Soap Opera Network Reports Former Passions Scribes Take Helm at DAYS


Soap Opera Network is reporting former Passions writers Marlene Clark Poulter and Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr. have been hired as head writers of Days of Our Lives. Poulter was associate head writer for NBC's wacky-but-popular cult sudser from 1999-2008. Before that she wrote for DAYS from 1991-1999. Thomas wrote for Passions during its entire run.

I know Passions wasn't everyone's cup of soap (I certainly had my issues with it), but I still see this as a win. Dena Higley is perhaps the worst head writer in the history of daytime television. There's no place for Salem to go but up from where I'm blogging. Let's just hope people don't start romancing monkeys, cutting off penises and/or are talking to themselves all the time. Breathe in. Breathe out.


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I really enjoyed Passions the first few years. I had to give it up when New Years eve stretched past Valentines Day (I am not kidding). It was when Ethans true paternity was about to come out. I loved Robin Strasser as Hecuba, Timmy, Tabitha, Miguel, Kay and Theresa.

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LOL, Jamey. agree, I am going to give them a chance, but if they start some crappy s/ls, I would want the chimp to write for Days, LOL. j/k. Or get Sheri Anderson and Thom Racina or Gary Tomlin back for that matter, LOL.

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You must remember that while Marlene and Darrell wrote for Passions, JIM REILLY created all the stories - they merely executed them. So those of you who hated Reilly's stories can take heart that he is not writing them but those of you who loved Reilly's stuff have no guarantee Darrell and Marlene can be as creative so yelling back and forth about it is fruitless.

So everyone needs wait and give them a chance to prove themselves. Which they will, by the way.