Is Josh Duhamel Returning To All My Children?!

In the name of Agnes Nixon, let it be true! Josh Duhamel stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday to dish about his upcoming flick, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. DeGeneres mentioned All My Children being cancelled and wondered if Duhamel would make a return to the show before the finale. Watch Duhamel's response after the jump!


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    I think that will happen, because Josh had always been very respectful about AMC and he always gave credit where credit is due. Have Leo come home to grab Greenpea up which would be a fitting end for AMC fans. Kudos Josh

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    I hope not. I don’t know if it was him cheating-on-Fergie-with-a-pole-dancer from a couple of years back, or what it is …

    But I just don’t have the same kinda Leo love that I had for him and Greenlee back in the day.

    ~ Kevin in downtown Tulsa

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    He is a fucken sweetie pie and I love him.

    I just don’t know if having THREE characters return from the dead in the last months would be good. It might dilute the effect. I will leave this one in Agnes’ hands.

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    I LOVE JD and I LOVED Leo & Greenlee together, but despite how lackluster I thought/think they were/are, it’s cemented that Ryan & Greenlee ‘belong together’ . . . to tear that down in the show’s final months makes no sense.

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    I would love Josh and Leo to come back to AMC. He has said before that if asked he would come back, no problem. Make this happen!!!!

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    I realize that the actor =/= the character, so whatever Josh has done in his personal life has no affect on my love for Leo…

    I adored Leo and was devastated when he left. I’d love to see Eden back as Bianca since Leo and Bianca had such a great brother/sister relationship.

    I wish Ellen hadn’t interrupted when he was talking about who he keeps in touch with… I’m curious!

    Can we get Esta back as Gillian? Leo/Greenlee/Ryan/Gillian were great. Who cares if everyone comes back from the dead. The show is already full of the walking dead anyway.

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    Yes! please come back Leo. Greenlee and Ryan don’t belong together. Greenlee belongs with Leo and Ryan belongs with Gillian. Heck if a few people are already coming back from the dead what’s 2 more?! :)

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    It is so nice that Josh doesn’t forget his acting roots and acknowledges how important AMC was to his career. Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey, OLTL)is the same way. Many other actors who have hit it “big” after appearing on soaps act as if they were never there. I just wish we didn’t even have to talk about AMC getting the ax.

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    If AMC could bring him back to give GreenMe a happy ending, I am all for it. Josh Duhamel has done and said some QUESTIONABLE things in the past, but in the end, business is business. Leo and Greenlee were a tremendously popular couple, and I honestly believe that if Josh had stayed in daytime, Greenlee and Leo would be the endgame, as opposed to Greenlee and Ryan. Bring him back to help give your fans at least some SEMBLANCE of a happy ending for GreenMe’s character.

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    [quote=Renegade_Killerbee]He cheated on his wife, people.

    … WITH A POLE DANCER![/quote]
    Yeah, but just because he’s a less than stellar husband, doesn’t make him any less of an actor.

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