Which General Hospital Alum Do You Prefer as DAYS’ Taylor?

Two actresses have portrayed Days of Our Lives’ Taylor Walker this year, Natalia Livingston and Tamara Braun. Both former General Hospital stars, Livingston assumed took on the role of Taylor in January before Braun took it over in April. Each has a different chemistry with Taylor’s love interest EJ (James Scott) and sister Nicole (Arianne Zucker).  Now that you’ve had a chance to see both actresses in the role, we’d love to know who you think is best in the role?

Who do you enjoy most as Taylor?

Which General Hospital Alum Do You Prefer as DAYS' Taylor?

  • Tamara Braun (16%, 596 Votes)
  • Natalia Livingston (84%, 3,124 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,720


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46 Responses

  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Wow, where’s the love for my girl, Tamara Braun?? I have seen both of them in the role, and Natalia’s acting was bland, generic and uninspiring. Tamara might be better suited for the playing the “bitch,” but I find her to be TREMENDOUSLY more watchable. Plus, I feel she has better chemistry with Arianne Zucker. Personally, I think that seeing females battling it out onscreen is more exciting many times than a love story, and Natalia did play a SLIGHTLY convincing “bitch” on GH when she was playing Rebecca, but we all know who is the better BITCH!

    Team Tamara!!! ALL the way!!!!!!!! :beer: :beer:

    P.S- I still think she belongs on GH, which is the ONLY show that’s ever given her REALLY good writing in her soap career. Just my opinion.

  2. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    I’m surprised that I’m saying this but Natalia. I was disappointed when I saw Tams for the first time in the role of Taylor. Tamara Braun looks way too rough for the role and she looks a lot older than Nicole. It’s not that I don’t think she’s beautiful…she’s one of my favorite Carly’s ever and she played great opposite Stephen Nichols on her last Days stint but at this point I just can’t get over that she doesn’t “look” the part. Sorry, Tamara. :(

  3. Profile photo of AllmyDaysatGh

    Omg I am shocked at how many votes Natalia has! I thought she was AWFUL as Taylor. Just AWFUL. Seriously, I felt like the show was going in slow motion whenever she was shown. I loved this girl on GH but on DAYS, I just don’t know…she was dreadful to me. Ugh.

    Thankfully they replaced her with Tamara, who I think has done great so far! I like the edge she has added to Taylor!!

  4. Profile photo of AllmyDaysatGh

    [quote=alstonboy4315]Wow, where’s the love for my girl, Tamara Braun?? I have seen both of them in the role, and Natalia’s acting was bland, generic and uninspiring. Tamara might be better suited for the playing the “bitch,” but I find her to be TREMENDOUSLY more watchable. Plus, I feel she has better chemistry with Arianne Zucker. Personally, I think that seeing females battling it out onscreen is more exciting many times than a love story, and Natalia did play a SLIGHTLY convincing “bitch” on GH when she was playing Rebecca, but we all know who is the better BITCH! Team Tamara!!! ALL the way!!!!!!!! :beer: :beer: [/quote]


  5. Profile photo of lostfan

    natalia was much better cast for the role. While tamara may be a better actress, in general, natalia has such a sweet beauty that it was belivable in the storyline that ej would fall, love at first sight, in love with taylor. I don’t mean to be mean, but Tamara is not pretty enough for THIS role and she has no sparks with James Scott. She is also too tough. Natalia did have chemistry with James and i loved the story line, especially since i also love Ari/Nicole. The story doesn’t work now and is falling flat.

  6. Profile photo of Susan Hunter
    Susan Hunter

    Love Tamara, but Natalia was perfect for the role. Natalia does sweet heroine much better, imo. Since Days doesn’t seem to care about age appropriate casting, Tamara should have played a hell on wheels, take no prisoners Sarah Horton. I’m going to assume that Natalia must have pissed off someone backstage or screwed up in a major way, which caused her firing.

  7. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    Tamara was badass as Ava, why wouldn’t DAYS bring her back as that character?? I actually loved that story, and loved the character.

    Tamara deserved that emmy!

  8. Profile photo of dellygrim

    I Always love Braun and had never liked Livingston. However I think Natalia was doing a great job and though tamara’s performance still demonstrates her great talent I feel she’s been miscast.

  9. Profile photo of snags

    I always enjoyed Tamara Braun and enjoyed her role as Ava Vitali (when she migrated away from Steve and Kayla because I did NOT like the show trying to split Sweetness and Patch apart!) so accepting her in this role was hard and weird. I’m familiar with GH, but don’t watch regularly (just never caught on to the show centering on the mob when it should be about the hospital) but I thought Natalia Livingston was a cute gal, appeared likeable but never really saw her really act and cut her teeth into substantial material. I liked Amber Tamblyn more as Emily, but found Natalia an acceptable enough recast, probably because I didn’t watch GH enough.

    But I think it was Jillian who pointed it out, but Natalia was very breathy on Days as Taylor and it annoyed me to watch her talk that I would fast forward through the scenes (I’m also sick of Sami, EJ, Rafe, and Nicole. I want my Bo, Hope, Vivian, Jennifer, Jack to be center stage). I do think she fit the role of Taylor better because she plays the victim better. Tamara Braun is feistier, the spitfire who you don’t want to scrap with. I never saw her as the victim, more like the one to cause trouble so to see Nicole run circles around her doesn’t ring true to me. It doesn’t fit. But I DO agree that Tamara is the better actress. What I saw of her on GH, she knocked it out of the park and was MY favorite version of Carly followed closely by Laura Wright (loved her from “Loving”). So I’m torn. Tamara IS the better actress, but for the role I think Natalia fits it better but I’m happier to see Tamara grace the screen on Days because I would prefer to have her on the show. I admit I at least skim through the scenes and watch parts with Tamara more than I ever did with Natalia in the role even though I’m sick of EJ, Nicole and Sami (they are played too much and need to be on the midburner for a while!) Does that even make sense?

  10. Profile photo of keanna

    I loved both actresses when they were on GH, but I feel Natalia fits the role of Taylor better. Unless they’re going to totally change the character and make her badass, Tamara was miscast.

  11. Profile photo of Susan Hunter
    Susan Hunter

    I loved Nicole’s line to Taylor today about Taylor always going after Nicole’s men, I wish Nicole would have mentioned Eric Brady, but I hear that mentioning old characters confuses new viewers. Anyway, that was a good one and very true.

  12. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    There should be a neither option, because I could really care less about the character in general. Didn’t really care about NL one way or the other when she was Emily on GH. Hated her as Rebecca on GH. Hated TB as Carly for the longest time before she grew on me. TB isn’t a bad actress, but this role is just awful. And the contrived “romance” with EJ is gross. It makes both women look pathetic. Taylor, for going after her sister’s husband, and Nicole for blackmailing EJ to stay with her knowing that he would rather be with her sister.

    Nikki is hell on wheels, she needs to finally be with a man who wants to be with her. I always thought AZ and GG had a lot of chemistry, so if Sami and Rafe ever split up, I would love love LOVE to see a Nicole/Rafe pairing.

    Anyway, TPTB can send Taylor packing, the ONLY thing she’s been good for at ALL is that, since her appearance, Abe and Lexie have gotten a little more airtime.

  13. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    No contest. Tamara Braun can read the phone book and make it interesting. Natalia couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper towel. Pretty she is but actress she ain’t. I cringed every scene I watched her in. Natalia simply does not have the ability to hold her own against the likes of EJ, Sami, Stephano and Nicole. Had they put her with the light weights maybe say doctor mcdreary and the gang, she might have blended in better. Tamara came in and has kicked ass every scene. I am SURE the writers will Braunize the part and make Taylor more strong and independent. Maybe a tad crazy. They are already working on this by Taylor finding out more about his man she “luvs”.

  14. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    If they wanted to keep the character sugary sweet with no bite at night, Natalia is just that person naturally. BUT TAMARA is MY GURL! Always will be. I absolutely LOVE her! She’s the MUCH better actress IMHO. I am a Natalia fan, especially after having met her in person. But I am NOT blind. I still, to this day, don’t think she deserved that Emmy for playing Emily Q. I ALWAYS thought Tamara was ROBBED when she played Carly on GH, so I was hooting and hollering when she finally won for DOOL. Once the new writing kicks into gear–now that HACKLEY has FINALLY evacuated the building in flames–I’m SURE we’ll get to see more of that Braun Spice she does so well. I get Taylor supposed to be sweet, but they wouldn’t have gotten my girl if they wanted her to remain, all :innocent: … ;)

  15. Profile photo of LizzieVee

    I have to say that Natalia looks and plays romance very well and I did like her as Taylor. I have to agree with whoever said it that she does have a very breathy voice that can get annoying. I noticed that on GH too. But, I think that was explained that she has breathing problems or something of that nature. Anyway, while I loved Tamara as Carly and she is a very strong actress she is not romance. She does hold her own with Ari (Nicole), however.

    I find it interesting that they decided to change the direction of the character of Taylor after they hired Natty. Days has a history of doing that. Why can’t they just keep to their original plans. I like the romance and no one does it better than Days.

  16. Profile photo of vannyishere

    I love both actresses and I feel Tamara is the better actress but Natalia fit the role better. And I do feel she and James Scott had incredible sexual chemistry and she was believable as someone a man would want to bang at first sight.

    God I loved Tamara as CArly, enjoyed her as Ava but this role doesn’t work. Being a good actress doesn’t mean you fit every role thrown at you and she doesn’t fit. Plus there is nothing absolutely nothing between she and James Scott in terms of acting or sexual chemistry. And I dont see the same connection she had with Ari Zucker that she had when she played Ava. If they wanted her back they should have cast her as Ava.

    As far as the emmy comments I always find the comments about how Natalia winning a joke. People who understand how the voting process work and how its based on one or two reels worth of shows would have seen while she was a weaker actress than the rest of the nominees, she clearly had the best reel. Same reason that while I think Maurice Bernard is a mediocre at best actor, he’ll win this year over Michael Parks who clearly deserves it more because hes the better actor but Maurice had the better reel. Its also a very weak group of Best Actor nominees this year which helps

  17. Profile photo of Beth

    First of all, why bring this up now? It’s not like Days is going to change their minds about the recasting. Regardless, I give my support 100% to Natalia Livingston. Tamara may be the “better actress,” but being better doesn’t always translate to being right for the role. Believe it or not, there are a group of viewers out there who LIKE the good girl, and would rather see romance and passion rather than man-crazy bimbos fighting each other, and Natalia fit that bill perfectly, as she did on GH. She’s rootable and watchable, and I always felt proud to be a fan of her characters. Days lost my viewership the moment they decided to take Taylor in this decidedly downward direction.

  18. Profile photo of dianaC

    How arrogant of people to think gee there might actually have been fans who enjoyed Natalia’s Taylor like thats not even possible because they didn’t.

    I notice an element on line and with bloggers. If an actress plays bitchy and edgy that equals good actress if they play soft and vulnerable that equals bad actress. I don’t find either NAtalia or Tamara good actresses and Tamara has always been overrated. She never could touch what Sarah Brown did with the role of Carly even if I liked her Carly, Sarah was 100 percent better. Plus TB has no chemistry with JS or EM. And I am missing this great connection with Ari. When she played Ava they were good together now its gone.

    I always preferred heroines which is why I liked NL’s Emily and was enjoying her as Taylor. The problem with Days is they turn the most unreal actresses into heroines. Tamara can’t play it, neither can Allison Sweeney. Both are good bad girls. The only one on Days who can play all of the above is Arianna Zucker and she gets passed over time and time again.

    Anyway I am only watching the Nicole and EJ stuff on Days these days. The rest of the show is deadly dull. My vote goes to Natalia over Tamara.

  19. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Wow, Luke you sure know how to ask a loaded question ^_~
    I love Tamara Braun and I much perfer her as an actress, but the writing for Taylordoesn’t really fit Tamara right now, for now it seems too much like Taylor’s role.
    On the other hand my mother *loves* Tamara as Taylor, so there you go.
    I agree with jjfan93, I’d love to see Tamara as Carly on Days, even though it would get too confusing to have two Carlys on the show.

  20. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    People who understand how the voting process work and how its based on one or two reels worth of shows would have seen while she was a weaker actress than the rest of the nominees, she clearly had the best reel.


    I won’t speak for anyone else, but I’m aware of how the process works. And it sucks. Always has and always will as long as award shows exist. But that won’t keep me from thinking or voicing that certain people didn’t deserve to win and vice/versa…. As far as her having the best reel, won’t speak on it….

  21. Profile photo of rozzberry

    I thought initially NL I didn’t care for, but TB is by far a better actress & I still don’t like Taylor. I still don’t care for NL, but the role didn’t help. Usually I’m one who hates when characters are re-written, but in this case, bring it on! This character does NOTHING for TB. She’s too good for it. Taylor’s too weak of character for her & for EJ to be swooning this hard for as well. I don’t buy them together despite the upgrade of talent with TB. To me, it’s hindering any possible chemistry JS & TB might have. If they don’t take Taylor in a different direction, then let EJ go willfully back to Nicole. That’s where the fireworks are.

  22. Profile photo of meme

    What an agenda driven poll. You people must really hate Natalia Livingston to do something this classless but it backfired because Tamara Streep, the last wonder actress of soaps isn’t favored. The moderators here should be ashamed of themselves but glad it backfired

    Ive never found Natalia to be a great actress but she’s beautiful, charming, and exudes a certain warmth and vulnerability on screen. NOt every actress has to be Meryl Streep to be an effective soap actress or actress period. Nor does every female character on a soap opera need to be a bitch or be edgy. I thought the character was completely underwritten and I find it laughable how Tamara Braun needs so much better writing and written character to generate an ounce of chemistry with her costars yet Natalia and JS were able to do it despite the shoddy writing. WHo’s the better actress?

  23. Profile photo of jphelps

    I don’t normally post or come here that often but my support is for Natalia. I think the writing for the character was dreadful and she did the best she could with it. And I did like her chemistry with James Scott. And I might ask if Tamara Braun who I also like is such a much better actress, why is it she needs better writing to make the character work.

    And as for the mods here, no offense but I stopped listening to your podcasts long long ago with the endless Natalia bashing that went on years ago. And the endless complaints about her one emmy win invalidated the value of the emmys like Julie Berman or Susan Lucci who I adore were so much better. I can understand why a lot of Natalias fanbase has no interest in coming here.

    As for Tamara Braun, how about one of the reporters here ask Tamara Braun why when her supposed friend Natalia asked her about the job and whether she should take it Tamara told her yes yet had no qualms 3 months later accepting a role knowing her “good friend” was getting fired for it. I guess being mega talented gives you an excuse to treat your friends like this. BUt then I am sure Corday would have just recast Natalia with someone else but it still didn’t sit well with me how it went down both from DOOL end and Tamaras. It makers her sound very classless.

  24. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Wow. I agree with the poster who asked what the point of this poll since DAYS made a decision and will stick to it regardless of what we think. It’s like asking: If ABC could have cancelled OLTL or AMC, which would you have preferred?

    I also agree with those who just don’t like the character of Taylor. I tried watching because I am a fan of Natalia Livingston but the character is unlikeable and, frankly, so is EJ at this point. I question James Scott’s acting choices. Tamara Braun has no luck in his role if it continues to be written this way (she must really need the paycheck.) I like Tamara Braun as well but besides Carly on GH, her other soap roles have been garbage. Reese on AMC and Ava on DAYS were both poorly defined characters and so is Taylor. All of the actors deserve better.

    And, IMO, Natalia Livingston is a fine actress who deserved that Emmy and GH should never have ruined Emily Quartermaine and killed her off.

  25. Profile photo of syworld82

    I believe the fundamental difference between Tamara and Natalia’s portrayal of the role is … SISTERHOOD… Tamara’s Taylor is the Good/Bad Girl
    Someone said on DOOL last week ” Dont Forget She is nicole’s sister” …Which I believe is the reason for the switch… While Natalia’s was just the sweet good girl.. totally different from the walker blood line

  26. Profile photo of syworld82

    BTW… JPHELPS, if this is the Real Jill Phelps, your showing your true colors for blasting personal confidential information obtained through personal relationships with these actors and THAT IS CLASSLESS…

    Tamara Braun is a CLASS ACT and so is Natalia Livingston.. This poster JPHELPS whoever you are.. TOTAL GARBAGE…

  27. Profile photo of jphelps

    To @syworld82
    I am not disclosing anything confidential. It was in Natalia’s first interview with SID after taking the role where she talked about talking to Alicia WIllis and Tamara Braun friends and former collegues about the Days job because both had worked there. Both had told her according to the interview what a close environment it was. You have an issue with it contact SID who published the interview. And my name is not Jill by the way. Not sure where thats coming from.

    As for Good Girl/bad hard to do anything remotely bad when your character is written as a saint, propped by every character in town as Mother Teresa, and given some of the most ridiculous and cheesy stuff ever written.

  28. Profile photo of katkit

    I actually like both actresses but the character is a no win and no change in actress is going to change that. If we are basing this on chemistry only Natalia wins out, acting I guess Tamara gets the edge but honestly neither actress has done anything exceptional because the character is so ill conceived, the writing for the character terrible, and the story ill conceived. And neither of these actresses have the ability to overcome such terrible writing. Heck I am not sure ever Meryl Streep could. I am to this date trying to figure out what Dena was going for or if she even had a plan because the only rootable character involved in this entire storyline has been Nicole. I thought JS and NL had a spark and in another storyline might have been a viable pairing but this one just was a dead end. And Ari and JS work so well its hard to overcome that.

    Maybe they brought Tamara on to go all crazy ass. It can’t be for the romance thats not her strength and she really doesn’t gel with James Scott like at all.

    I don’t wish anyone out of work but they just need to scrap the story and get rid of the character. Its clearly not working. Its a shame for all parties involved that the show didn’t realize early on it was the storyline and character that was ill conceived and not the actors. I feel bad for Natalia and for Tamara because this roll is not doing her any favors

  29. Profile photo of meme

    No offense to the mods, but I think we all know how you feel about this recast. Not that it changes anything but maybe realize that your opinions are just that opinions and it would be nice if you wouldn’t try and use polls to try and endorse your own personal agendas and preferences. Sometimes people just like what they like.

    And on that note I am out of here for good.


  30. Profile photo of rozzberry

    As for Tamara Braun, how about one of the reporters here ask Tamara Braun why when her supposed friend Natalia asked her about the job and whether she should take it Tamara told her yes yet had no qualms 3 months later accepting a role knowing her “good friend” was getting fired for it. I guess being mega talented gives you an excuse to treat your friends like this. BUt then I am sure Corday would have just recast Natalia with someone else but it still didn’t sit well with me how it went down both from DOOL end and Tamaras. It makers her sound very classless.[/quote]
    It’s not like Tamara knew her friend would be getting fired & she’d be taking that role on. Do you know for a fact that NL was fired after TB accepted? I hadn’t heard of TB lobbying to take the role on while it was still NL. It’s tptb’s prerogative to recast. With all due respect, I find it quite silly to blame a recast, unless you somehow have knowledge she was directly involved.

    meme, I didn’t see chemistry between NL & JS either. The writing has stunk for both NL & TB as Taylor imho. JS(EJ) had alot of chemistry with LH(Ari) & as I’ve mentioned, still does with AZ(Nicole).

  31. Profile photo of Lavender62

    In my opinion, Natalia Livingston was a MUCH better fit than Tamara Braun in the role of Taylor. Natalia is very pretty and has that innocent look –I can see how EJ could be smitten with her.

    I also want to point out that no actress could be great with the abysmal storylines/scripts. The entire story has been really ridiculous, and I am curious how the actors can keep from laughing through the scenes.

  32. Profile photo of Sabrina

    Personally , I don’t think of Tamara as such a great actress. She has zero chemistry with James Scott. I liked Natalia MUCH better..I can see EJ being attracted to her sweetness, so unlike Nicole’s personality. There is nothing outstanding about the way the role is being played by Tamara to have EJ’s character finding anything remotely interesting about her. Natalia should have been given a chance to grow into the role. DOOL made a huge mistake. Storyline is boring now.

  33. Profile photo of sarahblake

    Personally I don’t get and never have all the rah rah for Tamara Braun. I mean she is an ok actress and I liked her as Carly on GH but other than that I find her pretty unremarkable and not at all pretty. Dewey eyed ingenue is not her strength and while IA Taylor was a pretty flat character with NAtalia in the role, at least she was relatively likable and believable and EJ falling head over heels for her made sense as dumb as the story is. Tamara has just turned a flat character into a completely unlikable shrew with no rooting factor. I don’t get the idea that for a character to be “good” they have to be shrewish or bitchy. There is a plac on canvas for good girls and bad girls alike. Who wants to watch a show of Sami’s.

    But the character is a no win and the writing atrocious. I liked the idea of EJ finding someone he could love who loved him back no questions, JS and NL had chemistry, I just wish the story was better. I kind of like the fairytale aspect but then EJ is no knight in shinung armor but he could have been Taylors knight without looking like a total moron and dumbass and horrible person to Nicole yet again. Now my poor EJ again is left with either hag number 1 Sami or hag number 2, Nicole.

  34. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Sarablake I guess the problem is you are trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. EJ is neither poor nor is he a knight. He is a villian. His ultimate goal is to out Stephano Stephano Dimera. Yes he is charming (so is Stephano when he tries). Tall Handsome edgy. All those things one looks for in a knight but really he is the bad guy. So having someone love him unconditionally would require that person to be as bad as he is….. hence Sami or Taylor. Since the things that he has done to Sami are unspeakably unforgivable (rape, kidnapping her daughter and telling her that the baby is dead etc), that leaves Taylor or someone like her. It would be nice to get a reboot for EJ if you truly need him to be good. But the only way I see that is for Stephano to download his memories on to a computer chip and erase his brain like he did to poor John.

  35. Profile photo of sarahblake

    Well I don’t agree. I love Victor and MAggie and Victor is maybe not Stefano bad but he is not good. EJ doesn’t need a bad girl to accept him or someone as equally bad. And Good girl/bad boy is a classic pairup in movies, TV shows, and soaps. This idea tha EJ needs someone equally bad is nonsense. And by the way Taylor is nor has never been a bad girl. And I would hate EJ with Ava too. I just don’t think Tamara is pretty enough to be paired with James Scott and I can’t help it. Ari is gorgeous, Ali is even pretty, Tamara is not attractive at all and looks too trashy and too thin now. Some peoeple don’t care? I can’t help it. I like watching attractive people on soaps a much as I enjoy the characters.

    And the idea of making EJ bad and a total villian is what has IMO ruined his character. Killing, kidnapping, rape. Characters have been redeemed from this. James Scott is too charismatic an actor to make total villian and waste on that cartoonish stuff. I always felt EJ should be more like Victor or even a Victor NEwman or even a Stefan CAssadine, a greyer character. Loyal and committed to those he loves yet a total ruthless bastard to people he hates. The problem is with this total SAmi obsession, this need to keep him in her orbit to make Sami interesting because Sami Brady is NOT a heroine and she and Rafe need EJ to make then remotely interesting. He should be mixing it up with the Kiriakis’s in a business rivalry(they started a story with he and phillip some time back and dropped it) not constantly going after some worthless uneducated hag.

  36. Profile photo of sarahblake

    [quote=AlistairCrane]Am I the only one who remembers Katherine Ellis as Taylor?[/quote]
    I do. I thought she was pretty unmarkable and had zero screen presence. JMO.

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