CONFIRMED: Matt Ashford Heads Back to DAYS!

It is official! According to ABC Soaps In Depth, Matthew Ashford is returning to Days of Our Lives. No word on when the actor's first airdate is slated for. That sound you hear is our Jamey Giddens screaming, "Hallelujah."

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    Yes gato1 who cares if they bring back every old favorite if the same incompetent, idiot is still writing the show. Personally, I could care less about Jack returning,. The solution isn’t trying to get one last gasp out of yet another old supercouple from the 80s or 90s. No the only solution to making Days something other than the pathetic joke that it has become once again is simple – FIRE DENA HIGLEY!

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    Agreed gato1. They still need to dump Dena Higley. We need to all call Corday studios and let them know we are happy about Jack but DH needs to go. I wouldn’t even let her write my obituary.

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    I think bringing Jack back is a great move. The characters Jennifer & Daniel have NO chemistry. Now that we have the faux Rafe story coming to an end I have great hopes. I thought the actor did a terrific job playing a dual role, but the storyline was not great.

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    Thank the lord!! Jennifer needs her Jack. They are soulmates, a supercouple, and should be together for friggin’ EVER!!!!

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    i hope you bring anew woman with you…. jennifer is with daniel now and they make a cute couple….. maybe you can have carly with her drug problem..

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    I’m actually enjoying Jennifer and Daniel, but it thrills me that Matt Ashford is heading back to Days. Jack Deveraux is one of my all time favorite soap characters, and anything to give Jen and the Horton family more airtime is okay by me.

    re skpeirano:

    I agree, regarding Galen Gering, he did a fine job in a duel role, even if the story itself majorly reeked. Somehow he made the two characters of Rafe and faux Rafe seem like two COMPLETELY different people. And it was even more obvious when real Rafe returned, the chemistry between he and Sami is incredible, while she seemed to have zero chemistry with fake Rafe. How does an actor pull that off? LOL Glad the story is (hopefully) over though.

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    I’m just going to repeat what many others are saying. Why bring Jack back when he’ll be sent to the background to stand with Justin and Adrienne. FIRE DENA HIGLEY if you want this show to survive one second beyond NBC’s last renewal date!!!!

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    Join Stop Letting Dena Higley Ruin Days of Our Lives group on Facebook!!!!

    I’d link it if it was working, but just go to facebook and search it, then ask to join!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Glad he is back. But please a little more serious and less sitcom storyline for him please. Sometimes when he was on in the past the writers wrote his storyline as if he was Mr. Roper or something from 3’s Company meets Bosom Buddies. All I felt that was missing was a laugh track.

    I especially didn’t like the storyline where he pretended to be gay. It was too 1980’s sitcom style.

    Back when Jack raped Kayla he showed that be could be serious. I want more of that Jack back.

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    First off, YAY! Matthew Ashford has and will ALWAYS be my favorite Jack!

    Secondly, Jack is the ONLY guy for Jenn. Frankie is a close second (I liked Frankie and Jenn together as kids, but Jenn and Jack are better as adults). I NEVER accepted Peter Blake, just waited until Jack and Jenn would reunite.

    Thirdly, I agree with all the posters above me. Writing is KEY! Yes I love Bo and Hope together, but if the writing is lame, the characters are ultimately lame.

    I’ve reading the second “Days” book and I’m enjoying Sherri Anderson’s writing. I really wish that she would come back to write for the show as I have NEVER enjoyed Dena Higley’s writing. Yes, I understand it’s a little easier to write on paper and not have to deal with budget cuts and location shoots so you can’t completely compare the book to the show, but Sherri Anderson appears to have a grasp on the characters (even the younger characters in the book), something the current writer does NOT. It’s plot over character and that’s why this show is in last place! Two soaps have been cancelled recently and Ken Corday needs to wake up and save his parents’ legacy! And that includes bringing Marlena back too!

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    Not sure how I feel about this. Loved Jack back in the day but his last few stints on the show had him portray as a clown and a buffoon. I didn’t enjoy him as much as back in the early 90s. Plus this may be unpopular to say but I like Jen with Daniel right now. I see some chemistry there IMHO.

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    They were stupid to bring Jenn back without Jack in the first place. Days gets points for rectifying that mistake.

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    To be honest, I was worried they were going to try to bring Mark Valley back as Jack now that Human Target’s been cancelled. That would have been dreadful!

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