OUCH! Robin Strasser Tweets, "I Haven't Had Significant Story in Years"; Reveals Tognoni Leaving OLTL Early Too

Soap opera legend Robin Strasser is proving to be just as entertaining on Twitter as she in in the fictional burb of Llanview, PA. One Life to Live's Dorian Lord revealed via Twitter her onscreen niece Gina Tognoni (Kelly) will also be exiting the serial early.

Have no control over how they'll write Dorian/Kelly off by July 1- I haven't had significant story in years-hoping they'll do D. and K.good."

Hmm, I dunno if I cosign La Strasser's statement about Dorian's lack of story. Dorian was front and center during the BE takeover, the Big Gay Wedding and several Dorian and David (Tuc Watkins) farces in recent years. There was also Dorian trying to get ol' drunk Charlie (Brian Kerwin) to off Mitch Laurence (Roscoe Born).

 This year Dorian has sadly been in a more supporting capacity as Viki (Erika Slezak) battled it out with Echo (Kim Zimmer), but we've still seen her played much more than most ABC Daytime veteran soap stars. (Cough: Ilene Kristen)

 It's true Dorian nor Viki (Erika Slezak) have driven as much story in recent years as say Jessica (Bree Williamson) or Natalie (Melissa Archer), and while we diehard soap fans know that's criminal, it's obviously been part of the network's desperate, misguided desire to woo more of those beloved 18-49 year-old eyeballs. Frons and his former CBS doppelganger Barbara Bloom have never understood that younger women watched soaps—when they were insanely popular— because their mothers and grandmothers watched, and the storylines were multigenerational. Oh well, it's pretty much too late to grasp that concept now for the ABC  sudsers.

I think the brass at OLTL deserves props for managing to skirt the Fronsian view on women of a certain age by keeping Dorian and Viki a viable presence in Llanview during the last few years. Neither of the other two ABC soaps have managed to do so. Just ask Julie Barr, Leslie Charleson, Constance Towers, Jackie Zeman, Rachel Ames...

From where I'm watching, right after The Young and the Restless, OLTL has been one of the better soaps about not putting their vets out to pasture, but that's just my thoughts on the matter. Man it sure is gonna be weird saying goodbye to Llanview without Dor-Dor!


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I don't agree one hundred percent with what Robin said, but she has the right to speak her opinion, espically after she's given OLTL. I appluad her for raising her voice.

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I will miss Dorian I was hoping Dorian and Viki would wlak off hand in hand when OLTL goes off air
what does she mean not significant? How many times did DR. Mayor Dorian Lord call a Kramer womens meeting and we had to endure alll that screeeching form her giiiiiiirrrrrrrlllssss?????

I dont care about Kelly July 1 is not soon enough for me.

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Very late thought but here it goes: Why should Robin Strasser be okay with the lack of story for her character? She's a fierce talent and clearly more talented than 80% of the current OLTL cast, yet she has been relegated to one silly story after another over the last several years. She plays Auntie Dor-Dor drug out to support her "Cramer Woman" or to support a barely there David Vickers. Knowing it's a youth obsessed industry doesn't make it okay. Ms. Strasser deserved better and although seen much more than the other ABC veteran actresses mentioned in the piece, she should not be happy about ageism. I say go ahead girl. Tell it. And she doesn't need to prioritize OLTL when the show has not prioritized her.

It's interesting to me that Robin Strasser's statements are seen as being ungrateful when they are anti-establishment yet Susan Lucci is criticized for not being "anti" enough. Please know that I in no way endorse Lucci's approach or her misplaced blame for AMC/OLTL's cancellations but I want to point out that there is no one size, fit all way of handling these things.