Tristan Rogers Weighs in on Bob Guza’s Legacy And Demise of ABC Daytime

Former General Hospital star Tristan Rogers is weighing in on Bob Guza’s firing at General Hospital. In a must read post on his website,, Rogers gives his take on Guza's legacy and those who have contributed to demise of ABC Daytime.

Many things have been said regarding Bob’s writing some of them fair and some of them less so. Let’s have a look at what will probably be regarded as his legacy. We have a “mob influenced storyline” and the fact that he had little respect for women. And then there’s the systematic dismantling of most of General Hospitals legacy, including that of Luke and Laura, to be replaced by the noble deeds and example set by a bunch of “bargain basement criminals”. I am sure I will get some flack for that statement but the fact remains that whatever thoughts, you the fan harbor in your mind and heart about this relationship the show itself has done everything possible to trash and disassemble it. I don’t think there’s any legacy or standard on GH that has been untouched, in some way, by this wholesale “story slaughter”.

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    Haven’t watched GH in decades. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that TR/Colin gets to stay on at Y&R as Jills husband. I love them as a couple. And he is a riot with Katherine.

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    LEGACY?? I hope that word & Guza’s name never fall into the same sentence!

    Great comments Tristin..I hope tptb will be able to read them!

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    J Bernard Jones

    More tellingly, from Rogers’ mouth to God’s ears as I’ve also maintained all along:

    Since 08’ I have been of the opinion that GH was controlled by people way above Frons. Who they are I have no idea but in comparing ABC Daytime of the present and that of the 80’s there’s little comparison. Jackie Smith, VP of Daytime back in the early 80’s was someone clearly in charge. There was never any question of that. In today’s world “whose on first” is hard to discern. As for who is in charge at GH. My recollection was Gloria Monty, and anybody who questioned that didn’t have a job by days end. Certainly the string of Head Writers we had never had the last word on story or anything else for that matter.

    Ya’ll say Frons & Guza. I say Sweeney & Iger.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Rogers also hits the nail on the head with this:

    I have commented before that the demise of ABC Daytime has been on the table since the eighties. It was never a case of “if” but always “when”. And now it’s happening.

    Truer words never spoken.

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    He’s one of the few people I can read comment about this who actually can step back and can see the larger issue here. The day will come when all soaps will be gone and hopefully a credible unbiased jounalist out there will do a port mortem on this whole genre and realize its been the inabiity of those in charge to reinvent and change with the times as they once did that caused the genre to become irrelevent as it stands now.

    I also like that he can be objective enough to realize that what the successful primetime serials along with reality shows are doing successfully should be looked at to see what it is about those types of shows are doing to attract viewers.

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    TR makes a few very valid points regarding today’s GH…there is no balance and no hope in today’s Port Charles.

    I was never a big fan of the WSB action type stories during the early 80’s (the Cassadines’ weather machine, come on!). With that said there was enough balance with stories based around the hospital and families such as the Quartermaines, Hardy’s, Webbers, Baldwins, etc that you didn’t necessarily have to love the Luke action stuff in order to appreciate the show.

    The way GH has been allowed to degenerate into such a depressing mob driven mess shows that nobody at ABC cared enough to keep the show thriving. Of course this comes down from Sweeney and the other top ABC/Disney execs way above Guza and Frons. Even if Guza was sacked years ago I doubt GH would be much safer from cancellation than it is today. ABC and the other networks are looking short term for a buck and soaps are not going to be profitable enough until some big changes occur. Unfortunately the networks are battling for their own survival and no one is going to stick their neck out to save the soaps.

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    I am sorry that Tristan’s statements are a post mortem and not a criticism from years earlier. It is understandable that an actor would not bite the hand that feeds him/her. All of daytime has and does suffer from being antiquated with a model that just isn’t working. They tape out of order and months from viewing. That leads to many issues including the fact that if something isnt working, it is like changing course on the Titanic before it hits the iceberg. Back when Gloria Monty took over GH, the first thing she did was get rid of a weeks worth of taping and retaped them. Imagine trying to do that today!!! One couldn’t even concieve of erasing three months of work and it would be rediculous to do so.
    The shows should be about two weeks out from airing. That would give enough time to edit and put music to it and have enough eps incase of an emergency. We would have to go back to alot of temporary recasting in case of illness or loa but I never minded that. I also think the shows should go back to taping live-to-tape with a morning practice run through.It feels fresher and more energetic if people HAVE to get it right the first time. I would bring in more utilitarian/ reusable sets that were simpler and easily moved around. I would set the lighting more intimate and do more closeups of the actors, eliminating the need for alot of detailed sets. I would add background music to the shows to set mood and highlight the “moments” as soaps did in times past. I would also hire the very best people possible with the amount of money I had. When that money was gone, that is the size of the cast. If it is ten people, so be it. Let them earn the money (and they would!). Fill in the rest of the time with under fives and guest appearances. These changes I think would give a better show, underbudget and would bring back alot of people. Ofcourse all the changes on screen in the world would mean nothing without some good dialog and an emotional storyline.

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    Susan Lucci was just on the Talk just talking about how the fans have been screaming mad, they haven’t given up, she said hopefully another network would pick them up. But I won’t count on it. Susan should of asked them how it feels replacing a beloved soap.

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    craigcp – I saw that. I was waiting to see if DC would post it. I for one do not think Susan would go on national tv and say such a thing is there was not even a chance of it. Guys, maybe you can catch that interview cause it shook me to the core.

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    I am scared to hear what he has to say since he is so polarized from “General Hospital” and as much as I wish that show had been called versus the always amazing “One Life to Live,” I just hope the bad words about the hospital are wrong.

    ~ Kevin in Downtown Tulsa

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    I am scared to hear what he has to say since he is so polarized from “General Hospital” and as much as I wish that show had been called versus the always amazing “One Life to Live,” I just hope the bad words about the hospital are wrong.

    ~ Kevin in Downtown Tulsa

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    He definitely gets what the fans feel as someone that has been around and actually understands the past stories could. The legacy that has given this show it’s soul is dependent on keeping some truths such as Luke and Laura (especially when they’re better than what they come up with). Soaps core viewers aren’t newbies, they’re the people that start watching with their grandparents/parents, true soap viewers are in it for several years not just for a gimmick.

    What I loved is Frons last week talking about how the main viewers are baby boomers…Um okay then let’s go back to what Tristan said. Mob, violence and demeaning of women…. Can you imagine the reaction if they tried to sell that to a movie studio? “Really your target audience is middle aged women?” Peels of laughter would result. The only way to salvage how this show treats women is a Dixie Chicks “Goodbye Earl” story-line.


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    I have never watch The Talk, just wanted to see if there would be any tension, just DVR’d it. Just wish they would have said something about ATWT.

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    My favorite line “bargain basement criminals” he really nailed it! Also not remembering previous storylines and changing what happened in present dialog that’s my main gripe.

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