Should GH’s Carly and Shawn Hook Up?

If you’ve listened to the Daytime Confidential podcast you know my co-hosts and I would love to see Carly (Laura Wright) melt Shawn’s (Sean Blakemore) chocolate on General Hospital.  Now, this week’s GH promo asks if Shawn is Carly’s new lover? It’s rarely that easy or simple on soaps.  Watch this week’s GH promo after the jump!

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    While I was all for this pairing when he first came on canvas, not now. Carly doesn’t need another thug in her life, she’s already surrounded (and raising at least one more in Michael) by too many. Had he come on as something other than another thug/mercenary/mob type person… heck yeah, but no, not now. Why does GH always have to be about the dark mobsey stuff? He could’ve come on as a HOT doctor Carly and Liz could’ve fought over him.

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    Now you’re making me want to see Anna Kathryn Holbrook on GH.

    (She can be Virginia Benson’s bitter younger sister, out to ruin Carly’s life!)

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    It’s hard for me to tell if I would want to see them together considering GH has barely bothered to develop Shawn as an individual character. All he’s done for the past few months is tell Carly she’s the bestest mom ever and get in Jax’s face. Not that it really matters who Carly is paired with because Jason will always come first to her. I wouldn’t say that I have a great need to see anything romantic happen between Jason and Carly or that I think it’s likely to happen, but a Sam/Jason/Carly triangle would be insane and probably one of the few times on GH where I could say I would have no idea what the outcome would be.

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    Can’t stand either character, so I could care less if they make them a couple. I find both irritating, so I would probably FF throutgh their scenes….like I do for Mabby now.

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    So before Jax gets off the canvass she’s already getting a hook up promo? Oh well, I’m not a CuJo fan but she’ll have his cajones in a jar lined up next to other casualtlies on her mantel plus I don’t trust GH doing an interracial romance but then Guza is gone so maybe it could be written “for” that is written to work.

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    I like them together but Shawn is a newbie character. GH is probably getting cancelled next year so they need to bring back faces we know and care about and get rid of newbie characters.

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    I don’t want to see them together. I don’t think they will be. Maybe a night of :* sex?? That is possible.

    I am still waiting for the end of summer when Jax comes back to finish up his storyline. I want CarJax back and I am hoping that he is asked to stay!!

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    a resounding no! carly’s “reason” for leaving jax may have had a slight logic to it, but it wasn’t worth ending the relationship. she got mad and ran. it’s pretty much all she’s ever done and the other men in her life have put others before her plenty of times so i’m not sure why what jax did was a deal breaker. in fact, carly did the exact same thing as jax helping interpol. she helped sonny with alex and didn’t telling brenda. i am ready to see her realize her mistake with jax and the two of them work it out.

    i don’t mind shawn, but i’m tired of seeing carly run from one unresolved relationship to the next just because she has a newer supportive (enabling?) toy.

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    I liked Shawn when he appeared on screen but now I can’t stand the guy. I hate how he is always listening to the CarJax conversations (what a creep) and how he is lecturing Jax when he himself had no problem plotting with Theo to hurt 2 women (Brenda and Sam) FOR MONEY. Who does that thug think he is?

    I love Carly but if she jumps in bed with that mercenary, I am done with her. I have heard in several places that Laura Wright doesn’t want of a CaSh pairing because she knows that being paired with a newbie who is already trashed by a lot of viewers, because of the “holier than you” way he acted with Carly’s husband, will not help her character. She was always a CarJax fan and is apparently pitching now for a CarSon reunion or a hookup with Johnny. Don’t know if this is true but that would make sense.

    Shawn is a newbie I have no interest in as he is one more “good mobster”. I am fed up of newbies. I’d rather see Justus come back from the dead and hook up with Carly if they want a “multi-racial” pairing (which would be great, I just loved the Evangeline/Todd pairing!). Justus was bright, was hot and was A GOOD GUY. And he was a Q.

    So my answer is NO NO NO

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    Twitter universe is all a flutter about the timing of the Memorial Day promo, and it’s friendly fire s/l versus the impact of an IR s/l; the fact that Shawn is a newbie, and what it will do to ratings. Initially, I was all for the pairing. But I’m also sick to death of mobsters. Plus, I’m tired of hating Jax’s character just because of the way he’s written. I’m more interested in seeing Ingo return, and hopeful that he’ll be an autonomous, sexy figure in his own right–and a lure away Jedi crap Sonny. I can dream can’t I?

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    LW seemed really opposed to the pairing and that can’t be good on a show where the only pairing that works(for me)chemistywise is Scrubs. KMc and JT are completely natural together and I can’t say that about any other current pair and so no I don’t think Shawn and Carly should be paired.

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    She spends all her time defending her actions to JAx, that she’s not endangering her daughter by spending time with Sonny and Jason, but she’s going to sleep with, and possibly start a relationship with, a mercernary? That’s pretty much the definition of hypocrisy in my book.

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    Maxsmom-LW was interviewed about her and Shawn. She didn’t say she was opposed to it in this interview, however, she did say that Jax was coming back at the end of summer to wrap up their storyline. The new writer agreed the way Jax leaves this summer isn’t who ‘Jax’ really is. LW was hoping perhaps their would still be another ‘go’ for her and Ingo to reunite.

    CarJax. :* :* SUPERCOUPLE. I will have to change my aviator again!!!

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    My feeling coming away from an interview a few weeks/maybe a month ago was that she didn’t want “CaSh” and that yes she still wanted CarJax which she had lobbied for originally.

    I have liked LW since Loving and off the top of my head, I can’t think of a better or more successful recast in my 30+years of soap viewing and in fact I am the Anti-Recast. I am all about actors giving their say on characters esp. soap actors who in addition to their personal investment have to hear direct from viewers but I have to say the interview left a bad taste in my mouth.

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    Maxsmom…In the check out lane today which my fuse was running really short, I saw on a soap magazine where it said ‘Carly Fired’. What up with that? Have you heard anything?? I sorta did awhile ago, but dismissed it.

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