Venice and Gotham Receive Daytime Emmy Nods!

Major props to the creative forces behind webisoaps Venice and Gotham. Both sudsers received nominations for Oustanding Special Class Short Format, and will go up against Disney Channel's Tasty Time With Zefronk. In light of the recent blows the daytime soap opera industry and its fans have endured, I expect more and more soap fans to be flocking online for their sudsy fix, and shows like Venice and Gotham could find even more popularity and support as a result. Congrats to Venice co-creators Crystal Chappell (Carly, DAYS) and Kimmy Turrisi, and Gotham's Martha Byrne.

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    Congrats to Crystal Chappell & Kimmy Turrisi for Venice and Martha Byrne and Lisa Brown for Gotham.

    This is a great boom for websoaps getting recognition in more mainstream awareness.

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    This is by far the best soaps soap lovers had in weeks…congrats both Crystal & Kimmy, Martha & Lisa. I love Gotham..been waiting for long time.

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    Very happy for Venice & Gotham, but I wish they were going up against a show like Empire or Steamboat instead of one on the #MeanieMouse channel. Congrats Crystal, Kimmy, Martha & Lisa. :)

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    Somewhat baffling that Steamboat wasn’t allowed to submit, because it’s a comedy, yet a kiddie cartoon got a nomination.

    Congrats to CC and Martha! I’m rooting for Venice to win though. I felt their episode submission was a lot stronger then Gotham’s. It contains the stand-out domestic abuse scene between Lara (Nadia Bjorlin) and Ani (Jessica Leccia), that was directed by Susan Flannery. Nadia was shockingly good in this scene and Jess was her usual wonderful self. Then add in CC’s outstanding performance reading Gina’s confessional love letter to Ani and good moments peppered throughout the ep from Hillary, Jordan, Galen, Harrison, Shawn, Gina and Wes and this was just a really well done episode all the way around.

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    I agree, Parcrastinator, having Gotham and Venice up against a Disney cartoon is odd when Steamboat was not even allowed to submit. Considering that this category is clearly wide open in terms of format, I think Steamboat most assuredly should have been allowed to submit.

    Does anyone know which Gotham episode was submitted. It’s been out of production so long I can’t remember the episodes specifically. But I’d like to go back and watch for comparison purposes.

    Too bad Empire didn’t make the cut. Though as much as I enjoy Empire, it just doesn’t look or sound as good as either Venice or Gotham, and I think that hurts it when you throw your hat into something like the Emmys.

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