Genie Francis’ Y&R Debut is Almost Here!

Genoa City may not know what hit it when Genie Francis joins The Young and the Restless. Watch this week’s Y&R promo, featuring Genie Francis and Daniel Goddard, after the jump.

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    Restless Fan

    Genie Francis is a daytime legend and very well respected. She has a huge fan base. If her presence can get the shows ratings up even a little that’s a plus. Y&R is actually on an upswing. The baby Lucy story is classic soap stuff. I’m also enjoying the Tucker/Ashley/Abby storyline. Lets hope MAB and Company finally got a clue. The show bled out so many viewers between March and May even she can’t deny what she was doing wasn’t working.

    That being said the show still is not perfect. This Sharon/Adam mess is vomit inducing. I’m so sick of Adam I find myself cheering when he is not on. NO offense against his portrayer Michael M but Adam represents to me everything I hate about the current writing regime. As I have said before Bill Bell knew how to develop complex characters. MAB develops discombobulated ones. Adam, Patty, Daisy…the list goes on. Adam is still to one note and cartoonish. Bill Bell’s Sheila Carter…now THAT was a classic well written villain.

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    Well … I’m seeing many more chords and bars when it comes to Adam.

    I think he is a complex and from mysterious to amusing piece of music!

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    Genie is the ONLY reason why I even give a flying FUG about Cane/Whatever the hell his doppleganger’s name is. This story is sooooo stupid and unnecessary already. Cane was never worth even 1/1000th of the trouble he’s caused. What a pointless and unnecessary character. I will try to enjoy Genie, but I wish she were being brought on to support a more meaningful character, as opposed to simply propping up two wastes of screen time (Cane and Lily!)

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    Y&R is definitely on an upswing and has been for some time. I disagree about Adam tho…I think MAB has done a pretty good job with his character. In the beginning he was GREAT. Then be became a cartoon, but now he is very complex to me. He actually shows emotion and he cares about Sharon so much that it’s sickening sometimes.

    Now with Daisy and Meggie…NOT SO MUCH!! But those days are behind us, and I think we should actually cut MAB a little break. She’s doing a really good job with the show right now and all this negativity won’t help matters…as we’ve seen with the other soaps.

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    Just found it. Friday, May 27 is Genie Francis Day. I was never a fan of GF until her last two runs on GH where she blew me away. She is definitely an acting force to be reckoned with.

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    [quote=jlafferty23]Oh God. Genie looks like a fool in this promo, I love her, but I don’t think she’s capable of playing a badass.[/quote]

    I read DC everyday (and the comments as well). I rarely post here, but felt the need to do so today. Nothing against you personally, but I believe that I disagree with just about every one of your posts.

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    A first blush it does look like Genie Francis might pull off the evil mother love routine quite well in a g-rated Julianne Moore type of way. Too bad this is day time television.

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    Stoney07 shhh You wrote that name and what to our unwanting eyes did appear but you know who. I guess I shouldn’t be so mean, as the last time she was on she really wasn’t that bad. Of course it wasn’t that long of an apearance either. If Phyllis successfully lures her back, and that girl signs over custody of Lucy to her becuse the lawyers couldn’t get her custody rights revoked in time, and Phyllis gets that baby, I will stop watching this show, as I think it would be the most repulsive thing that could ever happen. It’s totally unfair to both the child and to Billy and Victoria who have been wonderful parents. On that subject, Chloe needs to get off her spoiled brat a** and drop the custody battle for Deliah. Billy is a great Dad and it would be totally unfair to that little girl if that happened. She’s being such a bit** right now I just want to slap her.
    Stoney07 I do agree with you about Adam. A year ago I couldn’t think of how they could build sympathy for this character after what he’d done. However, MAB has done a wonderful job of building the layers of Adam’s character, and has brought him full circle. I think Dianne said it best when she said she didn’t realize how much of Hope he had in him. I find the cruel things that the other so called good guy characters have said to him have made them look really small, while he has looked better and better.

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