The Bold and The Beautiful Bumps Rick Hearst To Recurring

According to CBS Soaps In Depth, The Bold and the Beautiful's Rick Hearst has been placed on recurring status. The magazine reports Hearst will be taken off contract effective June 17.

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    No Daisy

    What a total waste of talent. I can’t believe two soaps in a row had this fantastic actor and didn’t know how to utilize him. No wonder writers are getting fired right and left.

    Maybe with Guza gone, Ric Lansing could come back to Port Charles and get some story. He is neck and neck with AJ as my favorite Jason Morgan angst causer.

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    JAQ – took the words right out of my mouth – he should come back and be back with Alexix and Molly. I would love to see Molly give him the run around.

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    If I understand ‘re-ocurring’ correct, that means they don’t have to go back when and if they are called to the show.

    Bring back this amazing actor. Or am I getting ahead of myself with this new writer on board??

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    Like many, I want my boy Rick Hearst back at GH as Ric Lansing. The show hasn’t been the same without him.


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    Not surprising in the least. Sorry but I won’t miss Whip on is embarrassing to watch him as Taylor’s doormat when she clearly only wants Ridge. Hopefully RH ends up with another gig where the writers will actually give him some decent material.

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    He is better off than working on that sad excuse for a soap. Now they can continue their exceedingly boring crap with Taylor mooning over Ridge. Another decent looking not to mention talentedactor not being utilized and we get to watch the likes of Liam, Oliver, and Thomas. UGH.

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    If Im not mistaken, he was put on re-occuring on GH (if Im wrong, please jump in cause Im not sure) and chose to leave to go and B&B – Its been my opinion that when Guza found people loved cast members other than his favorites, he put them on re-occuring. Maybe now with the new writer we can get him back.

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    First Sarah Brown, now Rick Hearst. Brad Bell had these two multi-Emmy winning powerhouses and gave them nothing. He didn’t even try. Real talent is wasted while we’re forced to watch Ronn Moss and Hunter Tylo try to act and resurrect sorry ass Tridge for the gazillionth time. UGH! And Brad calls B&B a soap that’s not afraid to think outside the box!

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    I only watched B&B for a short time (a long time ago)before I realized the writers were “focused” on their core actor/characters. Its a half hour show with 3 generations of Forresters and their former, current, and neverending partners, enemies, and friends. I can understand using contracts to ensure the show won’t lose actors in the middle of sls but the “laying off” of SJB and RH seems like the old bait and switch for fans of these actors who start watching the show when their favorites are hired and then once they are hooked on the show their favs are sent to recurring. It’s why I didn’t bother tuning in for SJB, I love her but B&B’s L.A. is so fake in comparison to my childhood Ryan’s Hope’s New York that I just can’t watch.

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    I am sorry to hear this news because RH is truly one of the finest actors in daytime or anywhere today. I only hope that the new head writer at GH, can come up with a s/l and bring this talented actor and awesome character back to General Hospital. Ric Lansing forever!

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    Unfortunately, this means that Hearst is out of a job. B&B may use him or may not. It really is a shame. B&B has now done this twice to two great actors: Hearst and Sarah Brown.

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    Gio…YES he was put on re-occuring at GH. That is why he left.

    Joss…YES he is basically out of a job again. That is why he should come back to GH and put on contract!!! How awesome would that be?? :)

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    I think Zack will be around through the summer to keep Hope away from Oliver. Once the baby is revealed to be Oliver’s, then Conroy won’t be around.

    B&B has been bleeding viewers and its demographics suck. It ties AMC for the worst demographics. The show is going to have to make some changes fast to recover.

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    Good grief! Did Daytime Confidential Google, “The worst image of Ric Hearst” and use that for the pic to this piece?

    The guy is hot but that picture …. imagine he has Driver License pics better than that.

    ~ Kevin in downtown Tulsa

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    Both Rick Hearst AND Sarah Brown should return to GH, where they both received exciting stories that were worthy of their talents. Brad Bell is too busy trying UNDOUBTEDLY force an 18,000th round of Taylor/Ridge (which already makes me wanna vomit even thinking about it!)down our throats to even care about what a good thing he’s practically throwing away.

    I enjoy B&B, but let’s just face it, sometimes Brad can be just as big of a bonehead as the other morons currently working in daytime.

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