Young and the Restless Flashback: Brad and Lauren’s Great Escape

Nobody does it better than Young and the Restless. The show remained true to its slogan in this episode that aired in 1989, starring soap hunk Don Diamont as Brad Carlton and the troubled Lauren Fenmore played by Tracey E. Bregman.
Brad’s ex-wife Lisa showed up in Genoa City and took her infatuation with Brad to a whole new level. After much trial and tribulation, Lisa had Brad locked up in a cage for what seemed like an eternity. These Young and the Restless episodes were edge of your seat stuff as fans awaited the dramatic climax to what was a classic storyline. For some, this storyline was one of the best to come out of 1989. Take a walk down Genoa City's memory lane after the jump!



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    This storyline took place before I started watching Y&R, but was definitely EPIC. And unlike Maria Bell, the dearly departed Bill Bell Sr. knew how to keep a lock on “crazy” and that stories centered around unstable characters are best done once in a blue moon, not once every two weeks with the same tired themes being reintroduced time after time.

    God, I miss his version of the show sometimes. May he rest in peace. Maria needs to hold a seance with him and hopefully he can get it through her thick head that she’s not as talented as she THINKS she is.

    As long as the show remains #1 in the Nielsens, CBS/Sony will continue to kiss her ass and she’s likely to NEVER get the memo.

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    Restless Fan

    In 10 minutes this clip captures everything Y&R was and no longer is. In a less gifted storytellers hands (:cough: Maria :hack: Bell) this storyline could have been painfully ridiculous. I watched back then and loved every moment of it!! It worked because Bill played tons of emotional beats, whet our appetites and didn’t dumb character down in the process. That and he kept her just crazy enough that she didn’t come off unreal and preposterous.

    Bill Bell told complex stories where Marie Bell tells discombobulated ones. You didn’t scratch your head watching Bills show that’s for sure. Maria’s stories have so many factual holes in them you could land a 747 in them. She has no regard for prior character development. She has dumbed more characters down to push plot forward that i’m certain if Bill was still alive he’d fired her a long time ago. A real shame she doesn’t get it.

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    Good to know that Lauren is still stupid as hell! LoL.
    That was some good soap though, b/c I was all, “Don’t tell her you’re by yourself!” “Don’t turn your back on her!” See, good soap makes you talk back to it, and no (daytime) soap does that now, except OLTL.

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    I can’t remember when I started watching Y&R but I must’ve missed this storyline all together. Course, they didn’t have DVR’s back then and it was difficult to set up the taping of the show on one’s VCR. But I do agree with Alston and Restless Fan that Bill Bell was a master at great story telling. I only wish he was still with us and kick MAB’s rear end out the door and be told to never return to the set. The difference in story telling between Bill Bell and MAB is night and day. I can certainly tell the difference……

    Which is why it was such a shock to find out that Bill Bell had passed away from complications due to Alzheimers. If any of you out there have not had a family member with this memory eating disease, consider yourself lucky. My late-grandfather died from complications of this same disease. I can tell you that it was no picnic nor was it a bed of roses either. Having to deal with his disease took a huge toll on my mom’s side of the family. I do remember that when we buried my grandmother, it was at the funeral home where my grandfather broke down in tears and kissed her one last time on the lips. It was extremely difficult to watch that.

    I would not wish this disease on my worst enemy……….well, I take that back. I’d wish it on Satan since he is my worst enemy, after all, I’m a born-again GAY Christian.

    Enough said.

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    Lauren (and other characters imaginary or real) …
    The concept of Karma in some cultures must be a comforting thought.
    (Maybe it should exist in western cultures and religion as well.)

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    Bill Bell did have a few quirks that one had to look beyond. One of them is that people did often act kinda stupid sometimes. Instead of defusing Lisa first, Lauren tried to tend to Brad. Big mistake on her part but one that Bill often would get his characters to do. I have not been a fan of characters in a cage. Unless it is short term, they tend to run out of things to talk about. This is one of those stories that drug on for many months and eventually ya just didn’t see Brad and Lisa for a while because well there was nothing to say (another one was when John and Marlena was being kept in a dungeon by Stephano in the 90s). You can only watch someone plot to get out of a cage in so many ways. In fact I prefered Lauren’s last venture into a cage under Maria Bell’s writing to this one. Simply because it wrapped up BEFORE it got boring. However I must say, once Bill got the ball rolling, his stories did excite the audience with a big finish.

    This scene reminded me of how great Terry Lester was and how much I miss him. May he rest in peace. Such a talent to die so young! Top ten of my all time favorite soap actors. Maybe even in the top five.

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    I remember that storyline(junior yr of high school)and it was awesome back when many soaps were awesome and not lazy and pedestrian like a lot of them are today. I remember the actress playing nutjob Lisa being particularly good, back when psychos weren’t a dime a dozen on this show. Too bad MAB hasn’t learned anything from the late, lamented Bell.

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    Y&R pretty much had a pattern of “Female psycho” even 2 years. Lisa, Shiela, Mary Jo, the Newman Maid, Tricia. (Oh, crazy David was in there too.) Those are just the ones I remember. People have selective memories. I remember the Brad in the cage story going on for an eternity. Most of it was unwatchable because it went on and on and on. I guarantee if you had to sit through that exact same story beat by beat today, people would be ripping Y&R to shreds. (This is coming from someone who now only watching once a month after the Sarah debacle.)

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    Restless Vixen

    Bill Bell did have his annual “psycho bitch” character. The Lisa character is one of many

    The actress who played Lisa had some looong hair with those wavy curls, but I felt if often looked a bit on the frizzy/crispy side as the hairdressers on Y&R have had a long history of not always knowing what to do with thick (see Melody Thomas Scott) or textured hair.

    I agree that Bill Bell’s stories tended to drag, but all soaps had longer arcs back then. I think everything took longer back then – lol! But even if the Brad in a Cage SL took too long, the thing I liked about Bill Bell was that the cage SL was not the only storyline du jour, if I recall correctly. He had a way of knowing how to overlap a concluding SL, an arc right in the middle and an emerging SL within a given cycle. That’s one of many things MAB&Co really struggle with. Too many of the current SLs happen in a vacuum so they tend to oversaturate with little or nothing else going on at a different stages of “story”. Today’s Y&R tends to ebb and flow at extremes, either a whole lot is going on or a whole lot of nothing is going on.

    Regardless, I still love my classic Y&R. Sadly the power’s that be will never show these older episodes because all the retconning, both with plots and characters, would be so glaring.

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