Are You Ready For Daytime’s Biggest Night?

The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards are almost upon us and TV Guide’s Michael Logan has a preview of what's in store for viewers. Logan caught up with the show's executive producer David McKenzie, who highlighted some of the broadcast's performers and guests.

McKenzie has booked such Sin City faves as Marie Osmond, Gladys Knight, Penn and Teller, Criss Angel and the Cirque du Soleil hit Viva Elvis. Wayne Brady, an Outstanding Game Show Host nominee this year for Let's Make a Deal, will emcee the awards and conduct a gospel choir of surprise celebrities.

As for whether-or-not All My Children and One Life to Live will receive farewells this year, McKenzie had this to say.

"We'll do something very special to acknowledge what's happened — something the fans are really going to love," McKenzie says. "But these soaps are still on the air and they'll both qualify for Daytime Emmys in 2012. We are not ready to say goodbye."

Find out more details about what's planned for 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards at TV Guide.

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    Hmmmm, that would be nice except that I don’t think ABC would allow a competing network to buy those shows to compete against anything that ABC puts in AMC or OLTL’s timeslots.

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    As long as they show ACTING reels for all the nominated soap actors, I’ll be a happy camper. And I miss the days when they’d actually show the actors sitting in the audience on Emmy night. I couldn’t care less about singing and dancing. If I wanted to watch that, I’d watch “Glee” or “American Idol.”

    But I am sure that they’ll try TOO hard and turn this entire ceremony into a mismanaged Vaudeville mess like they did last year. KEEP IT SIMPLE AND KEEP IT FUNNY!!

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    [quote=gush900]Last week Susan Lucci hinted that another big network maybe intrested in these shows im betting that these soaps r going to nbc[/quote]

    If NBC were going to pick up AMC, by now an announcement would have been made. NBC already released its daytime schedule for Fall 2011.

    OLTL might have a shot at a mid-season pick up.

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    They are not doing clips this year and I am OK w/that. Most award shows don’t have clips of acting nominees these days anyways.

    I am not expecting anything great/watchable given the abortion that was last year, but I am all for being mildly pleased.

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    Jim Romanvich (sp?), the guy w/the producing team that has been doing the Emmys in recent years, tweeted it. Though I find the reasoning behind it valid enough, they will still do the show montages.

    But hey, we have acts that are popular w/Vegas tourist over 60 so there’s that.

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    Oh really? I’m disappointed. Are the show montages going to be a minute or 10 seconds like last year.

    I would rather see the reels then see stupid Vegas acts

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    When an award show honoring the best in daytime television has to double as free advertisement for Las Vegas, it is another sign of how irrelevant daytime television has become in this current day and age.

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    Restless Vixen

    I think it’s sad that the Daytime Emmys broadcast has become everything except a celebration of daytime TV. Last year was a 3 hour advertisement for Vegas. It must have worked because I went to see Lion King when it finally came to town. But regardless, what do these acts have to do with soaps, game shows, and talk shows? Maybe if they could incorporate some of the acts with montages from this past year in soap plots or something? But they don’t even bother. I’ll probably tune out this year.

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    JAQ are correct. It was a 3 hour advertisment for Vegas. To the point it was sickening to watch already. IMO

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