Crystal Chappell Starts Work on New Webisoap With Hubby; Talks Future With DAYS

Crystal Chappell is at it again. The ever-enterprising soap superstar and Venice creator revealed to TV Guide Canada she's doing a new webisoap entitled The Grove.

“I’m working on another new web soap opera called The Grove, co-written by my husband [and former DAYS co-star] Michael Sabatino and I, which I hope to shoot in October and will hopefully air in December,” she announces exclusively. “It will also star Jessica Leccia and I. And other Venice stars. Maybe other soap stars, too. I’m creating a network with original content where you can buy packages of the shows you want to see. I want a more traditional brand of soap opera out there on the web [that’s democratic].” 

The revolution will be webivised! To read more of what Chappell has to say about her new endeavors, not to mention her future with DAYS, click here.

Thanks @jiliteshines for the tip via Twitter!

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    Thanks Jamey. Really excited about a possible websoap network where you can order packages of the shows you want. Lets face it, network soaps will soon be a thing of the past. I love this genre and want it to not only survive but to flourish so if I have to throw my money to these projects or cheerlead for them then thats what I’ll do. I have the utmost respect for Crystal Chappell, Martha Byrne, Andrew Miller and anyone else who is trying to keep our love for these shows alive. I hope the daytime fans as a whole get behind these websoaps to show the Networks that there are many of us and these shows do matter. I also have to say that as a 20+ year viewer of GL that I was so thrilled to see that Kim Zimmer has a role for her in “The Grove” if she wants it. Zimmer and Chappell together again? Must see webtv for me.

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    Chappell’s return has not had the same spark as her original 1990-1993 stint.

    I’d love to see Nikki return to town, revealing the Alamain mansion has been rebuilt and that Lawrence left it to both Vivian and Carly (similar to how Jill and Kay co-own the Chancellor mansion on Y&R). There would certainly be some interesting domestic drama with Viv and Carly trying to cohabitate. Vivian could use Nikki as a pawn to get back at Carly, as Nikki would resent Carly for killing his father (and rightfully so).

    Nikki would have his own secret, though. He’s got his grandmother Philomena Alamain’s secret diary that proves Lawrence is Stefano’s son (Read this to find out why/how: ). Does he tell Stefano? Does he tell Vivian? Does he tell Carly?

    THEN, Ivan could show up out of the blue and wheel in a convalescing Lawrence, alive and well! He survived the knife attack and has been recuperating from the same blood disease that drove his cousin Andre DiMera insane. Lawrence seems to be “cured” and out to amend his wicked ways, but in reality he wants to destroy Carly, Jennifer, and Melanie!

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    This is how I’d continue the Carly story…

    While living together, Vivian and Lawrence finally push Carly over the edge. To make matters worse, Carly spies Hope trying on a wedding dress and realizes she will never have a future with Bo. She has a breakdown and vows to move out of the mansion. Maggie allows Carly to stay at the Horton cabin on Smith Island.

    Meanwhile, on the eve of their latest wedding, Bo is called away from Hope on police business and conducts a raid on a freighter ship. Hope learns shots have been fired on the ship and she races down to the pier. Hope watches in horror as the ship explodes and then sinks into the lake!

    Everyone survives but Bo. Divers search for him but find nothing. The lake is dragged and no body is found. Her family tries to convince Hope to have a funeral for Bo, but Hope cites how so many other Salemites have cheated death and refuses to have a service.

    Meanwhile, Bo washes up on Smith Island and is found by Carly. He is paralyzed from the waste down and only remembers one name: Hope. In the cabin, Bo sees a picture of him and Carly and thinks she is Hope. Carly allows Bo to believe it, thinking this is her chance to start fresh. Since Bo cannot walk, he is confined to the island during the day while Carly works at the hospital.

    Vivian learns Carly has Bo and decides to play games with her and blackmails her. Vivian cryptically and anonymously sends Hope a series of clues that point her to the island. Realizing Bo may be alive and on the island, Hope attempts to take a boat over but a storm threatens to stop her. Instead, she steals a rowboat and rows her way to the island. Along the way, the storm forces Hope to abandon the boat and she swims to shore in the rain. Hope arrives at the cabin to find it empty. Just then, Bo arrives. He sees Hope, remembers everything, and they reunite. They make love on the floor of the cabin. Just then, Carly arrives. Hope rips into Carly and they get in a catfight. Bo and Hope leave, and Carly follows them back to Salem. Vivian taunts Carly and explains how she helped push her over the edge. Carly vows to kill Vivian…

    The End (for now)

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    Unfortunately, Carly’s return was a bust. It lacked the magic of her original stint in the early 90s. Hopefully the new writers can craft an exit story that’s just as dynamic as her first one.

    Also, the new writers are NOT to blame for Crystal’s contract not being renewed. She went on her husband Michael Sabatino’s twitter to nip that rumour in the bud.

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    It wasn’t the new writers either Higley or Cordays decision (probably Corday) I just don’t understand this? Do they think we like Dario, Dannifer, Taylor….I mean the only reason I like Melanie is because she’s Carlys daughter so really I only like her by default.

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    DAYS is REALLY stupid not to renew Crystal’s contract. The lackluster storyline for her was due to the writers, & she is not responsible for that. Her fans have been very dedicated and watching the show despite its absolutely horrible writing just for a glimpse on screen. This plus the hiring of Passions writers makes me absolutely sure that DAYS is trying to get itself cancelled.

    Oh, and one more thing: DAYS thinking of doing a gay storyline w/o using its gay icon??!! STUPID.

    Sorry Jamie, I just needed to rant. I’ll be watching Venice & The Grove.

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    Crystal would be a GREAT Diane Jenkins recast on Y&R!! Just saying!! Even though she’s not “technically” Old enough for the role, I’d be willing to overlook that technicality!! She’d suit the role a HELLUVA lot better than Maura West ever did.

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    Corday is just an idiot this is what happens when you try to micromanage a show! He’s trying to save days with Taylor/EJ, Dopplegangers, Dan/Jennifer and Melanie good gawd at least I don’t have to watch this show anymore.

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    If the fans can save Rebecca Herbst’s job, surely we can do the same for Crystal Chappell:

    Write Ken Corday, Gary Tomlin & Greg Meng – Days of our Lives – c/o NBC – 3000 w. Alameda Ave. Burbank, CA 91523

    NBC Comment Line is OPEN- 1-212-664-2333. General NBC, so must mention DAYS.

    Please tell them you want more Crystal Chappell.

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    I wish that Crystal and Agnes could team up and actually bring AMC and OLTL to the web a smaller cast and budget would be needed of course but I would take it.

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    Days is a trainwreck that I seriously have doubts new writers can correct anytime soon. I would imagine there will be more cuts as they constantly bring back fan favorites only to ruin their returns. As Crystal has said, onward and upward. I hope she is successful with her webisoap network. Kudos to her for doing that, how progressive. I also hope she starts auditioning for primetime roles, she is way too talented not to.

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    I loved Carly from 1990 to 1993, but I am glad to see her go. The Carly that came back in 2009 was not the same Carly I loved in the 90s. Her return was a flop from the get-go—they made a big mistake killing Lawrence right off the bat.

    Oh well. Good luck to Crystal and her web series! Hopefully now Days will free up some money in their budget to bring back Deidre and Drake.

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    Katiebug wrote: “I wish that Crystal and Agnes could team up and actually bring AMC and OLTL to the web a smaller cast and budget would be needed of course but I would take it.”

    Cosign! Now THAT would be something I would totally get behind. And it would be so flippin amazing. I want it!

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    [quote=Ceridwyn2]Katiebug wrote: “I wish that Crystal and Agnes could team up and actually bring AMC and OLTL to the web a smaller cast and budget would be needed of course but I would take it.”

    Cosign! Now THAT would be something I would totally get behind. And it would be so flippin amazing. I want it![/quote]
    Would Be Great But Its Not Been Easy To Fund Venice So Taking The soaps To The web May Not Be A Reality

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    Venice is funded pretty well from what I hear though not as well as they had hoped and now I’m hearing sponsors are calling thanks to the Emmy nomination. Soaps are going to the web, they aren’t as long as I’d like them to be (I’d like 30 min max) and there are missteps but its slowly but surely becoming a reality.

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    Unfortunately, none of the web soaps have been as successful as some of the kids creating videos in their bedrooms that easily get 2 million viewers. The only scripted web shows that have gotten in the millions of viewers have been the YouTube’s Fred, Ryan Higa, or the Mortal Kombat shows.

    Soap viewers just aren’t moving en masse to the web. To be able to make a living on the web will take massive viewership and DVD sales. Since these actors live in Los Angeles, they probably all need at $200K/year to afford a home. (Remember, actors pay 5 to 10% of their salaries to agents and managers. So, $200K becomes $100K after taxes, etc.)

    Anyway, this is a sad day for daytime.

    I agree, Chappelle would have made an excellent Diane.

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    I thought that Venice made enough money to cover there season and pay the cast a little something? I’m not saying that soaps could live on the web in their current state. The cast are to big, the locations, and sets can’t be afforded we as viewers would have to get used to that. Of course most of the web soaps already look better than GL when it lost its production values but I think the possibility is there and we shouldn’t dismiss it.

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    ^^ No. Dena Higley didn’t opt not to renew her contract–it was producers Ken Corday and Gary Tomlin who aren’t going anywhere.

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]^^ No. Dena Higley didn’t opt not to renew her contract–it was producers Ken Corday and Gary Tomlin who aren’t going anywhere.[/quote]

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