Oprah's Final Show Earns Best Ratings Since 1994

So just how big were the ratings for the final The Oprah Winfrey Show? According to EW.com, Oprah’s final episode pulled in the most viewers since 1994's “People Shed Their Disguises." Reportedly, Oprah’s swan song pulled in a 13.3 household rating overnight, but “it should deliver well over 15 million” when the final ratings come in. 


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Congratulations, Oprah! I know I was watching EVERY single moment of her final episode on the verge of tears!!!! Say what you want to about this magnificent woman, folks, but she's the QUEEN of talk. And always will be. NO other talk show host will be able to accomplish what Oprah did, and continues to do.

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Who did she interview then? The Michael Jackson interview was in 1993.


~ Kevin in Downtown Tulsa