Will You Be Watching Anderson When It Premieres This Sept. 12?

Okay, I ain't gonna lie, I am pretty excited about this particular talker, especially since it isn't costing me a daytime soap! Anderson Cooper has unveiled the new website for his upcoming, self-titled gabfest Anderson and while the simple, sleek site certainly won't cause the Oprah.com web designers to lose any sleep, I'm sure it will morph into something snazzier as Anderson's Sept. 12 premiere date looms closer.

I am a huge fan of Cooper's Anderson Cooper 360 program and think the Silver Stud could do big things in daytime. This guy is a smart, thorough journalist, but also a pop culture geek. This should serve him well in daytime. What do you guys think?

Wil you be watching Anderson this fall?

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Will You Be Watching Anderson When It Premieres This Sept. 12?

  • Yes! Love Anderson's fine self. (52%, 245 Votes)
  • No! Daytime has too many talking heads. (48%, 226 Votes)

Total Voters: 471


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29 Responses

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    Does anyone know the network and time slot yet? And Susan, why is it that you think he’s a hypocrite?

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    No Daisy

    This guy ranks only slightly higher than Keith Oberman for me. I even lost respect for 60 minutes when they added him to their panel. News broadcasting has become nothing but a way for these A-holes to impose their opinions on the public.

    The last time I enjoyed anything Cooper related, was when he almost blew away in that hurricane. Unfortunately, that little stunt got him the gig he’s got now.

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    When I typed my zip in, it showed KDNL-30 (ABC) at 4:00 pm M-F. I don’t even know why they are still listed as ABC since the NBC station here in St. Louis practically owns the place. KDNL has not had a news division for at least 6-7 years now (horrible ratings and they were bleeding money so fast, they just decided to shut the news division down). The only news that airs on that channel is GMA, ABC World News, 20/20. That’s all there is news wise on that practically non-existent station.

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    Yes, I will watch if the show is any good. I like Anderson, though I wish he were teamed up with Kelly Ripa if he has to do daytime. I would watch The Talk, Let’s Make a Deal or those new ABC shows if they were any good, or sounded interesting.

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    Not a fan. Never understood how a reality show host (Anderson did THE MOLE) could be taken seriously as a journalist. What makes a good talk show host is someone you feel like you know and let’s you into their lives (i.e Oprah, Kelly, Regis). Until Anderson comes out as a gay man I don’t think he will make for a good host.

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    Anderson Cooper has unveiled the new website… and while the simple, sleek site certainly won’t cause the Oprah.com web designers to lose any sleep, I’m sure it will morph into something snazzier as Anderson’s Sept. 12 premiere date looms closer.

    I much prefer his website to Oprah’s. I love it’s clean and simple look.

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    TV Gord

    nysam, has Anderson ever denied being gay? Does every gay person need to make some kind of proclamation to suit you? What’s THAT about? Maybe he just doesn’t think it’s relevant to his job as a TV host. Why are some people so hung up on sexuality, when it doesn’t have anything to do with how someone does his or her job?

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    I’ll give him a chance!! He’s got that rich, preppy, spoiled kid vibe going, which I normally find annoying and unlikable, but as long as he doesn’t slaughter any soaps, I’ll bite. Besides, he’s always been a cutie and I love those frosty blue eyes!!! ;) ;)

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    Susan Hunter

    [quote=matealestlmo]And Susan, why is it that you think he’s a hypocrite?[/quote]

    I think he’s a hypocrite for the same reasons I think Robin Roberts, Shepard Smith, Tyler Perry and a host of others are hypocrites. I’ll just leave at that. People can live their lives however they choose, I just choose not to support them.

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    [quote=TV Gord]Crazy Internet People sure can be judgmental.[/quote]

    You are such an intelligent person. One can see by the style of how you write.
    Please tell me it hasn’t occured to you before how judgemental people are, not only on the www but here on a site.

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    TV Gord, Cooper wrote an autobiography about 5 years ago and spoke of his father’s death, brother’s suicide, his relationship with his mother, his career and left out his love life. Don’t you find it odd that a 40 year old man would write about life and discuss his brother’s suicide but not how own love life? What Susan Lucci talks about the love for Helmut, Elizabeth Taylor talked about the loves of her life in her book. That’s what people do when they write an autobiography. I’m not asking Cooper to talk about sex. I’m asking him to be honest about who he loves.

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    Booo! I use to like Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN for a little bit, but for the past two years I’ve hated it. He has become so damn preachy and condescending in his programs. I feel like I’m being lectured at. I probably won’t watch it.

    I don’t see how his sexual orientation matters and it should not impact his career. If he does not want to share his orientation, more power to him. That’s a private matter and he isn’t making a living exploiting other’s sexual orientation. No one should be forced to divulge their private life to the public and I do like that he’s not like his mother, who could learn to be a bit more discrete. And I fail to see how he’s a hypocrite because he’s a journalist.

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    Here Here Dyllan, I whole heartedly agree, not every gay person has the strength to be open and out that might be his own flaw as we each have flaws. Every gay person goes through their own hell of coming out. Some like myself did very young others wait until late in life and some are not just not in position to or feeding the media vipers. I like A360 but he has become a little preachy last year. Every person who is gay have their own time to step out. Look lets be honest Anderson has done some good journalist work and the media would want to him to speak about him being gay all the time and he wouldn’t get nothing done that he truly loves to do in his career. He had major figures in his parents so the pressure finding his own identity is much more on his shoulders then my parents being hard working blue collar. Will I watch his show probably not but will I at least check it out…absolutely. I will watch Katie before Anderson.

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    For someone who is in the closet, we all seem to know who is boyfriends are. Which is alot more than all the soap actors on daytime that are closeted can be said for….. and there is a list even with just a few soaps left. What handsome man with money and good personality NEEDS to go abroad alone? Or take his non romantically paired costars to awards shows?
    Or gets on a particular website and camps it up with the interviewer as if he were the biggest queen ever but still refuses to come out? Should we also boycott his soap opera? I am gay but I do not usually sit around at work and talk about being gay. Although everyone knows, my personal life is mine. But then I am not famous and living in a highly critical and nasty world that depends upon viewership to keep a job.

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    Let me count the out gays…Lance Bass, Ricky Martin, Neil Patrick Harris, Ian McKellan, Don Lemon, Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen Degeneres, Wanda Sykes, George Michael, Richard Chamberlain, Nate Berkus, Casrson Kressley, Elton John, TR Knight, Jay Parsons, Portia DeRossi, Melissa Etheridge, etc. etc. These people are all out and still have careers. I can’t watch a talk show where a host is expecting his guests to open up and be honest about their lives and he isn’t. Itr doesn’t take much to say “I’m gay”. I did it when I was 21 in the late 80s. Anderson is pushing 45 and it is a lot more acceptable to be gay in 2011. Teens are coming out today and Anderson is still in the closet. It’s ridiculous. A kid in Iowa who comes out has more to fear than Anderson.

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    TV Gord

    Your problem is you want everyone to live by your rules. Everybody does what’s right for them in their own time. Why don’t you get that?

    A lot of the people you listed only came out when they were about to be outed by some so-called news outlet. A lot of them stayed in the closet as long as possible. Elton even tried to crawl back into the closet after he first came out back in the 70s.

    It’s funny that you left Rupert Murdoch out of your list. Could it be because he has said he regrets coming out, because his lead movie roles dried up after he did? And what about Clay Aiken? He and Ricky Martin (who both relied a lot on their female fans) haven’t sold nearly as many albums as they did before they were out.

    There are plenty of reasons why someone like Anderson would rather not go public about their sexuality. It’s common knowledge that he’s gay, and he’s never tried to deny it. He hasn’t ever threatened to sue someone, the way Tom Cruise or John Travolta have. He’s just living his life. Why isn’t that good enough for you?

    and marknsprmo made an excellent point about soap actors. We all know soap SUPERstars who have stayed in the closet for decades! There has to be a reason why.

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    FYI…Cooper Anderson is running a special on Tuesday night about young boys growing up gay.
    Approve of that lifestyle or not, it is out there.
    I say KUDO’S :beer: to bringing attention to boys (girls) growing up knowing they are ‘different’ sexually than what society expects and to let them know they are not alone.
    The special has nothing to do with changing one’s views on gays.
    Like I said, approve of the lifestyle or not is one’s choice.

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    I like the side of Anderson Cooper’s personality we see when he pinch-hits on Regis and Kelly as opposed to his serious CNN side, so I think a talk show focusing on that aspect of him is a good idea. That being said, there are already so many talk shows and they are all basically the same. I only make room to watch Ellen and that’s it. She is the best host and it is the best talk show.

    Oh, and I loved The Mole! It’s a shame they brought it back a few times without him as host.

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