Katie Couric Talk Show Deal to Be Announced Monday?

The hits just keep on coming. The Wall Street Journal is reporting the announcement on a potential talk show featuring Katie Couric will possibly be made by Disney on Monday. According to the publication, Couric and the Mouse House are closing in on a deal which will give her a syndicated talk show. Part of the pact will give Couric ownership, a huge pay day from ABC and news pieces on ABC News and 20/20.

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    Seriously! They are going to have freaking talk shows from 7am to 7pm including local news. It’s way to freaking much and it’s all going to be the same shit. If I want a 24 hour news channel I’ll watch CNN Frons!

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    As a former fan of atwts/gl, I can tell you that when the decision is made then the decision is made. I thought I read where gh did not have to replace gh to cancel. 3:00 could be given back to affiliates. So where they put the show will depend on their decision of keeping the 3;00 slot or returning it to affiliates. Time will tell. I don’t really think the same people who watch amc/oltl would go to gh unless it was a completely new show. To watch gh, you have to like the Sonny/Jason characters.
    All others are irrelant. There is a chance, Katie’s new show will not affect gh though. We will see. ….I guess the verdict will be in on Monday. I have to admit I am a little surprised at this news. This is sooner rather than later so maybe that will be good news for gh fans.

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    Why don’t they just plug her in at the 4pm slot Oprah used to occupy? People are used to having a talk show on at that hour.
    I’d give it a try if it wasn’t pushing out a soap.

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    In my area, since Oprah has ended, the news is aired from 4-7pm. Three hours for news is ridiculous. I am so sick of news shows and reality tv. I mean really, whatever happened to VH1 and just simply playing music. The show that existed 5-10 years ago is so different from the show now. I think the idea that ABC has for changing the daytime lineup is going to backfire big time. The shelf life for these shows are about to expire. I give it a couple of more years ar best. Everyone thought Myspace was the second coming and look where they are now. Facebook is about to have a shelf life as well. I am in my mid 30’s and my peers are sick of all these shows. We want a whole different programming than what is being aired for the most part.
    I for one will not watch the Chew, Katie Couric or anything except GH on ABC.

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    “General Hospital” is dead? GAWD, I am gonna miss Brianna Brown, the best soap opera psycho babe since Cynthia Watros.

    Katie Couric? LOVED the bitch. Was hoping for Katie Vs. Sarah Version 2.0.

    ~ Kevin in downtown Tulsa

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    I enjoy your posts, but I don’t think Brianna Brown is ANYWHERE near being as magnificent as my darling Cynthia Watros. Not even in the same ballpark. I find Lisa to be tremendously boring, contrived and unoriginal. And I think Brianna is a mediocre actress, even on her best day.

    Wanna talk great psycho babe?? Cynthia Preston, GH (Faith Roscoe), Kristen Blake, DAYS (Eileen Davidson!) and Allison Perkins, OLTL (Barbara Garrick!) come to mind for me, not Brianna or Lisa. I can’t wait until this LOSER leaves Port Charles PERMANENTLY!!!!

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I stopped being a regular viewer of GH the moment Sonny started to take over the show. I was fan back in days when Ceaser Fasion would make those returns from the dead and followed it through the era of it’s Public Service Announcement storylines. But then I was also watching the other 2 soaps on the network. for me when I tuned out of AMC the rest would follow. Generally whatever network had my favorite soap I usually followed the rest until 2000. Then it was 3 soaps (Y&R, Passions, Days) and eventually 4 (Y&R, Passions, Days, ATWT) and then I would switch one soap out when one of my favs left or it got boring and add in a new one if I could.

    But like I said now that Booza is gone I going to start watching as soon as the new HR’s episodes start to air.

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    Even if she does end up on syndication meaning Oprah’s old timeslot in many areas, (not here in Chicago), it will be another show, ABC wants out of soaps!

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    Heard Rumors JFP May Be Out & to be replaced by a former male EP known for a long line of successful soap gigs. In fact if proven true and he comes to GH this will be not long after leaving his most recent soap gig

    Any guesses?

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    I don’t really care. Katie’s salary was reportedly $15 million (per year)over the last five years and it had been about $7 million per year(reportedly) during her “Today Show” years. Katie will still be fabulously rich whether we watch or not. If those reported figures are anywhere near accurate, then Katie won’t care whether we watch either, but she will probably do better in the talk show arena than hard news.

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    Wow, ABC claims soaps are too expensive and now they want to enter into a mega million dollar deal with a wanna be celebrity claiming to be a journalist. Where are they saving any money? Confusing to say the least. If I want news, I will go to CNN, not ABC daytime. ABC = (Another Bad Choice)

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    Get it guh!

    I just can’t wait for Monday just for the sole fact of the internet losing its collective shit (and Primetime Emmy ballots are online that day too!).

    And I doubt that rumor is anything but that. I know ABCD downfall has been misuse of $$$, but that would just add to that fact. You get a cheap writer to close a show, but want to hire a Paul Rauch? Does not compute, but does anything over there does anymore?

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    I just don’t think Katie Couric has the appeal of being the “everyday woman”, and this is why the show will not do well. There’s a reason why she bounces from network to network…she is out of touch with people, she is not as engaging as she used to be, when trends and tastes were different. I for one can’t wait to see everything blow up in the face of ABCD and DISNEY(that ages old evil with the facade of goodness).

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    It’s possible that both Katie and GH could exist on ABC daytime, right? I cannot imagine that these network execs really think they do not need at least one soap on in the daytime.

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    gosh, so many nasty, vicious comments about KC, it isn’t her fault that ABC is doing to their soaps and think this is abit unfair but understandable. If I was KC and ABC offered me 15 million I think everyone would jump at the chance. I like KC but I do understand fans of GH not being happy. Once the axe comes down it is final and I read ABC isn’t going to sell any of their soaps to no network probably being scared of viewers not tuning in to their new programming for their daytime. All the networks are trying to reprogram people on how and what they watch. There will never be the loyalty to no major network as with soap fans those days are gone. This could be a struggle for each the networks for many years to come and not have true hit. This would be poetic justice. It is so sad to watch a genre so well loved and be going out with such a whimper. As a die hard fan it is hard anymore to watch what is left on daytime and say we probably lost the fight. I have been going to YT, putting in the best order as possible and watch everyday “my stories” for my soap fix. You know what I am enjoying these storylines once again and finding soaps I never watched like “Loving” and truly liking this little soap very much to my surprise. :)

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    ABC may be in for a shock when the ratings for The Young and The Restless start to climb. That is exactly whats going to happen when all the ABC shows are gone. Then they are going to turn around in a few years and want to reinvest in soaps again. Has anyone seen the extended promo for the Cane and Lily storyline on Y & R? It is classic soap opera, Genie Francis and Tristan Rogers are tearing up the screen over there. GH could have had these two back and could have been had their ratings soar if ABC would only invest in their soaps rather than destroy them. A true bunch of MORONS at ABC/Disney, they have gold and are throwing it all away.

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    Tom you might be right because it has helped OLTL with ATWT and GL being canceled some what I guess for their ratings. I went over to OLTL because of Kim Zimmer, loved my Reva Shane Lewis she is hellva’ actress. Being a long time viewer of CBS and still watching Y&R but I’m just not Cane and Lily fan and you are right Genie and Tristan is excellent actors and at same time will or could there be a backlash from long time viewers because they are swallowing up canvas leaving the true vets on the side a bit? This isn’t the Young and General Restless. I am enjoying some parts of the story but just wish it was more balance with the vets. I think they need to be careful and MAB can get focus on these characters and leave out the rest. You watch we will see that Chance will be killed on this term of duty and that isn’t going to be cool at all, because he is a true heir apparent of Chancellor. I might be wrong but I feel this could be coming and I do hope I am wrong.

    PS for Soap Stud…Tucker is HOT, HOT HOT, love Ava with Lisa P. I have loved her since SFT and AW as Lila. She was Cass’s best love interest since Frankie.

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    harlee, Im not sure about killing Chance, Bill Bell always said to never kill a legacy character for no real reason. He always regretted killing Phillip so many years ago and thats why MAB resurrected the character as a tribute to Bill Bell. I dont think the GH vets are taking up to much time from the Y & R vets. The show still devotes most of its time to the Newmans, Chancellors, and Abbotts. The extended promo that was just released looks amazing, soap opera in its best form and thriving at The Young and The Restless. It doesnt look like any budget crunches have gotten them down. Its unfortunate that ABC doesnt respect what they have, the rich history and devoted fan base of these show is vast, the shows werent losing their audience as much as the network stopped caring about the shows. Its like a once beautiful mansion being left to neglect, over the course of years it falls into disrepair and has to be torn down. That is exactly what they have done to these shows, the audience didnt leave because they were no longer relevant, they left because all they gave us was a shell.

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    tom, you are right the soaps that been canceled was nothing but a shell. This was hardest part to me is GL was the worse at time of cancellation. The dinosaur was rearing its last breath. It was still hard for me. Did you notice how P&G and CBS finally said yes cancel GL….they started to fall like dominoes in succession. ATWT was a bit more intact, AMC is a shell a close 2nd, OLTL is intact but its just to late. GH?? Yes, at this point Y&R
    is focusing on Sharon (yawn) do like this new actor for her s\l but is boring, Lily has bored me since she came on canvas. My hope you’re right but it shatters me once the Ashby family gets meatier I hope MAB won’t again do what happened with Daisy (which is returning…Why?) Sarah, Patti, etc. Where is Jill’s story…MAB writes her just big mouth and nothing else. Where is the scheming, sneaky, sultry, sexual Jill? Jill should be going behind everyone’s back and be buying stock at Chancellor, Newman and Tucker’s and bigger stake at Jabot, getting ready for a power move..as Bill Bell would write Jill stealing percentage of Jabot and he put Jill in Jack’s bed again. Lets go there again back in Jack’s orbit let the fireworks begin. Wouldn’t you love to see Jess Walton with a meaty s\l? They are wasting a big talent. I do. Its been long stretch for Jess and its not the same, old characters of the vets…spread the wealth. Mrs C. is a figurehead anymore, Jill taking over Chancellor …whew the bitches are going to mat in Mrs C and Jill fashion. :bigsmile:

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    WahWah…poor KC..a flop on CBS…has been on NBC…the execs at ABC are so smart–let’s give the gum-smiled womAn a shot…puhleeze…it doesn’t matter her time slot…can you say LOSER…SHE IS LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK…as if she needs this job…let her volunteer so much if she has so much to give!!!

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    “Read a book.” Isn’t that what we were advised to do by some abc employee in April, rather than bemoan the loss of our beloved soaps? It’s starting to sound like good advice. I DVR, therefore I am. And I don’t DVR news or news magazines. I get my info on the fly: RSS feeds, twitter, blogs, the car radio, and small doses of CNN’s balanced reporting. This means, Couric is lost to me, which is not a reflection on her. But I wouldn’t suffer the noise of commercials to catch her show live. I need daily doses of scripted TV and good things to read. That’s what I enjoy. When GH goes off the air, I’ll find something else to do for that hour.

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    I love ur comment and agree 100%! She is a nothing to me but is laughing all the way to the bank! My only wish is that she completly flops and the ratings sink but GH and other ABC soaps are picked up by another network!!!

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    I have been a lot more interested in the idea of taking on Y&R now more than ever. Quite frankly, I want a good soap opera to take me away from my reality. Right now, I am a regular viewer of DOOL and OLTL. I have always had three soaps on my “To Watch” list, but since ATWT went off the air, I haven’t replaced it. In the past I have enjoyed B&B and GH, but I haven’t really watched Y&R. The last time I watched was when Sharon and Nick were teens and they kept recasting Sharon!! So, yeah, it has been awhile.

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