Daytime Confidential Top 20, April 2011

No. 20: Ted Shackelford, The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless’ Ted Shackelford makes his Daytime Confidential Top 20 debut at No. 20 in April.

March 2011: Jeff Branson, The Young and the Restless

No. 19: Alicia Minshew, All My Children

Former Daytime Confidential Top 20 No. 1 Alicia Minshew returns to the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in April after falling off the list in March.

March 2011: Jessica Leccia, One Life to Live

Note: The Daytime Confidential Top 20 is based solely on the clicks of Daytime Confidential readers as they use the Daytime Confidential website. It is NOT chosen by the Daytime Confidential editorial team. The DC Top 20 tabulated at the end of each month and published during the following month. At the end of each year we publish the Daytime Confidential Hot 100 based on the same data, but for the entire year.

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  1. Profile photo of vannyishere

    I am shocked to see NL as number 1. Never been a fan but as a DOOL fan and AZ fan, I am interested to see if any soap blogger out there has the guts to call Tamara Brauns recast of this role as nothing but a disaster. I have a lot of issues with Days and I liked her run as Ava, but what was Corday thinking again. Well at least Hackley is gone.

    Shocked to see Frons at 11. With all the hate I was expecting a trimphant number 1 ranking.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Natalia Livingston and Daniel Goddard?? What makes either of them that interesting? Both are “decent” actors, but overall very bland and generic. I don’t get it.

    (shakes head as I struggle to understand!) :( :(

  3. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Number 11… Total BARF! :sick:

    Number 4… Yum, yum, yum.

    Number 3… Total :love:

    Don’t tell me NL was most searched because she was booted as DOOL’s Taylor??? Um, okay. LOL. :puzzled: face. I don’t remember her being this most searched when GH killed Emily. THAT was bigger news.

  4. Profile photo of Beth

    Hate to break it to you folks, but Natalia Livingston is popular and has a fanbase. I think it’s fantastic that people are anxious to find out about her and her questionable dismissal from Days.

  5. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I won’t speak for anyone else, but I’m are aware she’s popular. Just like I’m aware DG is popular. I’m actually a fan of her as a person, after having met her a few times, even if I don’t think she’s the best actress. Folks feel the same way about my Tamara, KA, KDP, on and on. Folks think they suck, I think they hung the stars and the moon in the sky, is what it is on that. My questioning her place on the list doesn’t automatically mean I or anyone else isn’t a fan. I just call it how I see it, personally, whether I like the person in question or not.

  6. Profile photo of meme


    Thank you. How most of the mods here and at some other boards treat her is why I stay away from most of them as do a lot of her fans. I for one only registered here when I saw that poll this site posted. It wasn’t to vote either it was to express my views on the agenda behind it.

    I am also glad most can see beyond the Days move and can see the agenda that drove that change. The change was a mistake based on feedback I read in a lot of places but as a fan of hers I wouldn’t in any way want her back working for a place that treated her so shabbily. And as the epitome of class she always is, she left, no scathing interviews nothing she just moved on.

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