General Hospital’s Ingo Rademacher: “I’m Fired.”

Man that Mickey is one cold blooded mouse! ABC Soaps in Depth has published a statement from Ingo Rademacher confirming his exit from General Hospital as dashing corporate raider Jasper Jacks.  

"After 15 years on GH portraying Jax I must say goodbye. I'm fired.

That's it GH, get rid of all your talented, familiar vets and keep the five-day a week newbies. That's exactly what disheartened soap fans want to see. For more from Rademacher, click here.

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    I don’t mean to be heartless, but I think he should’ve been cut long ago–the character has always been so uninteresting and I’m sure IR is one of the show’s top-paid stars after the unholy trinity (AG, MB, and SB). Hope they write Jax & Brenda off together, one of the only ways to save these two characters, IMO.

  2. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I love Ingo…and I have always liked the character of Jax. I will miss him terribly. I wish Ingo the best in all future endeavors, and would love for him to become a regular on Hawaii 5 O.

  3. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    I must say though, his online twitter rants didn’t help his case. When you start bashing your bosses, do you really expect to get a slap on the wrist?

    I bet money if a Donald Trump employee started bashing him on twitter, Trump would fire his ass instantly…

    This is a business at the end of day.

    I feel bad for him, but next time he should have kept his mouth shut.

  4. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    I have to admit that when an actor that started out in daytime leaves for “greener” or “newer” pastures and then comes back my sympathy for them getting fired is a bit less than those that have stuck within the daytime community for the long haul and they get fired. This is what I feel for Ingo and Tyler. Sorta sad to see them both go because they were both instrumental when I loved GH, but meh.

    Although, I have to say I loooved Titans and I keep hoping that it will come out on DVD so I can see the unaired episodes. Plus, I kinda want to see if I can tell if Yasmine Bleeth is totally out of it.

  5. Profile photo of goyankees

    Awww, that’s sad. Don’t watch GH anymore, but always loved “jax”.

    “We’ve” got AUSSIES in Genoa City, folks!! Maybe CBS can snag Peanut’s Dad up to work alongside Genie & Tristan Rogers…. :-)

    Any ABC actor who finds his way out of daytime is probably LUCKY in the long run. Must be hard to work for such a Giant Asshole.

    Just Sayin’.

  6. Profile photo of jlafferty23


    One of the DC bloggers would be better to answer this question, because they know more then me.

    But I’m assuming Frons would have a hand in this.

  7. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    I agree with Dynamitekiddo that they should send Jax and Brenda off together…and that way give us back at least a little of the magic that we had in the 90s…I like Ingo…he exudes positive energy..I wish him well!

  8. Profile photo of keanna

    Very sad, I had a crush on Ingo years and he’s a great actor!!! I wish him well!! :( :( :(

    I wonder does this mean Jax and Brenda are going off into the sunset?
    Darn u JFP!!!

  9. Profile photo of Luke

    Man, the Rapture must have missed memo that its scheduled for tomorrow, lol….First, Guza is fired. Then TMZ just reported that “Macho Man” Randy Savage has passed away. Now, Ingo is officially done at GH.

    All jokes aside, I was kind of hoping they reconsider.

    And sorry. I personally cannot consider him or Jax to have been irrelevant. Maybe in the ass backward logic that Guze established were all good guys with common sense are the bad guys. But its not like Jax doesn’t have friends, acquaintances and a child still on canvas. Possibly another if rumors of Brenda’s kid is true.

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    Jax could have been an asset to the show. They like most actors they want to be rid of, destroyed him. His business dealing IMO are more interesting than playing cops & robbers! (mob)

    Of course Guza had a hand in this. Guza was just fired. Ingo’s fate was decided way before Guza had a clue he was going to be unemployed.
    BTW-is he unemployed? Does anyone know if he lost his position but remains with abc??

  11. Profile photo of gato1

    I loved TITANS Soapy Bitch! Over the top soapy goodness!! I wish too they would put it on DVD along with Central Park West (Kylie Travis-such a diva!), Models Inc. (Emma Samms-crazy ass Grayson!), anyone remember Pasadena? LOVED that show, great writing. I cant remember all the details but i remember Dana Delany had some big secret and was trying to get it on with some teenage boy! (maybe!) I think they had un aired episodes too.

  12. Profile photo of JasamForever

    I am starting to wonder which vets will still be around to close GH, and I am not talking about Sonny and Jason. So the “cleaning house” is in full force.

  13. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Jax and Alexis are the only PC characters that call out what goes on in Port Charles for what it us. Now one is fired and the other is never on. Sigh….

  14. Profile photo of josser

    Best wishes to Ingo.

    GH’s budget got slashed because it’s ratings are terrible. It’s budget is probably was cut to OLTL levels I’d guess.

    Rebecca Herbst was the first to be fired but fan uproar saved her. Ingo and Tyler Christopher aren’t as popular.

    I can only hope that Nancy Lee Grahn isn’t fired soon.

    If I were making a business decision about which soap to cancel now, GH would go before OLTL. It’s ratings are much better.

  15. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    Good luck to Ingo as well as the rest of the not yet fired GH actors. I have to assume we will be hearing of GH’s cancellation within the next week. Dumb MF’s. I hope Disney tanks, vacation at Universal people!

  16. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I wish him nothing but the best. It seems these rumors are coming to pass as fact… When he said he wasn’t getting much screentime, I thought something was up then.

    But other people remembered Titans on NBC????? I LOVED that show! It was like ‘Dynasty for the new millennium’ or something. I was in high school when it came on, and I thought it would be the new nighttime soap that I’d talk about the next day with friends. They promoted it like a celebrity giving a water birth on national television, and then it was over like that. OTT goodness! Loved the original theme song too. I listen to it on YT sometimes, lol!

    And I loved Pasadena too! I’m not even a Dana Delany fan, and I loved her on that show!

  17. Profile photo of Kazy24

    While I wasn’t a big fan of the character of Jasper Jax, I certainly didn’t hate the character either. This is pretty sad. More of the vets are leaving only to have the vacancies filled by newbies who are just completely dull.

    Yeesh. ABC is digging their own grave. I don’t see a future for a station that axes it shows, pisses off it’s fans, and keeps a moron like frons at the helm.

    Goodluck to you Ingo and your family Ingo!

  18. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    If we’re going on a nostalgia trip, which is the best part of being a soap fan, I also loved Pacific Palisades. That’s a theme song I pull up on Youtube occasionally. It was so much fun and then they bring in Joan Collins. Excellent.

    I was so shocked when (I don’t remember character names) Anita Santos was really Phyllis Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman’s daughter. That storyline was still new to me since my previous exposure to it was Dimitri/Corvina/Anton. I was surprised then too.

    I never watched Pasadena, but I’ve always heard good things.

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    I ‘ditto’ all comments. I wish Ingo the best. For me, he will be missed.
    I liked his character.
    I am sure he will ‘ride off’ with his Brenduh in tow.

    Someone asked who will be on the show when it ends.
    Carly, Michael, Sonny, Jason. Maybe Sam.

  20. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I have NEVER really cared much for Jax, but I personally have nothing against Ingo. Wish him well in his future endeavors. I hope he will handle his termination with more class than Tyler Christopher did.

    Hopefully, the writers will reunite Brenda and Jax and give them the fairytale ending that the “Jaxenda” fans have been clamoring for since the 90s. Vanessa Marcil has worn out her welcome, and sooner she is gone, the happier I will be.

  21. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Kazy, I agree! I was pissed when Titan’s didn’t get past that first season. And looking back, it does seem like forever since it was on…

    SoapyBitch–OMG! I LOVE that name! LOL–I remember Pacific Palisades! Loved it! I think I had initially watched because Anna Devane Scorpio and Phyllis were on the show and then I just got hooked! :LOL:

    Another one I loved was Savannah! ;) Nostalgia of the nighttime soaps of yore.

    In regards to Ingo, I too think Jax will leave with Brenda. What makes it so dumb though, is that you have Jax going through hoops in fighting for Joss before he’s set to leave. I hope at least the backwards ass writing will change once Garin takes over, if anything.

  22. Profile photo of miztee246

    I wish Ingo well, the writing had turned Jax into a major annoyance, thus I am glad Jax is gone. Does that mean there is no reason for Jerry Jax to resurface? Let’s hope so.

    I have had enough of “crazy” in the story lines. As soon as they give ludicrous Lisa her walking papers, I will be doing the happy dance. With Guza’s departure, I an hoping for a sea-change in the story lines soon — about a month? I know it will not happen immediately.

  23. Profile photo of mufasa

    I haven’t liked Jax’s character in some time – he needs to go – maybe it’s the writing but he is boring. I love Carly and Shawn! The writers destroyed Brenda’s character completely – she is great on Las Vegas with a spunky character of Sam…THAT is who Brenda should be….when is LISA GOING AWAY?????

  24. Profile photo of Gi271976

    This is so sad!! He was fired so they can continue their whole mob SLs and give us more endless Sonny/Jason/Carly!!! WTF??? This show is predictable, repetitive, and a joke!! Sonny/Carly/Jason, and the TPTB can all take a train ride to Cancellationville!!! NEXT STOP: Couricburg!!!! I am so done with this show!!!

  25. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    Can’t say I’m the least bit surprised. I’ve been hearing the rumblings for months but for it to happen is saddening. I mean Siobhan, Lisa and Olivia are doing what exactly? What s/l’s are they running? Hell we’ve had Mac collecting dust in his office at the PCPD and popping up on holidays to woo Alexis who only comes out of her home to coddle Kristina. I really hope Garin can balance this show and use ALL of it’s talented cast members.

    The best of luck to Ingo though I don’t care for the character of Jax. I know Ingo will get work elsewhere.

  26. Profile photo of Delia Diva
    Delia Diva

    When you put negative comments out about the company signing your paycheck, there’s bound to some ripples.

    NEVER was a fan of the character Jax. As long as Brenda & Jax leave WITHOUT Josslyn, I’ll be fine.

  27. Profile photo of Mia22

    One of the biggest shames is that wouldn’t own up to what they were doing as they kept pushing him off screen. I can accept that characters sometimes leave, but they just wasted him at the end. They could have given him a great story line with VMG and earned a proper way off the show, instead of as just a side, forgotten character. GH just wastes anyone we’re halfway invested in.

  28. Profile photo of

    Cyber..of course Ingo’s fate was determined before Guza’s firing.
    I just read a post (laughed) reading it. :D
    Apparently Jill DID fire Guza and he stormed out of the office. So no, I am assuming he is done with abc.
    How could he have not known his firing was coming?? That I find hard to believe. Its comforting knowing though that those people are not prejudice when it comes to firing people. Look at them wrong and you are gone!
    Who is next? Maxie? Or Alexis??

  29. Profile photo of Miry

    Aww, sad. I will miss Jax & his truth-telling ways.
    I maintain that he is the ONLY reason that Morgan is not an insufferable asshole like Michael!! Jax helped raise Morgan (spent lots of time with him, I recall the karate practice) & I hate that the writers are making it like he never adopted the kid (I mean, didn’t Sonny sign away his rights so that Morgan could be a Jacks?).
    I really do hate this show.

    Anyhoo: Good luck to Ingo & I hope that he gets an awesome Primetime gig in the near future!!

  30. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    [quote=JAQ]Jax could have been an asset to the show. They like most actors they want to be rid of, destroyed him. His business dealing IMO are more interesting than playing cops & robbers! (mob) Of course Guza had a hand in this. Guza was just fired. Ingo’s fate was decided way before Guza had a clue he was going to be unemployed.
    BTW-is he unemployed? Does anyone know if he lost his position but remains with abc??[/quote]

    I agree since GH didn’t write corporate storylines and Jax is a corporate raider then they stuck him in the MC. I’m a huge Ingo fan and sorry to see him go. Frons is ridding himself of all the vets there should be more firings before all is said and done
    I know Guza is consulting producer rumor has it he and Frons had this huge disagreement regarding him rewriting an arc so it would cost less. Guza threw a hissy fit he ordered Jill to fire him since that is what Executive Producers do.


    I think Ingo knew he said he hadn’t had a major storyline in almost a year (at the time) and he said I hope my fans do the same for me (referring to Becky fans campaigning for her return)…he knew I will miss Jasper Jacks. I liked him from day 1.

  31. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    I’m not surprised by this…i’ve known this was coming for awhile now…and I agree I think his twitter rants probably didn’t help the case…don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    On top of that his character has been in a corner for awhile now…it’s always the same ole’ same ole’.

    But Jax used to be a character I liked and I feel for Ingo who has been another to get hit by the stupid firings…because the higher ups think they can fire anyone that’s been on more than 5 years and just have all the newbies with no connections to the show…sigh…and yet when it’s all said and done Brenda will still be on my screen yapping away:P

  32. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    [quote=JAQ]Who is next? Maxie? Or Alexis??[/quote]

    I’ve been thinking Alexis time has been coming for awhile now…she is a great actress but poor alexis is only one during the holidays and when someone needs a lawyer and Dianne isn’t available…so i’m sure they axe her soon but we’ll still have all the ones they bring on and pay a fortune for that no one really likes.

  33. Profile photo of shawnbrady69

    Ms. JLafferty23,

    Just like you have a right to post and post your opinions so does he. This is America, after all. Do you really think Ingo needs the GH job after all the money he’s made in the past 15 years. Good for him for telling it like it is. If something’s wrong, people should stand up for what they believe in.

    I’m sure he knew his expressions would have consequences. Every action does.

  34. Profile photo of

    Cyber…….GH didn’t write for Jax in the corporate world because that would take research and smarts. They have always been too stupid and lazy to do either.
    They could have brought Michael into ELQ to go against Jax. It could have been a nightime Prime show in Daytime! Instead they wrote mobsters and psycho stories. People are tired of their brains not being challenged.

    Of course Ingo knew he was on his way out. His one mistake was tweeting about it. I am sure his boss’s didn’t take kindly to that.

  35. Profile photo of

    [quote=jlafferty23]The writers don’t fire people JAQ, this was all JFP.[/quote]

    I am aware writers don’t have the authority to fire each other.
    It was a joke. Only Frons or Jill had to of done it. From what I read, it was Jill.

  36. Profile photo of

    I just read a post on another thread. Sounds like Alexis (NLG) is very hyped up about GH right now. She asked the viewers not to give up.
    Sounds like they may even bring back some oldies and fav’s!! :beer: :beer:

  37. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I can’t believe the show would fire him! WIll so much for the new writer getting to use him at all. I don’t watch GH now but I loved Jac [I still he’s a lot more handsome than Sonny!] It’d be great if he and Brenda got a happy ending.
    In terms of Ingo, he’s probably better off, he’s a great who could do well in primetime.

  38. Profile photo of

    Maybe with the new writer Ingo will be hired back. Otherwise, I forsee him & Brenduh leaving the show together. Soon. :)

  39. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Havent like jax in awhile, but I totally blame the writing for the character. They never even TRIED to work around his outs the way they did with Tony, they just kept writing him as a guy who would abandon his wife whenever the whim struck and regardless of what was going on with his family. Jax was a great character and it wouldnt take much to course correct. I have long advocated that Edward should will controlling interest in ELQ to Michael provided that he meet certain criteria before the age of 25 and that in the interim Jax would run the company as his proxy, and that if he failed to meet those criteria his shares would them be equally divided between a group of individuals that would still include michael but also people like ethan, dillon, brooklyn, maya, Lila Rae etc. etc. Jax could say that if he was going to run the company, he would want himself, joss and morgan included in that group of individuals that would gain stock if michael failed. Could you imagine jax laughing in carly’s face that michael is going to blow his inheritance and he intends to leverage his shares and his kids shares into a controlling interest? Lets see how fast Carly and Jason get interested in ELQ if they think jax is going to win. Of course Ethan might decided to muddy the waters – seeing a big pay day from jax when he sells him his shares which of course would put him at odds with Kristina. Carly could leverage some con with luke that she would help him IF he got Tracy to hire her at ELQ (so she could keep an eye on Jax) and Jax could hire Alexis as council. I could see story in that for years – maybe Jax wins short term and he thinks he has 50%+one and then SaSon, disgusted that michael’s company is now being controlled by Candy Boy find out that the child that he just had with Sam was really entitled to Alan’s shares? I could so see the scene with Jax declaring victory at some board meeting when Jason comes bursting through the doors holding alan’s real will announcing that between his child’s shares, michaels shares and morgan’s shares (which at 17 would still be controlled by CarSon) they have the majority. They could have a big court battle with Diane representing Jason and Alexis obligated to support ELQ, putting her at odds with Sam and Kristina torn between whats in Ethan’s best interest and Michaels. Maybe even Kristina goes to her father and asks for access to her trust so that SHE can buy Ethan’s shares – so he gets the money but she and michael could run the company together under Jason’s direction. Then a year later Morgan would be in the middle with Jax on one side and Michael and Jason on the other. Oh and of course at some point Jason hires Sam and Spin as in house investigators for ELQ – again to keep eyes on everyone. I would love to see Morgan maybe flip – with a big emotional scene that carSon always favored Michael and now its his turn, making him the AJ to Michaels Jason in this scenario – and then a year later they could have Molly receiving a letter from her long absent father Rick who writes that he knows what its like to be the one thats on the outside looking in so he secretly purchased dillon’s, lila’s and mayas shares for her. Could you imagine if the letter spells out exactly what she could gain from siding with Jax and Morgan and what she could gain from siding with Kristina and Michael – telling her in both instances how to work it to her advantage but leaving the decision ultimately in her hands(maybe even bringing back RiH for a short run to do it live) . Who knows – Molly is the daughter of Rexis and Morgan is a CarSon kid so technically they arent related which means they COULD fall for one another. And if they pair Liz with Jax (yeah I know I cant stand liz but maybe in giving Jax his backbone again they could do the same with her – it would pit jaz against JaSam and CarSon. I can just see the scene now with Liz pointing out that if Jason had fought for jake the way he was for Michael, Kristina and his new child with Sam, then those shares would have belonged to Jake!

    I dont know – I just always thought having jax around and delving into the ELQ story would be fodder for the next generation for years to come – and if JI is also retiring what a great way to keep the memory of Edward alive – that he left all of these people to battle for the right to claim HIS legacy. That is so original recipe Edward who spent most of his life pitting family member vs family member as a way to find the strongest amongst them. I would love to see Edward having left – as one of his conditions to michael – that he legally had to change his name to Michael Quartermaine – and then when Morgan flips by them Michael is so Q that he tells Morgan in a fit of anger (without much thinking) that Edward would spin in his grave if he knew that a Corinthos child was running HIS families company.

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    [quote=shirls429]I am so sick after hearing that Jax was fired,what a shame and shame on the powers to be for firing Ingo![/quote]

    AGREE 100%!!! ;)

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