How Far Will Kendall go to Get Justice For Zach?

Kendall (Alicia Minshew) has done a lot of crazy things in the name of love, but how far will she go to get justice for Zach (Thorsten Kaye)? Would she marry Ricky (Eddie Matos)? Meanwhile, is Jack (Walt Willey) onto Erica’s (Susan Lucci) doppelganger already? Watch this week’s All My Children promo after the jump!

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    Who knowingly marries a serial killer? Even Nora and Blair on OLTL married serial killers by accident, not deliberately. Kendall exposing her kids to rotten Ricky makes no sense. Ryan allowing his child, Spike, to be exposed to this guy also makes no sense. I wish Bianca would just stab this guy; as she seems to want to do every time she looks at him. He seems so overbearing and intimidating when dealing with Bianca–I just don’t see a loving sibling allowing their “significant other” to treat a family member that way, even if the romance is all an act on Kendall’s part. Imagine if Uncle Jack saw Ricky talking to Bianca the way he does–“Rev.” Ricky would be looking to find his teeth on the floor! This guy is just too weird and pushy to be believable; and it’s odd that many of the show’s characters–outside of feisty Cara–have failed to pick up on his strange vibe. I hate when these shows try to advance the story line by having the characters act clueless.

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    The Kendall storyline fell apart real fast…it’s just unbearable lately. And I disagree about OLTL, I think OLTL is HORRIBLE right now. Not even Roger Howarth’s mumbling, sneers, and grunts can save this show from Jean Passanante’s poison porcine pen.

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