Louise Sorel Reveals Jarlena’s Summer Return in Touching DAYS Exit Interview

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Prissy, quick, run into town and fetch Dr. Meade. Okay, sorry, but decisions done in a state of abject panic don't inspire me. They just don't. TV Guide's Michael Logan broke news today that will likely thrill many a Days of Our Lives fan (including this one once I'm over being pissed off at the asinine firings), Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn are reportedly returning this summer as the iconic Dr. Marlena Evans and John Black. The lovely and legendary Louise Sorel revealed the news to Logan in her exit interview. That's right gang, Auntie Viv is being cut too!

I know I must sound like the biggest Debbie Downer on the planet, as fans relish in the returns of our beloved Jarlena, but guess what? Vivian Alamain and Carly Manning were pretty damn, effing beloved too, before Ken Corday sat back on his behind and let Dena Higley DESTROY their characters. 

I am going to do my Christian best and try to get into my happy place at the thought of my ethereal goddess 'Doc' tosssing her flaxen locks and purring as she talks, like a perenially horny–yet dignified—house cat (Okay, I can sorta feel the excitement bubbling…NO! I wanna stay pissed!), but I don't like the way Corday does things AT ALL. I guess I don't have to though, because it is his show.  God grant me the serenity to accept the soap execs I cannot change…

Click here to read Sorel's absolutely heartbreaking DAYS exit interview.

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    Vivian has always been one of my favorite DAYS characters. But I guess with Carly leaving, that leaves Vivian’s storyline options limited. I wish Louise well in her future endeavors.

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    Well, this is good news for me that Marlena is back! I was just saying to my sister yesterday that I missed Deidre Hall and I wished she had been cast as Genevieve on Y&R because I think she plays evil well (she would’ve been the only highlight to this Cane/Lily s/l.)

    No need to wish anymore. Now, I hope she is well-written for. Too bad Drake Hogestyn is back. I am not a fan of the actor or character of John Black.

    Crystal Chapell and Louise Sorel are fine actresses but their characters did not warrant returns in the first place so I am fine with their exits. I wish them the best.

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    Can we get Shawn and Belle Back why were at it for goodness sakes Eric Brady as well.
    Wishful Casting
    Forbes March – Eric Brady home from Colorado now a photojournalist
    Jason Cook – Shawn Douglas Brady – Back off the Fancy Butt # 3 working now as a cop at Salem Police Department. Loving husband and father and son
    Possible Casting for Belle my dreams
    Belle Black – Brady
    I wanted Marcy Rylan but she is killing on Y&R
    Lindze Letherman
    Martha Madison
    Lauren Woodland
    She would come happy with a ten year old Claire I know weird Sorasing but they can age Ciara to 15 years old. She would be a successful fashion designer opening her own boutique living in Marlena’s old penthouse Man I miss that house Sami and Rafe need it with all those kids.
    Can Maggie get a daughter for god sakes ?
    Sarah Horton decides to live in Salem Again now an attorney like her late father Mike. Doesn’t want her mother to be with the dastard billionaire Victor Kirakis .

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    Sad to hear about Louise Sorel… I wish her well with whatever she chooses to do! … But I do love Jarlena… well, I love Marlena. John is just part of the package, I guess, lol.

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    OMFG I’m orgasming….finally a reason to watch Days again!!!! It just hasn’t been the same without Marlena and John!!!!

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    I get sad thinking about how this could be Sorel’s final role on daytime. I only say this because it sounds like she wants to devote herself to her writing and the number of soap operas on air continues to drop. Perhaps Crystal will cast her a role on Venice? I will miss Louise SOrel’s Vivian, but I am excited to hear John and Marlena will be returning, at least for the summer (according to the interview).

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    Susan Hunter

    I love Vivan and will miss her. I was just watching some old YouTube clips of Aunt Viv during the Reilly years. It was great stuff and Vivan is a great character. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out, because there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t have worked out. Carly + Vivan and now they’ve given her a secret child, you have at least a 2 year storyline right there.

    And this does nothing to dispel the rumors that Dee can’t stand to be on the same set as Crystal Chappell. Just kidding.

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    [quote=Susan Hunter]
    And this does nothing to dispel the rumors that Dee can’t stand to be on the same set as Crystal Chappell. Just kidding.[/quote]Hey Susan, I read about this rumor myself. I think Dee cleared it up awhile back in a TV Guide interview though.

    I am somewhat hurt Vivian has to be shown the door. I feel they could had found something for her to do since these new writers worked under the Reilly. However if it means their is something game changing in the process by bring back Dee and Drake to the canvas I’m good with it.

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    devistated about louise leaving again..im here biggest fan…makes me want to go to vegas and meet her at the star trek convention even more…days always does this to me last night when i heard CC was leaving i knew Louise was next…and i was going to quit watching but then they go and bring Marlena and John back my favourites and ill have to continue to watch…i bet producers are pissed she spilled the beans on Marlena and John returning lol

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    @Susan I bet you’re right about that rumor.

    I can’t believe DAYS is firing Crystal Chappell for these sub par actors. I always FFed their scenes back during Carly 1.0 and stopped entirely when it became the Marlena show after Crystal left the first time. Louise leaving doesn’t bother me nearly as much. She was an amusing actress, but something about her voice just bothered me. Thank god I won’t have to watch DAYS anymore b/c there is no way I could sit through Deidra Hall and Drake Hogestyn even for Crystal (although I would watch on mute to help with ratings).

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    My my! such hatred toward Marlena and John. While I do not think this show has to have Marlena and John to go on, it is great that they are back. They will bring in an audience and Diedre Hall has been one of my favorites since she first appeared on Days in the 70s. I prefer her with Roman (forever Wayne Northrop) Their chemistry and fun and romance was epic. It was bungled the second time around because tptb wanted Marlena and John (apparently John was cuter). But I did like the John character in the last months he was on the show with the new edge about him.
    I am hoping for some other big names. So far I have two of the 6 I listed earlier in a comment.
    Now I want
    Doug and Julie
    Calyopie and Eugene
    If we are gonna save the show we need the biggest guns. Since we have the new gay story starting up, and the return of Jack, this might start to be a promising end of summer.
    Sorry that Vivian is going, however the show has not utilized this gem of an actress to her fullest extent. She needs her entourage! It is like watching Lucinda Walsh from ATWT without hers. Not the same.

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    I’ve been a fan of Louise Sorel since the Augusta Lockeridge days, but she wasn’t really jelling on Days this time around. And yes, I know it’s the writing that’s to blame. It’s nearly always the writing.

    For me, Days is the story of Dr. Marlena Evans and some people named Horton and DiMera, so HURRAY.

    Drake Hogestyn, I could do without.

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    Susan Hunter

    For the record, I was just kidding about the Dee/Crystal stuff. I like both characters and there is room enough on the canvas for them both and Vivian.

    I’m intrigued by the Vivian’s secret son stuff, but it sort of negates her obsession with Nicholas when Nicholas was a little boy. Vivian acted like a fool over that little boy

    Finally who else is going? The article said 6 people are leaving. I’m gonna assume Taylor, Dario, Gabby, and Melanie. Does that free up enough cash to pay Dee? Drake already said that he was willing to take a major paycut. If they got rid of Rafe, I’d dance a jig.

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    Good move getting rid of Viv…she is like a gnat..just annoying and serves no real purpose. It gags me to think we are going to be seeing Mr. Squinty and Mrs. Perfect again. PUKE! Can’t we get someone besides Drake to play John??? The man can’t act!!

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    Doug and Julie are recurring always so i doubt they would bring them back full time…but i dont know what big stars are left? Lisa Rinna back as Billie?? i dont know…hmmm

    I think Steve and Kayla’s boat has sailed…Shane and Kim are done who else is left? I wonder if Raphe leaves and Lucas will come back thats the storyline that should have been playing for years Lucas/Ej/Sami/Nicole not the god horrible Hernedezes…Carrie and Austin? i dont think i could sit thru another Sami/Austin/Carrie triangle…I dont see Gabi going anywhere if Will’s storyline is being played out.

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    I think the rest of the firings will be people that we are gonna be shocked over. It’s not going to be the ones we think should go it’ll be people Corday thinks should go and I shudder at the thought.

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    If there’s a soap god in heaven, they will get rid of Dario, Gabi, and Chloe. I am SOOOOOOOO f-ing sick of Chloe and Nadia’s non-acting. I know that’s a horrible, hateful thing to say, but she really annoys me. They keep throwing this character in people’s faces (of course some people like her, and I respect that) and she is NOT a legacy character. I appreciate that she is a Wesley, but their ship has sailed. They were not integral to the show and Nancy and Craig haven’t even been shown for, what, 7 years? Dario and Gabi are Hernandez overkill, so buh-bye. I’m not too saddened by the release of Vivian either. I don’t find her character necessary or appealing anymore. She is disturbing and Maggie should have kicked her ass, not saved it. As for Carly, same. They didn’t do right by her character, so why even keep her?

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    I’m DEEPLY saddened by the show letting go of Louise Sorel however I’m not surprised. I have ALWAYS LOVED Madame and was sad that she exited the first time (even if it was to travel the world with Ivan). When news came she was coming back, I was really happy and excited to see what the show had in store for her. Instead, we had Dena Higley destroy story after story for my beloved characters, Vivian included. While I don’t care for the character of Carly (Bope fan FOREVER), I DID see value in the rivalry of Vivian and Carly. To not utilize Carly in the LAME buried alive story line was dumb in my opinion. Since then, Vivian has hovered and had not really had substantial story. She is talented. I like her like I like Matthew Ashford because they play the drama and comedy so well and can easily balance the two and I always root for them. Sadly, the show has not utilized her and she will be leaving the canvas. I think it IS stupid to create this new character and link Quinn to Vivian and then have her exit. It DOESN’T make sense! That’s poor insight into story telling!

    And I AM happy to see Marlena come back to Days, even for a visit! I love Deidre Hall, I named goldfish after Days characters when I was a kid because I loved some of the characters (they were Marlena, Abe, Roman) so I’m a fan since the 80s. Not a huge John fan, I LOVE Wayne Northrop’s Roman and LOVE him with my Doc but since Josh Taylor occupies that role, I’m fine with Marlena and John together and am fully aware of the fan base for the two.

    I always want what is best for the show so while I don’t always agree with the decisions and do tune out from time to time, a part of me does wish the best for the show overall. However, as I’ve grown up and was first exposed to SOD, I used to put stock into Ken Corday’s interviews and hoped something good would happen. Sadly, I’ve learned better. A little bit jaded when I read those interviews now and the interview he just gave was pretty much fluff yet again. Vague and promising changes, but really he should step down from the post. Just collect the money, but stay clear of my beloved Salem!

    I wish Miss Sorel all the best in her future endeavors and hope and wish that she will be willing to pop back into Salem one day…WITH Ivan! That, or Gary Tomlin somehow manages to reverse this decision!

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    ABOUT FRAKKIN’ TIME CORDAY! Took DAYS off the DVR when Dee and Drake left…I feel bad for Louise…here’s hoping Ivan comes to town for a reunion/marriage storyline! Vivian deserves a memorable exit!

  20. Profile photo of cece

    ABOUT FRAKKIN’ TIME CORDAY! Took DAYS off the DVR when Dee and Drake left…I feel bad for Louise…here’s hoping Ivan comes to town for a reunion/marriage storyline! Vivian deserves a memorable exit!

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    I’m still upse over thr loss of Crystal Chappall nad now Louis Sorel gets the boot too? Disgusting! Sorry to any longterms fab whi’ve missed John and Marlena, but I just can’t get too excited.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I am no fan of Drake’s bad acting. But if this is what it takes to keep Days around for a while longer then I will get my glass of Bourbon ready for when he is in the scene. Sometimes you have to suck it up and know that it is for the better good of the show. So i’ll be an alcoholic soon enough. But at least Days will still be air. The ends justifies the means. I can hear me and Ken going at it now:

    Ken Corday: You use to wear this cross.

    Me: There is no god!

    Ken: You use to believe in him.

    Me: Well, where is he? When I need um?

    Ken: I need you watch days when Drake is on as John.

    Me: No I don’t wanna!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Don’t worry about Crystal Chappell the cards tell me that she is about to become the Irna Phillips of web soaps. She is going to be instrumental in ushering in a new era of soaps like it was done when they moved from the radio to the television. She has got the minus touch.

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    You are killing me softly with your reference to those 1975 Y&R scenes between Katherine and Phillip Chancellor in which she decides to sign those “DAMNABLE” divorce papers. One of Jeanne Cooper’s shining moments. P.S– Katherine Chancellor is the ONLY soap opera character that I have ever known to use the word “damnable”………..

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    Lee Ann

    It took 2 long years to bring back a couple who should have never been let go, John and Marlena. YOUNG PEOPLE DON’T REALLY WATCH SOAPS. The older people who grew up watching Days had no one to relate to after they were fired. This is my all time favorite couple, i will admit I kept watching Days but more out of habbit than anything thing else. There was at least 15 people that I could have fired 2 years ago instead of these 2 people. Thank you Ken for waking up and giving us back John and Marlena

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