Sarah Michelle Gellar on AMC Cancellation: “I Think It’s Criminal”

Former All My Children and Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar talked with MSN’s Wonder Wall about the cancellation of AMC and shares her reaction to the news.

"I'm very upset about that. First of all, they had the audacity to cancel it on my birthday. So let's have that discussion. I think it's criminal. I remember pretending to be sick when I was younger and staying home and like watching the ABC soap lineup in bed. And I realize it's tough economic times and it wasn't necessarily financially working, but there has to be a way to make it work. And these shows have been on for 40 years. I'm sorry, [but] I don't see either one of these shows they're replacing with it lasting more than a year. I really don't, and I say that with confidence. And I think, I don't think they tried hard enough to save the genre. And, it's just devastating to me.

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    I loved her as Kendall on AMC (ah, Kendall and Anton…. memories… lol)…. And I liked her as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I thought that show was good, campy fun!

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    I have never been a big SMG fan (always found there to be something arrogant and unlikeable about her, although she is a great actress!), but I think she has finally earned a little bit more of my respect for making such a sincerely HONEST comment. She’s absolutely right. They are NOT doing enough to save the genre and these new shows WILL crash and burn. They are NOT going to have even 1/100th of the longevity that OLTL and AMC enjoyed.

    I admire and respect her candor.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    With Sarah Michelle Gallar as Kendall it was like watching a Broadway performance daily. With Alicia Minshew in the role it has always been like watching community theater. Alicia just never had the essence of this antagonistic character that Sarah had. Sarah put her stamp on the role. Alicia wimped the character up.

    I have memories of Sarah as Kendall sprawling her hands across the wall at Wildwind as she would eavesdrop on people’s conversation in the living room. Those are moments Alicia just can’t produce.

    I also have the memories of a character who was driven by the need to be loved and having been rejected by her mother because of how she came to be born. This part of the character’s personality was lost with Alicia. If you never watched the series during the early 90’s you would never know how Kendall use to be.

    For instance when VR was on Y&R the last time you didn’t have to have had watched back in the 90’s to know that Dru must have been something back in those days.

    Alicia just took the role and totally took the character in different direction. A character can grow, but sometimes with recast the character is a like brand new person in a brand new body. Not the character that you got you hooked.

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    Buffy was my favorite show, all these teenie vampire movies nothing compared to Buffy, was funny original and imaginative, now with Smallville ending last of the WB shows. Scripted shows like Buffy and Smallville are also on the endangered list.

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    i liked this little bit from the msn website:

    On coming back for the finale:

    “I’m waiting for the call. I would. I absolutely would. My phone is not ringing. I think it has to be more like a bartender or something because there is someone that plays my character now. She does an amazing job with it, and it is her character now, so I’d have to play someone else. I could be the UPS man!”

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    HAVE YOU PEOPLE NOT READ what David6208 wrote????

    THAT SUMS IT UP COMPLETELY whether you’re a non-fan of Gellar or you are. Beautiful. I want to continue as a reader/friend/fan of yours, David.

    ~ Kevin in downtown Tulsa

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    Aww, Buffy. Her Kendall Hart was my childhood, sniff, lol. From what I know and read, she’s always remembered her AMC roots and sent Alicia Minshew flowers when she took over the role of Kendall. Good for her speaking out in support of the soaps! Is it too much to ask for Buffy to break out a can of whoopASS on ABC???

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    It would be AWESOME for them to bring Sarah back in scenes with the REAL Kendall, Alicia. I wish they would do this. ATWT brought back Julianne Moore in their waning days, so why shouldn’t AMC jump on the bandwagon?? Great idea.

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    I will always have a soft spot for Smidge because of Kendall and Buffy, I’m happy she said something about AMC’s cancellation. This makes me want to dust off my Buffy DVDS, or watch it on Netflix instant view.

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    Wow … so very on spot what she wrote. It really is criminal that these special shows are being flushed down the toilet like garbage and replaced by total TRASH TV like The Chew. I am sorry but even the name of that show makes me want to throw up. I truly wish something could be done, but as time goes on, it becomes less and less likely. If only someone at the very top of ABC would see the light and can Brian Frons before it is too late.

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    Such a great thing for Sarah to say and acknowledge AMC getting cancelled and to blast ABC for cancelling such a great show.
    I would love to see her return as Kendall, how about even for a week? Just temporarily replace Alicia like Roseanne did with the 2 actresses playing Becky in the final seasons.
    It’s amazing that she wants to come back to the show, so please AMC let her!!!

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    Why is nobody blasting the soap press for helping kill the medium.

    Sure, ABC Soaps in Depth gave “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” a combined 4 cover stories in 2010.

    But was it really fair to give 22 covers to “General Hospital.” (?????)


    Thanks, ABC Soaps in Depth. And now YOU are out of a job, too.

    ~ Kevin

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    Since it’s always been GH in Depth, I guess that would be business as usual, but with SOD and SOW laying off half their staff due to the cancellations, it’s surprising that SID can continue publishing 2 magazines without interuption.

    BTW, I haven’t been an SMG fan until now, her statement is what I expect from most soap actors past and present.

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    “Soaps In Depth” DESERVES to fall by the wayside, in my opinion. It’s poorly written and 95% FLUFF. Much of it sounds like it’s been written by a high school journalism student, as opposed to a seasoned professional. The only reason I would ever pick it up would be the “sometimes” interesting interviews that they conduct. “Soap Opera Digest” and “Soap Opera Weekly” are of FAR better quality, but print media is a dying breed, anyway, so Carolyn Hinsey and her contemporaries over at the soap mags had better start planning out their next career moves.

    Sad, but true.

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    I think it’s awesome that Sarah will still vome ou on the side of the soaps. Whatever I may think of some of her decisions, it shows you have class if you know where you came from.

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