapcentral has since corrected the error about ROBIN STRASSER…
    also adds. AMC ends SEPTEMBER 23, 2011…

    I for one liked Brittany Allen, she is different
    then the one now, more wholesome, so kudos , Im excited for Melissa Claire Egan ……

  16. Profile photo of Luke


    Please read my entire post. Like I said, I love NLG and was not singling her out. Just pointing out that she’s sort of been out of sight and out of mind for quite a while now. And maybe the abuse storyline skipped my mind simply because she was rarely used afterward. So I concede that point.

    Basically, the point of my post was about the Daytime Emmy process in general. It rarely seems to match what is actually shown on screen.

  17. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Nancy Lee Grahn did GREAT work during Kristina’s abuse storyline. One need only look back at those scenes to see how brilliant she was.

    I am actually pissed that General Hospital didn’t get a Best Writing Nod, considering how great the writing was LAST year, through many of the stories. They sure as hell deserved it over DAYS OF OUR LIVES, which has been a HOT mess for a long time. I am guessing that they submitted episodes surrounding Alice’s death and/or memorial, because everything else was just redonkulous!! Dena Higley doesn’t deserve the recognition. Doesn’t matter anyway, she won’t win!!!!

  18. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Sorry but, DOOL FOR WRITING????? WHAT THE fuck???????? Sorry, that had to be spelled out. Honestly, who are they paying to get themselves into THAT category????? DOOL is probably the WORST written of the lot! And this is coming from someone who thinks GH’s writing is horrible, but at least they have their moments. DOOL has bullshit and purple couches. And what episode did AMC submit for drama series??? Granted, I know it’s trying to be saved, but… WTF??? Don’t even get me started on ATWT after what THEY did.

    At least MCE, Tricia Cast, and Nancy got their nods; JJ is winning his category, no doubt. If he doesn’t, I won’t even bother watching the rest of the ceremony, I’ll just read about it. Glad for Jason Thompson, as I’m a huge fan. He did a great job with his storyline, and is a great actor, and he’s so sweet in person–and HAWT–but I’m still peeved about Kimberly not getting the recognition she deserved as well.

    And at least Laura Wright made it into lead. FINALLY! She may pimp her stuff on twitter like crazy, but I’ve always thought she was a phenomenal actress. Stafford ALWAYS makes it, good grief. I’m a Phyllis fan, but it’s beyond ridiculous that she is on the ballot EVERY YEAR! Even when she’s done really NOTHING to earn it at times. But I’m happy for Debbie Morgan, Colleen Zenk, and Alicia Minshew, love all three, and they are SUCH fantastic actresses. Lead actor looks like a repeat ballot from yesteryear. Honestly, WTH did Ricky Paul do??? Anyone???

    In younger, I’m betting on Lexi. Brittany Allen??? I dont know what Emily O’Brien submitted.

    As far as the step child getting no love, not SHOCKED! :sick: I’m counting on my OLTL to go out with a BANG next year. Lead, Supporting, Younger, Show. I want them to win as much as they can, if not the majority of categories and give a big F-U to ABC, F-U to Disney, and a collective F-YOU! to Brian Scott Frons! Sorry, but the show is on fire right now. Don’t care what others think, tired of the hate, it’s whatever. I’m just wondering who the hell decided to pick the “musical” episode for their drama series this year. That was a terrible idea, I’m thinking inside sabotage. ;) But next year, they’ve got tons to choose from. (Sorry, but I’m still drinking the Kool-Aid, hate to the left)


  19. Profile photo of jetty

    OLTL should have submitted the episodes in the fall of Todd and Tea’s party where part of the secret of Rex’s parentage was revealed. That was soapy goodness, and the show had gotten better by that point.

  20. Profile photo of keanna

    Hey great minds think alike, GHfan, I am also disappointed that Jacob Young (AMC) didn’t get a nod. I am glad for former ABC sudsers like Scott Clifton, Billy Miller, James Scott, and Heather Tom.

  21. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    you ain’t NEVA lied, keanna! LOL. I’m disappointed Jacob Young didn’t get a nod as well, and am super glad for former ABC actors too. They got out at the right time and made better on other shows!

  22. Profile photo of samanthadelayed

    Damn. I love OLTL but if they submitted those musical episodes then they deserve to not get the noms. Stupid! OLTL is my soap, but those episodes were just boring…

    I am rooting for Lexi! She was wonderful this last year! She might be the only reason I tune in this year.

  23. Profile photo of Jon

    My picks:
    Soap & Writng: Y&R
    Laura Wright
    James Scott
    Tricia Cast (but I’d be OK with Nancy Lee Grahn)
    Jonathan Jackson
    Emily O’Brien
    Scott Clifton

  24. Profile photo of NLGFan

    [quote=Luke]Please read my entire post. Like I said, I love NLG and was not singling her out. Just pointing out that she’s sort of been out of sight and out of mind for quite a while now. And maybe the abuse storyline skipped my mind simply because she was rarely used afterward. So I concede that point. Basically, the point of my post was about the Daytime Emmy process in general. It rarely seems to match what is actually shown on screen.[/quote]

    I agree that the process definitely needs to be revised. The difference between Lead and Supporting needs to be made clear. I think we all get so used to seeing young leads like Billy Miller, Alicia Minshew, Bree Williamson, Jonathan Jackson, Jacob Young and Melissa Claire Egan in supporting that we start to think supporting nominees are supposed to air 4 days a week in frontburner storylines. We forget that supporting categories are meant for actors like Brian Kerwin, Tricia Cast, Carolyn Hennessy, Ilene Kristen and NLG who may not be front and center year round but shine whenever given the opportunity.

  25. Profile photo of

    [quote=Jon]My picks:Soap & Writng: Y&RLaura WrightJames ScottTricia Cast (but I’d be OK with Nancy Lee Grahn)Jonathan Jackson\Emily O’BrienScott Clifton[/quote]

    Jon, seriously, what are you drinking?! There is no way in sam hell that Y&R will win Series and Writing. B&B will walk away with the writing, directing, and series Emmy’s. Susan Flannery, Debbi Morgan, or Colleen Zenk are the front runners for Lead Actress. James Scott, really?! Seriously?! Michael Park repeats. I agree on JJ and Scott Clifton. Younger actress will likely go to Lexi Ainsworth.

  26. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Let me add my love to the love for Laura Wright. I haven’t really seen much of her work on GH, but I remember her very fondly from The City, so I am delighted for her. Also, she’s GORGEOUS! ;-)

    So, this isn’t the last year for AMC and OLTL nominations, right? They’re still eligible for next year, correct? I sure hope so, because I would love to see Robin Strasser, Erika Slezak, Jerry ver Dorn and Eddie Anderson to get the recognition they deserve!

  27. Profile photo of

    [quote=Marland Fan]No nomination for Eric Sheffer Stevens? He was the best thing to happen to ATWT, and daytime for that matter, in years.[/quote]

    Marland Fan, I have to agree, this was another snub that never should have happened.

  28. Profile photo of kitty

    I am happy with a lot of the nominations. I agree JVD got robbed. I think the biggest problem with OLTL is who gets pre noms. FL should have gotten a pre nom for her work last year. BK is a WTF nomination as well.

  29. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    Laura Wright gorgeous?? Well I guess that’s what makes the world go round..LOL Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no doubt..She’s a decent actress but in the looks department….umm not so much..Of course no offense to her

  30. Profile photo of

    And at least Laura Wright made it into lead. FINALLY! She may pimp her stuff on twitter like crazy, but I’ve always thought she was a phenomenal actress.
    :bigsmile: :beer: I proud too, now let’s hope she win’s!!

  31. Profile photo of

    [quote=keanna]I was just thinking that GHfan-4Now, Days for WRITING, what are they smoking?!!!![/quote]

    These Emmy Awards have IMO never been fair. Or should I say accurate??

  32. Profile photo of

    Honestly, the only category I care about is Supporting Actress. Go Tricia!!

    It makes me SICK that Days got a nomination for WRITING.

    Scott Clifton for B&B? I thought he would’ve gotten a nod for Schuyler’s descent into madness on OLTL.

  33. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    LOL, Stefanstavros! I almost didn’t add that comment about Laura Wright being gorgeous, because I thought it was too obvious! You’re right, it is a “beholder” thing, I guess! :-)

  34. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Scott Clifton definitely earned his nom but I think Chad Duell has him beat. Regarding younger lead actress, I think Kim Matula on B&B deserved a nom as she is very talented.

    P.S. Laura Wright is gorgeous!

  35. Profile photo of blake3b

    This is proof that the Emmys are a joke! OLTL should be nominated for best show and best writing, it’s the best soap on right now and has been for a while now.
    AMC for best show is a joke, it’s the worst. Days for writing is hilarious!
    JVD should be nominated for best actor, Robin Strasser for best supporting, I am glad that tricia cast got nominated.
    I am glad that ATWT actors got nominated again.
    Wayne Brady as the host? Yeah I want to watch the man who’s show replaced my Guiding Light! That’s a lame choice anyway.
    I won’t be watching the Emmys for the first time because of this mess. Hope they get it right after this year’s.

  36. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Maybe Brad Bell will BUY Scott Clifton an Emmy the same way he BROUGHT Drew Tyler Bell (a.k.a his illegitimate son, I think! ;) ;) ) an Emmy last year in what STILL has me shaking my head as the most egregious Emmy error EVER in the Younger Actor category!!! Drew Tyler Bell my ass……….

    Yeah, I know it’s been a year, but I am still p-ed off over it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Scott Clifton and think he’s very talented, but I think Chandler Massey is going to take this one, unless Brad’s checkbook prevails.

  37. Profile photo of goyankees

    “AMC” Best Writing?? BAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG!! OMG! Hysterical. The show SUCKS! Granted, I stopped watching 4 horrendous years ago, so the only thing I can go on are the “Ryan & Greenlee” commericals crammed down our Soapnot throats, and the ratings. AMC has been circling the bowl for some time now.

    Yay to ALL Y&R!!! But..(shaking head) Michael Muhuney…sniffers. NOOO offense to Doug Davidson, but….REALLY???! Go Billy Miller!

    Where’s Oprah for Daytime Show?

  38. Profile photo of soapbaby

    blake3b, I FLOVE your avatar but I disagree with your view about OLTL being snubbed. Based on last year’s work and their list of pre-noms, I think the show faired very well in the final nominations. I do agree that AMC was unfairly represented in best drama and writing, given how awful it was last year.

    IMO, this is not the worst list of Emmy nominees but I can understand skipping the Emmys any given year (I skipped last two years.) There are enough of my favorite actors nominated for me to tune in. I only hope we get clips of the performances this year.

  39. Profile photo of

    I am happy that Doug Davidson got a nomination. He doesn’t get the love and respect he deserves from the modern Y&R audience. This man has been on the show for 33 years! That’s longer than Nikki and Victor!!! Only Jeanne Cooper has been on longer than he has. I love Paul and hopefully Doug’s nomination (and Tricia’s) convinces TPTB to write more for Nina and Paul.

  40. Profile photo of SoapFan75

    Biggest omission – Eric Sheffer Stevens. Showkiller Goutman kills him off with no happy ending for his characters love story and now the emmy idiots omit his work. Dr. Reid was must see t.v. and Eric will go on to bigger and much greater things than daytime soaps. WTF nomination – DOOL for Outstanding Writing Team? What in the world could Higley have submitted? I mean there is nothing, she could have submitted that was only moderately watchable. Wow, just wow. Sorry OLTL fans I do not share the love of that soap so I cannot sympathize about their non-nominations they received. Laura Wright and Jason Thompson broke through but basically these are the same nominations. All Michelle Stafford has to do is repeat her lines on her emmy reel and she gets a nomination. Christian LeBlanc evidently just has to submit a reel to get nominated. I suspect the personal campaigning will be fast and furious this year since this is either the last or next to the last telecast.

  41. Profile photo of

    Like alstonboy said, I bet Days submitted Alice’s death/memorial episodes, or maybe even the fairly decent Kim/Shane reunion scenes.

  42. Profile photo of

    [quote=DaytimeFan0001]Is it even worth to critique this list anymore? The whole industry has gone to hell and then some! I’m PISSED B&B was shut out in almost every category.[/quote]

    Um, I’m not sure what you’ve been reading DaytimeFan, but B&B did very well in the final Emmy nomination ballot:

    Best Drama Series
    Best Drama Writing
    Best Drama Directing
    Lead Actress
    Supporting Actress
    Younger Actor
    Along with a boat load of creative craft nominations. B&B did very well this year. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

  43. Profile photo of doctormo77

    Are Brian Kerwin and Bree Williamson the default selections when it comes to nominating people from OLTL? Seriously, WTF! Did they submit Charlie shooting Messica or Charlie running down the hall trying to get away from Clint. Speaking of Messica, that is nothing but a ‘mess’. I really want to know which scenes were submitted.

    AMC was considered a better soap than OLTL in 2010? WTF were the voters smoking!

  44. Profile photo of SoapActor

    Hey everyone
    Im not sure if you know this , but there is a group being organized called the DELIBERATION , its on facebook and twitter, and its to form a new model for soaps to go by, and keep going … does anyone know or have heard of such thing, I saw the page, etc… its about producing soaps without commercials, etc.. something along that lines, there is so many groups all over fb its crazy , you never never which one is organized, etc…. and well I just wanted to know if anyone knew of this , I saw this on RAVENBEAUTY spoilers alert site, etc.

  45. Profile photo of ToniRyan

    It’s a good thing the Emmys aren’t supposed to be awarded to the best of the best in broadcasting or anything, or I’d have been really upset that OLTL got shut out.


  46. Profile photo of Oakdale-fan

    I’m ecstatic that the fabulous Colleen Zenk got nominated. I hope and pray that she will get the Emmy as well.
    I’m also very happy for both Michael Park and Julie Pinson.
    I wish Trent could have been nominated too, but it was apparently not to be. Unlike the majority I’m not upset though that Eric Sheffer Stevens wasn’t nominated. I’ve never understood all the buzz around him. To me he’s vastly overrated. His pre-nom should, in my opinion, have gone to Larry Bryggman. He was only on for a few weeks at the end, but he showed why it was such a colossal mistake by Chris Goutman to drive him from the show a few years ago. He re-vitalized the show and I’m not at all convinced that ATWT would be off the air now if he hadn’t left.

  47. Profile photo of Spooks19

    I’m disappointed that OLTL didn’t get a nomination in either the best show or writing categories. I would have taken them over a number of the other shows that were nominated. I’m thrilled that GH did not get a writing nom, but I think the episode they submitted in the writing category (Sonny shooting Dante) was much better than the Franco episode that they got the best show nom for. And they better not win with that Franco episode or else I’m afraid we’ll get more Franco shoved down our throats in the future.

    As for the acting nom, I hope Debbi Morgan wins for lead actress. I loved her last year. I’m happy that Laura Wright finally got a nom even though I don’t think 2010 was her best year (I thought she should’ve gotten a nom the year Michael was shot). I think Nancy Lee Grahn had enough material with the abuse storyline and I thought she was great in her reel. In the supporting actress, I think it’s Tricia Cast’s to lose though, as it is JJ’s for supporting actor. I’m happy that Jason Thompson broke through but it makes it even more disappointing that Kimberly McCullough didn’t even get a pre-nom for the same material, especially when you look at Jason’s reel and it seems more like Kimberly’s reel as she’s the one that drove the action in those scenes. I don’t understand Bree Williamson getting a nom as I thought she was way to OTT and not very good last year.

  48. Profile photo of cheryl85

    Mind is officially blown! OLTL was shut out of both best writing and best show. Yet Days gets a best writing nom? Granted Days probably added the victor and vivian wedding and alice’s funeral, but other than that I still don’t get it. Katherine Kelly Lange again shut out!

  49. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    I’m actually happy with the nominations. GH deserved a nom for best writing though, they had great stuff in 2010.

    And OLTL didn’t deserve a nomination, didn’t Michael Logan say they submitted the Musical/Glee wannabe episode?? If they really submitted that bullshit, they don’t deserve a nomination, they deserve to be laughed at.

  50. Profile photo of jlafferty23


    Who I want to win:

    Lead Actress: (I will be happy with either of these women)
    Laura Wright
    Alisha Minshew
    Michelle Stafford

    Lead Actor:
    BETTER GO TO MAURICE BENARD!! He kicked ass during Kristina’s abuse storyline

    Supporting Actress:
    Tricia Cast or Nancy Lee Grahn

    Supporting Actor
    Jonathan Jackson..DUH!

    Younger actor:
    Scott Clifton or Chandler Massey

    Younger Actress:

    Best Drama:
    General Hospital, they deserve it. They were great in 2010, and the episode they submitted was fantastic. The Franco stuff mixed with the hospital shooting.

  51. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    I’m thrilled for General Hospital!!! :party:

    And I’m thrilled for Laura Wright, Nancy Lee Grahn and Jonathan Jackson!!! All extremely deserving and I hope all three win the Emmy in their categores!!!

    But I do not understand how AMC was nominated in the Outstanding Drama category! They had a truly horrible year and were so incredibly boring I was tempted many times to change the channel or take a nap! AMC was definitely not outstanding in any way except as the most boring, poorly written soap on ABC!!! The Outstand Drama slot that AMC stole should have absolutely been OLTL’s and they were clearly snubbed!!! |(

  52. Profile photo of AllmyDaysatGh

    I’m so excited for all of the AMC nominations! CONGRATULATIONS to Alicia Minshew!! I just love her, she did amazing last November. Excited for Debbi Morgan & Melissa Claire Egan as well. Where’s Finn Wittrock’s (Damon’s) nomination? It puzzles me that the younger Actor category’s only have 3 this year…Finn should be added to the list along with Eddie Alderson from OLTL.

    Happy with all of B&B’s nominations! Very well deserved! I wish Kathy Lang had got a nomination, as well as Kim Matula….seriously, she was amazing last year and should be there with the other Younger Actress noms. Brittany Allen (Marissa, AMC) over her? PLEASE…

    DAYS being nominated for best writing is a complete joke.

    If OLTL hadn’t submitted that joke High School Musical episode for drama series, they might’ve actually had a chance to be nominated! JMHO

  53. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Overall, same ol shit, different year. While I think Michelle Stafford is Emmy caliber on her worst day(and she does get alot of play, so I see why she’s nominated yet again), I just don’t get the continuing love for Christian LeBlanc. He’s a good SUPPORTING actor; when was the last time he was actually front burner? He gets a showcase episode about once a year and somehow that entitles him to submit in Lead? Sad(not to mention selfish) considering Jerry ver Dorn was snubbed for a YEAR’S WORTH of great acting. And if it had to be someone from Y&R, I would rather have seen Bergman or Muhney, who had more story and did better work. Still, yay for Colleen Zenk!
    She was robbed the last time she was nominated(2002?) so I would love to see her win.

    In supporting, he-llo Tricia Cast! That trophy is hers to lose; most deserved acting nomination among all the nominees. And though I too love Doug Davidson, he should’ve been in Supporting LAST YEAR and frankly not even nominated this year; he’s on about twice a month and only when Nina needs a shoulder or someone needs someone else found.

    Finally, sad to see the best soap still on the air was shut out of not only Writing but Best Drama. However, if OLTL did indeed submit those idiotic musical eps then they get what they deserve. Nothing.

    My picks
    Actress-Colleen Zenk
    Actor-Michael Park or Ricky Paull Goldin
    Supporting Actress-Tricia Cast
    Supporting Actor-Jackson or Miller
    Younger Actress-Emily O’Brien
    Younger Actor-Scott Clifton

  54. Profile photo of Plum

    I’m very disappointed that OLTL was shut out when I consider it the best soap on television.

    I guess people forgot about Eric Sheffer Stevens because ATWT has been off the air too long.

  55. Profile photo of

    The musical and the prom were the same thing. It aired last May. I actually really loved it! The singing was great and the whole thing was a ton of fun. I’m glad OLTL submitted those episodes even though it didn’t get nominated.

    There was another high school musical in 2007 that you might be thinking of.

  56. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I can’t believe that was just a year ago! Marcie was still around for that, wasn’t she?? Wow!

    I enjoyed those shows, too, but I can’t imagine the uninitiated voters going for it. I think it was a bad choice.

  57. Profile photo of Spooks19

    Jerry Van Dorn was a horrible snub. He was tremendous and Clint drove so much of the story on OLTL last year.

    And seeing Bree Williamson get a nomination makes me even more disappointed that Suzanne Rogers and Kimberly McCullough didn’t get pre-noms. I think they would have both had good shots at an actual nomination in the supporting actress category had they gotten the pre-nom and I would have taken either over Bree (I don’t think Bree’s terrible but she was not good last year IMO).

  58. Profile photo of giftofamber

    WTF on DAYS writing??? Really? For the 12/29/10 episode? Alice’s memorial I could maybe understand.

    OLTL should have gotten the writing nom. Even though the prom eps were like a Glee ripoff, I enjoyed them far more than anything written on DAYS in the last two years.

  59. Profile photo of

    Excuse me gato, you mean AWESOME Marcie. Gord, you’re thinking of the 2007 musical. The 2010 musical involved Starr, Cole, Langston, Markko, Jessica, Brody, Cristian, Layla, Matthew, Destiny, Nate and Darren.

  60. Profile photo of tedew

    Considering how this “accolade” is decided, who really (even the nominees) should care?


    Tricia Cast … perfect!
    Michelle Stafford … why Why WHY??? Annoying and woefully overused. (Note to all more talent performers: just read your lines twice or more if you want consideration for this coveted prize.)

  61. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I’m rooting for Debbie Morgan to win. It is time for a sistah to cross the hump and get a leading acting Emmy gold for once before they end this show. We’ve never had an African American women win the lead acting category and have had 1 or two nominations in the category in the entire history of the show. So I take this nomination more personal.

    On the other hand thank the lord CK was not nominated. I’m dancing on the heels of my feet that that non-acting heifer was left out. Yeah I said it. When she becomes an actress i’ll let you know. Yet this industry doesn’t have 20 + years like it took Melody Thomas Scott to learn to act.

    As for supporting actor and actress winners I go for James Scott, Days of Our Lives and Melissa Claire Egan, All My Children. Christian “I’m Acting” Leblanc has enough awards already and I like Tricia Caste but you know I gotta stick with All My “Ch’ilen!”

    Younger actress and actor I go for Lexi Ainsworth, General Hospital (best of the bunch) and Chad Duell, General Hospital (hey nobody took it better on screen them him).

  62. Profile photo of soapbaby

    david46208: I agree about the importance of an African-American woman winning a Lead Actress Emmy but she was also the best actress in daytime last year. Her performances when losing her eyesight and learning she was pregnant were incredible. Check out YouTube: AMC 7/19/10 for her Emmy reel submission.

    I also agree with you about CK. She’s a horrible actress. And at least Yvonne Zima was not nominated. Be thankful for small things!

    Speaking of Melody Scott Thomas, she was robbed of a pre-nom. She was great last year. One of my favorite performers of last year.

  63. Profile photo of maxsmom

    The prom episodes were awful and if I were a conspiracy theorist I would say that Messrs. Valentini and Carlavati didn’t want the show nominated a month after it was cancelled. I refuse to believe that in reviewing an entire year or 250 shows, the best 2 shows they could choose were from the prom. The strongest actors were sidelined for the younger set and the singing was average at best. Teen Jessica’s weak sl was folded into the weak prom sl which was folded into the weak Langston cheating on Markko with Ford and all of that followed the colossal fail of Mitch’s return. And so OLTL struggled in 2010 but I still believe there had to be 2 non Prom episodes which would have had a better chance at a nomination than those submitted.

    As for the acting nominations, they are based on 2 shows worth of work and it’s all subjective, ie. when Halle Berry won the Academy Award, I thought Naomi Watts who wasn’t even nominated had given the best performance of the year, was I smarter than the thousands of Academy members, maybe but at the end of the day our response to actors based as much on us as it is on them, each actor nominated for daytime emmys has fans and/or critics on their side and it’s hard to argue that their opinion, which everyone has is wrong because you or I disagree.

  64. Profile photo of

    The musical episodes were AMAZING!!! I loved the cast’s rendition of “If I Could Turn Back Time”, “We Belong”, “Keep On Lovin’ You”, and the original song “Starr X’ed Lovers”. That was the last time OLTL truly entertained me–I gave up watching in June 2010 with the attack of the Fords.

  65. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Days of Our Lives for best writing? I have watched Days of our Lives for about 40 years now. While the show still has some moments, the overall story arcs are lacking and the dialog needs work. Some things that are good is the intergenerational feel to the show. Character development has improved recently. I think Days is trying to work with what they have but with almost a defeatist attitude about it. Dena Highley is maybe the least creative writer around. Her best stuff seems to happen just by trying alot of things until something sticks (which gets pretty boring to watch btw.)
    When she tries to be creative, it is far afield (alien twins, faux rafe).

  66. Profile photo of DEBBIES

    You’re absolutely right!! I can’t believe that OLTL was Snubbed. Its prejudice. And AMC got NOMINATIONS OVER THEM.
    A Show about makeup? come on. That is why i don’t go anymore to the Emmy’s. Bree,and Charlie winning is fine. Someone needs to bring it home. I’m very disappointed. I’m praying for OLTL to stay on the air. The Best soap and
    real good actors. GH have some good actors i can say that.

  67. Profile photo of Kazy24

    I agree with GHvetfan. I actually laughed when I saw that GH wasn’t nominated for the best writing category. They sure got that nom right.

    Yay for NLG! She deserves to be nominated and to have some more screentime!

    JJ deserves his nomination as well. He is always pretty darn good with the material he is given.

  68. Profile photo of Knoxville

    Michelle does not bring muffins, she brings brownies. I think she’s really getting her mileage out of that awful phick pairing with yet another submission of her character breaking up with dude. Whatever will the actress do when she doesn’t have that anymore?

    The Kristina abuse sl was good stuff and kudos to GH for telling that story. GH should have most definitely gotten a best writing nod, the stuff last year was very good unlike what we are watching now (or rather trying to watch)

  69. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    knoxville – if you compare any show on their worst day, it is better than GH now. That does not make GH 2010 good. It just makes it slightly better than crap. I will personally have that trophy made up for GH and mail it to them. Congrats GH!! Your old crap was better than your new crap. You have proved the naysayers wrong. It can get worse.

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