Ed and Melody Thomas Scott Are Grandparents!

The Young and the Restless' Melody Thomas Scott and husband Ed Scott are the first-time grandparents of twins.  The actress tweeted the news, revealing the names and weights of her two new grandbabies, on May 25.

We've got babies! James Rawlings Christenson 7:59am 6 lbs 3oz and Charlotte Scott Christenson 8:00am 6 lbs. 2 oz. (Cell phone dying!).

The two bundles of joy are the first for Ed and Melody Thomas Scott’s daughter Jennifer Scott Christenson and husband John Christenson. Melody Thomas Scott recently joined Twitter and has been taking questions from fans about the expected arrivals, but didn't reveal their names until after they were born. 

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    NO!! This means I am attracted to a hot grandmother!! Where have the years gone since The Bayou? I can’t be this old now to have the hots for a grandma. I am going to close my eyes and pretend it is all a dream. Damn! I am wide awake!
    Seriously, this is wonderful news. They will be great grandparents! Congrats!

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    @lightninfrog No, this is real life. My daughter Jennifer just had twins yesterday! Charlotte and James! I am in love with them, of course!
    49 minutes ago

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    WOW at the recent Twatter action!

    First congrats MTS on the new addition to the fam.

    And, unless she deleted them, why has her tweets made her the evil on Twitter?

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