OUCH! Robin Strasser Tweets, “I Haven’t Had Significant Story in Years”; Reveals Tognoni Leaving OLTL Early Too

Soap opera legend Robin Strasser is proving to be just as entertaining on Twitter as she in in the fictional burb of Llanview, PA. One Life to Live's Dorian Lord revealed via Twitter her onscreen niece Gina Tognoni (Kelly) will also be exiting the serial early.

Have no control over how they'll write Dorian/Kelly off by July 1- I haven't had significant story in years-hoping they'll do D. and K.good."

Hmm, I dunno if I cosign La Strasser's statement about Dorian's lack of story. Dorian was front and center during the BE takeover, the Big Gay Wedding and several Dorian and David (Tuc Watkins) farces in recent years. There was also Dorian trying to get ol' drunk Charlie (Brian Kerwin) to off Mitch Laurence (Roscoe Born).

 This year Dorian has sadly been in a more supporting capacity as Viki (Erika Slezak) battled it out with Echo (Kim Zimmer), but we've still seen her played much more than most ABC Daytime veteran soap stars. (Cough: Ilene Kristen)

 It's true Dorian nor Viki (Erika Slezak) have driven as much story in recent years as say Jessica (Bree Williamson) or Natalie (Melissa Archer), and while we diehard soap fans know that's criminal, it's obviously been part of the network's desperate, misguided desire to woo more of those beloved 18-49 year-old eyeballs. Frons and his former CBS doppelganger Barbara Bloom have never understood that younger women watched soaps—when they were insanely popular— because their mothers and grandmothers watched, and the storylines were multigenerational. Oh well, it's pretty much too late to grasp that concept now for the ABC  sudsers.

I think the brass at OLTL deserves props for managing to skirt the Fronsian view on women of a certain age by keeping Dorian and Viki a viable presence in Llanview during the last few years. Neither of the other two ABC soaps have managed to do so. Just ask Julie Barr, Leslie Charleson, Constance Towers, Jackie Zeman, Rachel Ames

From where I'm watching, right after The Young and the Restless, OLTL has been one of the better soaps about not putting their vets out to pasture, but that's just my thoughts on the matter. Man it sure is gonna be weird saying goodbye to Llanview without Dor-Dor!

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    It’s a crying shame that OLTL will go off into the wild blue yonder without Robin Strasser and Dorian. But I bet there will be plenty of random newbies handy to help usher this show off….

    (eyeroll………. :| :| )

    This just makes me sick to my stomach!!!

  2. Profile photo of Bourgeois Nerd
    Bourgeois Nerd

    I wouldn’t be shocked if she pre-tapes some stuff for the finale, or comes back at the end of November (if the surgery goes well) to tape. I really can’t see them wanting to end OLTL with NO Dorian. And as much as it sucks, it is her choice to leave early, for her health.

    I can’t say I agree with her “I haven’t had significant story in years,” either. But, as much as I love the woman, I often don’t really know what she’s talking about.

  3. Profile photo of 96meimei

    So GT is leaving OLTL–is she going to land on GH? rumors abound that she is and I loved her on GL as Dinah

    I love RS and will miss her tremendously

  4. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I’m okay with Dorian/Robin’s early departure as long as her exit is done well and honors the character and her history. Her twitter postings are sometimes more like rantings and so the whole six years thing must be taken with a grain of salt. I always say that the best and worst thing about OLTL is the same thing: balance. I want Viki, Dorian, Bo and Nora, I missed Kelly until her return, I liked Tea until her return and Marty who I will love despite Ron Carlavati’s butchery. Oh and Roxy despite her long absences, I love Roxy. Among the younger set I love Destiny and Matthew. My point and I do have one: Dorian/Robin is part of a crowded canvas and while I might wish she had better stories she had stories.

  5. Profile photo of lilyredd

    Robin Strasser is why I watch this show. She is a fabulous entertainer. Her Dorian must return for the finale. In the meantime, I pray they give this wonderful actress and the character she defined a great send-off, anything less would be criminal.

    She is right on about no significant story for years. Anyone looking at the episode counts or comparing her stories with other characters’, including other vets, stories cannot deny RS and Dorian have had little of significance to do. That is a shame. The only time we truly see her is when TW pops into town.

    I challenge the writers to finally give this character her due and hopefully, a happy ending.

  6. Profile photo of sindy

    Dorian seems to be limited to stories written for Tuc Watkins when he is free to work on OLTL. Because TW’s strength is in comedy, Dorian is often written with Watkins as comic relief. Her character has been decimated in recent years by the writing. When you look at the importance of Dorian in the history of OLTL I agree that she has not been used in significant manner in the last couple of years. I hope that her exit story isn’t comedy written for Watkins instead of focus on her character as it should be.

  7. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I thought Robin had a lot of storylines considering she is a vet. I’ve seen worse. I hope they pre-tape some scenes for the finale. I hope Kelly and Joey leave together.

  8. Profile photo of appleridge

    I Get what she means thats it not Always Dorian Centric and I Love RS But she should be happy that she got the stories she did. She should call Jackie Zeman, Leslie Charleson, Stuart Damon, Brad Maule, Nancy Lee Grahn & Rahel Ames and Let Them Tell Her How GH was Under GUZA

  9. Profile photo of cher62

    I am very sad and even mad that RS is leaving but will respect that it is related to her health. She has not been given much to do when TW is not around, which is a shame. Why was she tied to him and unable to have a story of her own? This was a mistake on the part of TPTB. I will miss her Dorian and feel it will leave a huge hole on the show that will not be filled, imho. It seems like the Cramers are disappearing and they were my favorite family. I wish GT and RS all the best and hope they get decent writing.

  10. Profile photo of SoapGuyFlorida

    I always loved Dorian, but Robin is proving to be a bit of a flake on twitter.

    I understand being mad that the show got cancelled, but going after the writers isnt going to help, they didnt make the decision. I personally believe that OLTL has the best writing team in the business, but even if she disagrees, then dont misplace the blame and make things worse for others who are also losing their jobs by going public with snarky comments like that.

  11. Profile photo of cher62

    She did not attack the writing. But maybe someone should have commented on it. It is a shame that Dorian could only get writing when David was in town.

  12. Profile photo of gato1

    DEPRESSING about Dorian! Kelly…not so much. Her return was the worst ever. Talk about NO storyline. I still dont understand why Eli killed Melinda!

  13. Profile photo of cheesehead91182

    Hmmm, more AMC bashing and OLTL pimping. OLTL has treated their female vets just as bad as AMC and GH. Look at what they have done to Marty’s character, the horrible way they used Andrea Evans when she returned, Roxy has been put on the back burner and made useless since she isn’t Rex’s mother now. And clearly something is going on back stage if Robin Strasser and Gina Tognoni don’t want to stay with the show for the remaining few months, maybe they just can’t put up with Ron Carlavait’s crappy writting anymore and I don’t blame them because OLTL is going to go out as a crap fest while Lorraine Brodderick will be making AMC go out on top. But please please stop acting like OLTL is so great its just as crappy as every other soap still on the air.

  14. Profile photo of gato1

    No cheesehead robin s is leaving because she has to have back surgery. Andrea Evans only signed on for a short time, didnt want to leave LA. Marty is NOT important, ditto Gina T. Nice try tho! :)

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    Alstonboy-I disagree with you. (And that doesn’t happen often lol) I think OLTL will leave with class.

    Robin is mad right now. Certainly she will come back for the end. Won’t she?

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    Now I read that Gigi and Rex were leaving. Soon. That may have changed. Why did I think I read Gina got an offer elsewhere?? I could be wrong.

    The Ford idiots were ‘suppose’ to leave. Brody was leaving.

    I am sure it changes daily.

  17. Profile photo of Carol2

    [quote=gato1]No cheesehead robin s is leaving because she has to have back surgery. Andrea Evans only signed on for a short time, didnt want to leave LA. Marty is NOT important, ditto Gina T. Nice try tho! :)[/quote]

    If they knew Andrea wouldn’t be around long that makes their material for her even more ridiculous and wasteful.

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    WRONG, gato1. As one of OLTL’s most iconic and enduring characters, Marty is ABSOLUTELY important! For the way they trashed her character, OLTL deserved to be cancelled.

  19. Profile photo of Saturday Night
    Saturday Night

    I agree, AlistairCrane. For many of us who were teens in the early ’90’s, Marty WAS One Life to Live. She was the most relevant character for a generation and spoke to us in her sense of rebellion that no others on OLTL did during the grunge era.

    I’d always imagined that Marty would go off writing a tell-all poison novel about Llanview, much like the character in Peyton Place did. It would have been a fitting last laugh for the character that had always stood out against a backdrop of hypocrisy of Llanview’s citizens.

  20. Profile photo of soapbaby

    See post #19. I am kinda with you Sat Nite. Elaine Princi was my first Dorian. She’s no Robin Strasser but she was a more than adequate replacement. Somehow, I doubt the folks running OLTL would be as resourceful in their thinking to bring back Princi for a short-run but that would be hecka fun for longtime viewers! Also, it could be hard for newer viewers to take.

  21. Profile photo of Saturday Night
    Saturday Night

    Seriously, soapbaby. And if the writers wanted her to have real fun with it, they could have Elaine Princi’s Dorian rekindle her romance with Jason Webb, Wanda Woleck’s nephew. Heck, maybe that would even bring Wanda back for a few of the final episodes. If not, then pair her with Herb and Cassie, for old time’s sake.

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    ITA, Saturday Night. Marty WAS OLTL for me in the 90s. It’s a crying shame what they’ve done to her now. They wouldn’t do this to Viki. Sickening!

  23. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I don’t agree one hundred percent with what Robin said, but she has the right to speak her opinion, espically after she’s given OLTL. I appluad her for raising her voice.

  24. Profile photo of redandblue636

    I will miss Dorian I was hoping Dorian and Viki would wlak off hand in hand when OLTL goes off air
    what does she mean not significant? How many times did DR. Mayor Dorian Lord call a Kramer womens meeting and we had to endure alll that screeeching form her giiiiiiirrrrrrrlllssss?????

    I dont care about Kelly July 1 is not soon enough for me.

  25. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Very late thought but here it goes: Why should Robin Strasser be okay with the lack of story for her character? She’s a fierce talent and clearly more talented than 80% of the current OLTL cast, yet she has been relegated to one silly story after another over the last several years. She plays Auntie Dor-Dor drug out to support her “Cramer Woman” or to support a barely there David Vickers. Knowing it’s a youth obsessed industry doesn’t make it okay. Ms. Strasser deserved better and although seen much more than the other ABC veteran actresses mentioned in the piece, she should not be happy about ageism. I say go ahead girl. Tell it. And she doesn’t need to prioritize OLTL when the show has not prioritized her.

    It’s interesting to me that Robin Strasser’s statements are seen as being ungrateful when they are anti-establishment yet Susan Lucci is criticized for not being “anti” enough. Please know that I in no way endorse Lucci’s approach or her misplaced blame for AMC/OLTL’s cancellations but I want to point out that there is no one size, fit all way of handling these things.

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