Yuck Alert: Whoopi Goldberg Proudly Farts on The View!

Some things just shouldn't be done on TV. Yesterday Dr. Oz stopped by The View and asked the ladies if they ever cut one while on the couch. Whoopi Goldberg decides to answer and do much more. Watch The View co-creator Barbara Walters and the other ladies clutch their pearls after the jump!


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    I’d rather be water boarded then watch the View, sorry View fans. I guess it’s just a guy thing. As for passing gas isn’t that what they do everyday, hehe.

  2. Profile photo of Jon

    Now THAT’S a reason to walk off the set! Forget Bill O’Reilly’s comments! I really think Baba Wawa just wanted to cuddle with Doc Oz! And Whoopi looks like she’s freakin’ pregnant! Time to go back to Weight Watchers!

  3. Profile photo of isiola

    this just reinforces what a classless act that show really is..Whoppi looks and sits like she is ready to take a dump…BW…laughs it off with fake shock.. as for the other two–who cares!…this show is pathetic and not good television!

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    Restless Vixen

    Honestly, I don’t believe Whoopi really farted. I thought it was a joke. Everyone’s reaction seemed too OTT and giggly for a fart to really have been dealt.

    But I wouldn’t put it past Whoopi to fart on purpose in public

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