Days of Our Lives Flashback: Lawrence Alamain Comes To Salem

In 1990, Days of Our Lives’ Lawrence Alamain (Michael Sabatino) surprised Salem residents when University Hospital’s Chief of Staff Dr Tom Horton (Macdonald Carey) calls a press conference to reveal the hospital’s newest ‘anonymous’ benefactor. When Lawrence was revealed to the waiting crowd, the look on their faces was priceless.
The history between Lawrence and those at the press conference was volatile. Jack (Matthew Ashford) and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) were present, working on a news story for The Spectator, Jennifer was also still coping from the aftermath of Lawrence having raped her, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) was there seeking answers to Steve ‘Patch’ Johnson’s (Stephen Nichols) murder and Carly (Crystal Chappell),  was curious and anxious about what was about to unfold. Check it out after the jump!



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    Lawrence was cool until he raped Jennifer and had Steve ‘murdered’.

    Michael Sabatino on the other hand is a sweetie pie. Yes. Crystal is a lucky lady!

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    Lawrence still terrifies me & I’m not the type of person who watches scary movies either. Not only did he represent “Big Oil” against the little guy, he murdered several ISA agents & ‘murdered’ Patch,& raped Jennifer, & tortured Carly after a very unhealthy obsession to lure her into his evil grasp. I know he was a popular character b/c a lot of people found him attractive, but well, since I’m kinda not into men (shocker, I know lol), all I saw was the sheer horror of it all. Lawrence makes the Dimeras look like a 1950s style family.

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    soapy opie

    I forgot he was (yet another) son of Stefano’s. Lawrence certainly was
    involved with lots of Days characters. Is there any possibility that
    Lawrence is not really dead (despite the fact that we saw Carly “kill”
    him)??? After all, it IS a soap & how many times has someone returned
    from “the dead”??? lol

    Would love to see Lawrence & Vivian re-team & take on all the “nice”
    people in Salem!!

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    Since all the evidence points to Lawrence being a DiMera, they should say he suffered from the same blood disease that made Andre evil and crazy. They could easily say Lawrence survived the stabbing and has been recuperating ever since.

    I *loved* when Lawrence called Carly “Katerina” and when she called him “James”.

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