BACKSTAGE DRAMA: Is Y&R’s Cast TICKED Daniel Goddard is Back?

Is there trouble at The Young and the Restless? According to Soap Opera Weekly, the show is having a real-life soap opera behind the scenes with Daniel Goddard. The magazine alleges:

According to insiders, major tension between Goddard and his co-stars led to the decision last fall to write off Cane. Cane's February demise was intended to be permanent with no ghostly pop-ups. However, a source says Goddard discovered what fate was in store for him and confronted his bosses. The Y&R brass promptly disavowed the termination decision insisting Cane's death was not the end for Goddard, and a big story was in the works.

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    Er, uh, er, uh… Y&R always seems to have the most backstage drama and the shit seems to be hitting the fan left and right lately. No WONDER they got that E! True Hollywood story some years back! Murphy’s got a scientology enemy, now Cane’s ruffled feathers and flustered up some skirts Marilyn Monroe style on the big vent and done pissed some folks off… I’m just waiting for Ameila to go batshit on the person who takes some soap and water and an effing hot comb to her head… yep, a hot comb. Her hair would run from a flat iron since it’s never seen one, a hot comb would beat that hair like a switch to the behind.

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    Restless Vixen

    Funny how I don’t recall any Blind items or rumors of DG having bad blood with castmates until now. Goodard seemed to get on fine with the other cast members but now all of a sudden there’s tension between him and his co-stars? I thought the original reason for Cane being written out (by death) was that the writers hating the Lane couple and decided to shake things up a bit. Seems like this is a whisper campaign to “auf” DG in case this latest Cane storyline does not work. And given many fans’ disapproval of past doppelgangers/death fake-outs in the recent past, it seems TPTB are preparing a good patsy (DG) if Cane’s “real” story (du jour) is not well received.

    I wonder if Goodard would have been better off just leaving when Cane was originally slated to really die. Which brings up another question: Did the fan campaign to keep DG really make any difference, or had DG already convinced TPTB to keep him on? With the show being taped roughly six weeks in advance, it seems that the early “ghostCane” scenes would have already been taped and that Goodard was still under contract before fans mobilized on DG’s behalf. Cane/Lane fans might also get thrown under the bus, too, if the Cane reveal is an epic fail. TPTB can claim fans forced their hand to keep DG even though I think they had already decided that before fans did a thing

    The whole thing just seems rather suspect to me…

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    Sorry SOW I dont believe that for one second the Colin was brought in and kept on the canvas SPELLED OUT CANE IS NOT DEAD. Do I believe there is drama behind the scenes YES do I believe its over Cane who is such a small charater compared to 80% of the cast NO. Ready to see Genie/Tristian/Jess mix it up.

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    I always read good things about DG this is coming from out of the blue, I just want the Genevive storyline to play out can’t wait to see Genie back in daytime..w/Jess/Tristan. As for Cane’s story I like the character and the actor but I didn’t like how they wrote all these different backstories and that’s on the writers.

    I read lots of rumors re: why he was let go one is that they wanted CK to go (cancer storyline) but he got the boot instead and it was because of the Cane/Lily storyline…if he is a twin I hope he doesn’t get caught in the LiLy trap.

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    I am sure that the power-hungry likes of Eric Braeden and Michelle “BLEEPING” Stafford are upset that Goddard robbed them of all the media attention that they probably feel ENTITLED to. Boo hoo. Cry me a freaking river. This show has enough backstage drama to keep the gossip hounds at TMZ and E-True Hollywood Story barking for years to come.

    But on to the matter at hand: I was EXTREMELY pissed that these idiotic producers/writers saw the need to bring back this inanely USELESS character, especially since they had NO problem killing off Brad and Colleen, characters that were FAR more important than Cane ever was or ever will be. And don’t even get me STARTED on the other characters that they COULD have brought back for “Saint Lily,” who is also a character who they have been nothing less than OBSESSED with over the past few years. Wanna know what their BIGGEST missed opportunity was, in terms of bringing back a much-needed character?? Just look at my avatar picture. Simple as that.

    Cane is dead weight. Who cares if he’s the father of Lily’s kids? Lily is also pretty dead-weight character who gets way too much storyline, and Christel Khalil is neither special or talented enough to warrant such back to back frontburner attention. But I won’t bark my way up that tree again. We all know how I feel about Lily and Christel Khalil. Lily was at her BEST when she was with DANIEL, not Cane. Why not just do a Lily/Daniel/Abby triangle and be done with it? Why dredge up a past that was never really all that exciting in the first place???

    Goddard better watch himself. Otherwise, he might get a little bit of SALIVA in the face by one of his co-stars. We all know who I am referring to. :X :X :X :X

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    And since when is “confronting your bosses” a viable way to keep them from firing you?? We should ALL be so lucky?? What did he do, rough up Scott Hamner??? Threaten to replace Paul Rauch’s bipolar meds with placebos?? Offer to take Hogan Sheffer’s lunch from him?? Offer to tell the media where Maria Bell holds her weekly Botox parties?? They make the guy seem like a big bully, which only makes him seem LESS likable and only makes me LIKE/CARE about the character of Cane even less, even though I don’t see how that’s humanly possible.

    I will make sure I try that if I ever feel I am in jeopardy of losing MY job……

    “Confronting my bosses……….” Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………….

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    [quote=Restless Vixen]Funny how I don’t recall any Blind items or rumors of DG having bad blood with castmates until now. Goodard seemed to get on fine with the other cast members but now all of a sudden there’s tension between him and his co-stars?[/quote]

    Restless Vixen, when I saw this little blurb this morning, I posted it on two Y&R email groups that I belong to BUT I also put a disclaimer in italics and parenthesis stating this this was written by Jillian Bowe from I also said, since MAB, DG, CBS, or Sony have yet to confirm this story, it is pure speculation at this point. I wanted that made perfectly clear so that the group members also knew that this was at best, speculation and not truth.


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    I want Cane GONE. Sorry to Daniel Goddard because it’s not good to be unemployed, but he could *easily* get another role on Days or GH. Phuck that shi!t!

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    Jillian Bowe

    Matealestlmo, please make clear this is a story that SOW IS RUNNING. You claim you are posting this in groups you are in that you are saying it was written by me when I just reported what SOW has.

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    Backstage drama exists I am sure but I doubt Daniel Goddard is the cause of it. I met him once and he is the nicest guy in the world and got along fabulously (or so it seemed) with all the other Y&R actors. Anyway, I for one (and my Mom too) are so glad he is back.

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    There has been online rumors about DG and his leading lady not getting along as well. Apparently they are big fans of each other.

    I want Cane dead…I don’t want to see a twin of his. I could care less.

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    If I live to be 100, I will never understand this guy’s huge fan following. Like most of the Aussie possie, he has decent acting skills, but he is NOT that hot.

    Wait! I take that back. For a man over 40, that body is SMOKIN’.

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    I believe the story but moreover I’m proud of SOW for having the guts to print it. SOW used to cover the backstage drama all the time, it has become a little stale in it’s 20’s and it is nice to see the tabloid aspects coming back to differentiate it from SOD

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    Susan Hunter–

    One word: RACISM!!! Yep, I said it.

    Soap Armaggedon–

    Technically, Daniel is only 39 years old, but you are right, he’s got a KICK ASS body and he’s pretty cute, but I also don’t get his appeal. He’s good, but not the second coming of Laurence Olivier.

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    As a long time YR fan who rarely tunes in anymore I also wish they would bring back Brad, Colleen, Dru or the ‘real’ Victoria. DG may be a good looking man but the character of Cane is boring and not necessary. YR needs to get back to it’s roots and focus on the characters we have loved for years. I recently caught a few minutes of the show and hardly recognize it anymore. Victor is still an ass but why are Scott Baldwin, Robert Scorpio, and Stephen Cassadine now on YR??

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    I bet Y&R has the most backstage shenanigans going on that we really don’t even know about. I bet VR hasn’t even revealed half the stuff but they want us to believe it’s one big happy family. Like Eric Braeden said…they go to work do their thing and that’s it. It isn’t one big happy family. (paraphasing)

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    I liked Cane before he got with Lily. And for those of you who follow Jamey on twitter he revealed that Barbara Bloom would not let TPTB at Y&R break Cane/Lily up. Which explains to me why I was so bored with them. It made no sense that Lily, who dumped Daniel over a porn addiction, would keep going back to Cane after all the lies he told her. There relationship was stale and so unbelievable and BORING!

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    Restless Vixen

    Personally, I like Daniel Goodard. I liked the Cane character before he hooked up with Lily. I actually think the Cane and Lily characters are better away from each other. I think CK has much better chemistry opposite MG’s Daniel, and surprisingly Paul Leyden’s Blake. I think Cane and Lily suck the life out of each other with all their schmoopies and essentially cancel each other out.

    As far as backstage drama goes, it doesn’t really matter to me either way who’s beefing with whom. I’m just wondering how much is the truth and how much is a whisper campaign. I think the decision to get rid of the Cane character was originally a good one, as this cast is already over-bloated; it’s the method that I had a problem with. He didn’t have to actually die, he just could have gone away. But to undo such a “final” death with yet another death-fake out or doppleganger is just pathetic to me. Enough already, show! Y&R has already lost too much integrity with these silly ass tired soap cliches. And I have grown tired of this FUBAR Cane character. He has been retconned to death. His whole original purpose of being fake-Phillip was that he had no real family. But then he he was involved with some cattle rustling moofia, who just happened to be to be led by his father who was supposed to have not existed, along with some random sister we never heard heard of before. And now his mother is coming to town and he may or may not be dead or have an evil twin or plastic surgery doppleganger, and a partridge in a pear tree! GMAFB. I’ll never understand why the writers keep trying to make fetch happen with this patchwork quilt of a character. I think they should just give up, which was their original intent, I guess. Who knows, maybe ghost/Zombie/faux Cane was the plan the whole time. But if he was fired, too bad DG lost a job, but that’s life when you’re an actor on a TV show. No one has lifetime contracts.

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    Y&R’s backstage drama is just ridiculous. It seems like everyone hates each other over there. That’s horrible.

    You look at GH and all of them seem to be close friends, like family.
    Even DAYS, OLTL and the AMC cast seems to be close.

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    This is complete hogwash Daniel gets along with alot of the cast he is the one of the sweetest people. I cant believe that our soap mags have become tabloids but i guess since the people who do National Equirer are behind SOW

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    In my humble opinion anything to do with Cane is a waste of good story time. I personally agree with what Alstonboy has written and think that he should have been left dead on the church steps.

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    So by this reasoning Jana is gone because EOB didn’t get mad at TPTB when they let her go?

    This rumor doesn’t square with common sense. If there is any truth to it a major piece of information must be missing.

    I’m not a Lily/ Cane fan but I like DG when he first arrived. I would much Cane/ or character who looks like Cane than Tucker. Y&R has numerous men in their 50s/60s and only one left in their 40s since they lost Brad.

    DG is sexy and good looking and just turned 40. They could try him with Phyllis, Ashley, Sharon, Diane, Lauren, well, almost anyone Ashley and younger. Tucker, besides being a crappy character pairs up with who else besides Ashley? TPTB already seemed to decide although Jill was not good enough for him or maybe too old (although the same age). Tucker is 60 I don’t want to see the old/young hook-up they do with Victor the crypt keeper repeated with Tucker, Gross.

    I would rather lose Tucker, I’m sure he’s more expensive than Cane.

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    This seems like B.S. Goddard is close friends with Kristof St. John. Those two are always posting on each other’s Facebook pages with pictures. On Twitter, he’s always tweeting Christel Khalil.

    I could believe that there are some people who might be jealous of his fan base. No other actor on the show had fans hire a plane to fly a banner over the studio to declare their love for a character.

    Goddard has done a phenomenal job of using social media to connect with fans. When it became apparent that his job was in jeopardy, he reached out to his supporters.

    Now, Goddard is going to be in a front burner story with Genie Francis, Tristan Rodgers, Christel Khalil, Jess Walton, and Jeanne Cooper.

    I’m sure that some of the swelled heads on set are envious.

    Y&R has already said that it plans to hire some AMC and OLTL actors. That means that some heads are going to roll on the show. I could see nervous actors wanting to knock off other cast members now, to ensure their safety.

    Eric Braeden and Michael Muhney have both stated how cliques amongst the actors make life difficult for some actors. I can see that happening.

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    No, Goddard could not easily get a job at either GH or Days. There are no easily available jobs in daytime. Jobs are disappearing. GH is firing actors to cut costs. Days already has a big cast but its producers have already said that it might take on an AMC or OLTL actor.

    I’m excited to see the Genie Francis’ character come to town and shake things up. According spoilers, Tristan R.’s Colin will be plotting to take Lily’s children. This might be a great summer storyline.

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    If the Y&R producers would finally get it through their collective “Slapstick of Another Kind” brain that we are rather fed up with the cyclical ridiculous plots we’ve been subjected to lately, they may just survive the second extinction of the dinosaur. Let’s get something new that is a bit more realistic and a bit more interesting happening real fast.

    Regarding DG … when I don’t see Cane and Lily around I tend to forget that they even exist.

    Susan Hunter … it would be great to have the original Drew back but Victoria Rowell seems to have burned all bridges for her return.

    Phyllis did not make an appearance on our Friday episode. That was a sunny day!

    Kay is getting worse. Her extremely unreasonable loyal friendship with Victor makes less sense by the day (where is her loyalty toward Nikki?). Plus you can’t tell me that she would not act just the same, if not even more cutthroat, in business as her son. She is an interfering drunken old hag who seems to forget her own sordid past.

    I know it is a staple but I don’t like people getting set up. Whatever happens to Tucker, I hope that Ashley finds out extremely quickly why all of that transpired. Anyway … (in the all women in Genoa City lost their smarts dept) why was Ashley so taken in by she should have thought was Abby’s extremely suspicious turnaround?

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    Boy, and I thought there was more backstage drama at ABC soaps, they don’t hold a candle to the dramas at Y&R.

    Jealousy, my oh my, but hey at least with Daniel back full-time, their ratings will go up. I guess they underestimated his fanbase.

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    You all are naive if you think just because CK and DG tweet each other it makes them friends. LOL where there is smoke there is fire. This is being reported by multiple sources…so I am leaning towards it being true. Might I add that I don’t think DC would post it if possible they haven’t heard of some backstage drama involving this whole DG “firing” as well. Now I don’t want to put words in their mouths but that’s just my own speculation.

    Yes DG might be a nice guy in person but we don’t know these people from a can of paint. Meeting someone at a fan event doesn’t mean you know them.

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    Restless Vixen

    Smitty, according to this entry, the source of this backstage drama is Soap Opera Weekly. I’ve seen this rumor of backstage drama with Goddard and castmates in two places (including here) and in both cases the source is SOW. Jillian doesn’t confirm the intel, she just stated this is what SOW alleges, and posed the question as to whether or not it is true. Maybe DC knows more, but at least from this article, they aint tellin’

    I agree we probably only see the tip of the iceberg as far as what really goes on behind the scenes. It just seems rather convenient that there’s been no previous gossip or blind items (at least as far as I can recall) with regard to Goddard until now. That doesn’t make it a lie, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true either. I still think it’s pre-emptive damage control if this Cane story-line implodes when it airs. I personally think it’s going to be a HAM that not even the cream of the crop from GH can salvage.

    But we’ll see, I guess – lol!

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    yeah I guess it could not be true, but I look at it this way. I know at my job everyone isn’t best friends. People talk behind each other’s backs and then will turn around and smile in their face. Everyone that you say hi to at work isn’t your friend. I’ve witnessed this at every job that I have had and I don’t know why folks think soaps are different. I think that’s very naive.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Daniel Goddard is a lousy actor. He is a pretty boy that has a pained constipation look when things aren’t good in his storyline. Seriously, the whole twitter/Facebook campaign was low rent and has backfired on him. Well, Daniel, you reap what you sow. I don’t feel sorry for him one bit.

    There is obviously bad blood on the set or the item wouldn’t have appeared here on DC. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him frozen out by his fellow actors in disgust.

    I can certainly see why the other actors and TPTB have hard feelings towards him. His actions were totally unprofessional, IMO.

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    Why do people keep saying this whole thing is out of the blue?

    Months ago Nelson Branco had a blind item (two, in fact) about a West Coast actor that was popular with fans but not with co-workers and was being axed from his show. This actor, according to NB, went begging and crawling to TPTB in order to keep his job.

    It’s fairly obvious who Branco was talking about since Cane was killed off less than a month after that blind item appeared.

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    I am gobsmacked that (1) SOW when it finally placed CBS’ #1 Couple (yes LANE is whether you like them or not) on the Cover of their Rag decided to lead in with this tripe to sell issues. Further I am (2) AMAZED that there are some who assume just because this Genie Francis (I wasn’t born when she was the Shiznit on GH) person is coming onboard she will save Y&R’s sinking ratings, which are now for a second time under MAB’s non-writing arse at a low of 3.1 (first time was with that Gawd-Awful Chloe Baby Lie Drama without a Lily sighting). Finally, I am (3) AMAZED that other actors who are prima donnas, twits and twats, azzholes extraordinaire have not seen the sting of bad publicity Daniel AND Christel have since Faux Bell took over. I smell a thimble-wielding Seamstress’ Stamp of Approval behing this tripe, paraded out by Ugly StepSister Nelson Branco who has proven he is willing to drop trou, bend and lick, all in the name of Maria Bell!

    CBS/Sony need to FIRE HER–NOW and all the characters she have hired since coming onboard (with the exception of Billy Miller). The only people CBS/Sony should hire in future are actual WRITERS, not Actors from cancelled Soaps. Stop the insanity People!

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    Keanna, MAB and her flying monkeys under-estimated the LANE FanBase end of!! Tell you something else If LANE/LILY is not front and center in this new SL it will not fair well.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Why do people keep saying this whole thing is out of the blue?

    Months ago Nelson Branco had a blind item (two, in fact) about a West Coast actor that was popular with fans but not with co-workers and was being axed from his show. This actor, according to NB, went begging and crawling to TPTB in order to keep his job.

    It’s fairly obvious who Branco was talking about since Cane was killed off less than a month after that blind item appeared.[/quote]

    Yes I Remember That BI

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    Lane====boring couple in the history of soap opera land!

    Cane====boring character with no back bones

    Better off staying dead…now that priceless!

    As for Villy…I want Billy to stay and Victoria to go. Billy needs to find his “manhood” and use it! Right now it is tuck between the legs and whimpering.

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    [quote=appleridge][quote=SoapArmageddon]Why do people keep saying this whole thing is out of the blue?

    “Months ago Nelson Branco had a blind item (two, in fact) about a West Coast actor that was popular with fans but not with co-workers and was being axed from his show. This actor, according to NB, went begging and crawling to TPTB in order to keep his job.

    It’s fairly obvious who Branco was talking about since Cane was killed off less than a month after that blind item appeared.[/quote]

    Yes I Remember That BI”[/quote]


    I heard that too. But wasn’t there more?

    I recall reading the writers were bored writing for LANE. So they planned to kill Lily off, but CBS wouldn’t let them get rid of another legacy character. So they hatched the plan to kill Cane.

    Personally, I don’t like them as a couple, but they’re good with others. Lily with Daniel, and Cane with Colin. (Never understood why they brought on Tristan Rogers only to kill Cane…that storyline really rocked!)

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    My biggest issue here is yet another character being “killed” then almost immediately brought back to “life”. I have no issue with Daniel Goddard–a decent actor with a body to die for–but the character of Cane has been so-so at best for the majority of the time he’s taken up screen time on this show. I warmed to him a little when he and Lily first got together, but they haven’t had an interesting storyline since that happened(and that includes the cancer storyline, which was undermined from the start by the fact that CK’s acting is too spotty to carry the kind of scenes necessitated by such emotionally wrenching material). Plus, the couple just became an uninteresting bore; frankly, I was more sad for Jill than Lily when Cane got “killed”. Personally, I wish they hadn’t offed Blake so soon seeing as how CK and Paul Leyden(another fine-bodied Aussie)had some serious chemistry going. At this point, I think I’d like to see Lily back with Daniel.

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    ChrisGa … point noted about the physical aspects of Daniel Goddard but to my mind he kind of pales beside his BeastMaster pal, Paul Leyden.

    Anyway … if Cane was only “dead” why is Blake dead? Shouldn’t Blake also be “dead”?

    (By the way … too bad Sharon was hanging around the barn when that country vet was plying his country cop pal with beers …)

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    This exacally what SOW wants to start up this bull. Pander to the Lane fans who believe it or are a Huge hit with middle american and most fans, and excite the Lane haters.

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    Okay Tedew you’re right; Paul Leyden is hotter than the still very tasty Daniel Goddard. And I think he’s actually the better actor of the two but then that doesn’t really matter much I guess does it? ;)

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    Oh, Tedew, the vet and the cop alone in the barn gettin’ it on….makes my mouth water! I thought I was the only one imagining that scenario!

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