DAYS Flashback: Why We Love Crystal, Carly and Katerina

As Days of Our Lives fans reel over the news that Crystal Chappell has been fired. Join us in looking back via the clip below, which shows why, without a shadow of a doubt, we love our Katerina Von Leuschner/Dr Carly Manning. Watch the video after the jump!

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    Hmpf. What does Bo have to do with why we love Carly?? I love Carly b/c of her relationship with one Jennifer Rose Horton, and b/c she saved Alice Horton from a heart attack, and b/c she saved Shawn D from the well, and she saved numerous people from a deadly virus created by Lawrence Alamain. Carly is a Princess (Heiress), and I want her back for Jennifer’s sake (and my own).

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    I will surely miss Carly, but I have to say, the writers really dropped the ball when she returned the second time. I wish Crystal the very best and hope DOOL lives on for many more years to come…who knows…maybe Crystal will return!

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    never have!! could not stand the character the first and she has been a waste of air time this time around!!

    not a fan of CC either, don’t see what all the hoopla is!!

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    Salmo salar

    Excellent clip! I have watched it many times and remember watching it the first time around. I totally understand that there are a lot of people that are not Carly or CC fans, and that’s perfectly fine. Personally, I don’t get all the fuss about Kristian Alfonso. But to each their own. She has a lot of fans so for the good of the show I would never wish her off of it. However, the fact is that there are a lot of Carly fans and CC fans, so I don’t understand this decision. Dena totally screwed up this return and it burns me up that Corday and DAYS didn’t try to get it right now that he finally got around to firing that hack. What a complete waste. I am so sick of soap operas hiring big name actors (whether they are returning to that soap or are known from another) and then either giving then no story (or a crap one) or dropping them like a hot potato after five minutes! Newsflash! It doesn’t matter who you hire, how good they are or how popular. If you give them crap story people will eventually tune out. It’s not freaking rocket science!

    While I like Carly and Bo, having them together is not a necessity for me. But they should have done a decent triangle when Carly first came back and then they could have had her interacting with other characters. Why didn’t the play the beat that she is Brady’s Godmother? Why did they drop the ball all of a sudden with the Vivian-Carly feud? The fact that she was treated as the town whore was ridiculous and didn’t at all fit with the character’s history. Giftofamber is totally right. There are so many reasons why many love Carly that have nothing to do with Bo. The fact that Bo and Hope are obviously “endgame” (snore) does not mean that Carly has no place on the canvas. Carly’s friendship with Jennifer was one of the things I loved about DAYS when Carly was on the first time around. In fact, to me it was just as enjoyable as her relationship with Bo. Good soap friendships are so rare.

    Although Carly was a character that was definitely “good,” it was not in an overly sugary-sweet kind of way. Despite many bad things happening to her, I never thought of her as a perpetual victim because she always had a lot of spunk. She was feisty and fun and I will miss her terribly. I certainly don’t wish the demise of DAYS, or any soap, but I won’t be tuning in any longer once she is gone. If this is the best that soaps can do nowadays, maybe we should take a page out of Vivian’s playbook and bury what’s left of them alive.

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    Dear God if they have Carly commit suicide to leave this show I will riot in the streets!

    I’ll be honest with the Louise S interview hinting an actress was told she was hurting the ratings, then with Crystal basically admitting on twitter that “Once again just like Carly its all my fault”

    then with the firing of CC and LS instead of some newbies that NEED to go….I just don’t think Corday is going to make the right decisions he’s going to keep characters that HE likes.

    Yea I’m glad Dee and Drake are back, but if he fires them just as quickly don’t be surprised or shocked.

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    Ouch Alistair you really want her to die off? I don’t understand the hate when we have useless characters like every single Hernandez walking around on the streets of Salem.

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    LOL! I’m just trying to think of an exit that would match the drama of her first one. Ideally Frankie will return with Nikki and they will leave town together to patch up their relationship.

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    I don’t understand why Carly will no longer be on the show. The fans are passionate about her whether negative or positive. If written for this character helps put excitement on the screen.

    Maybe new writers will help. But, firing excellent actors like Crystal Chappell for the same old… same old. Dool viewers won’t be watching Dool they will be watching NBC’s cheaper/inferior replacement show.

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    Unfortunately, Carly’s return was an utter failure. This was not the Carly who was beloved by fans in the early 90s. Crystal Chappell is popular with LGBT/GL fans, not necessarily Days viewers, especially those who tuned in following her 1993 exit. Days made a good move realizing they made a mistake with Carly and Vivian. I would much rather see Marlena and John (who’s a Brady AND a DiMera) back than continue to destroy Carly, who was once my favourite DOOL character in the early 90s.

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    Well well well Days douche bags have finally proven me right; firing one of the most watched and loved actresses from your downward spiraling soaps ain’t the smartest move now is it? So I guess for me and many Crystal fans is we leave you with this very memorable wish good riddance and lets see how long you last on air before the whole thing is totally cancelled by NBC. My last view of DOOL is the last episode of Crystal.

    But you know what I’m glad for NBC that they gave CC her talent worthy storyline before they extinct her character which will go a long way proving to you that Crystal is and was a gem to your show with her acting prowess and popularity. You will sure be down several hundreds of thousands of viewers by the end of Crystal’s contract, mark my words NBC.

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    Rockie I agree.An actress being on a show longer, does not make her the better Actress.I hope DOOL realizes what they’re loosing with firing CC.I watched Carly/CC from the first day on DOOL. Carly made an immediate impact on the show involved with the Brady’s and Hortons. The writers could still write a storyline that would do the same. CC would Rock what ever they gave her.

    PS: Peeps, Putting down other fan favorites does not make yours better.

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    Days of Our Lives is making a big, huge, colossal mistake in letting Crystal Chappell go. She is the best there is in not only this medium but in the acting genre as a whole. Am I a CarBo fan? not really… Lawly? These two look awesome together, dare I say eye candy!!! CarJenn? Wouldn’t have minded DOOL pulling their heads out of the sand and exploring a romantic relationship between these two; but as best friends they are just as awesome.

    I am first and foremost a Crystal Chappell fan. I have and will continue to spend my hard earned money on Venice and The Grove subscriptions as well as purchasing her web series’ merchandise.

    The is so much untapped story line where Carly is concerned…her years of abuse from Lawrence was mishandled, the rift between mother and son, said son finding out about a baby sister, I could go on.

    Should Days reconsider her contract status, I’ll continue to watch; otherwise Crystal’s last day airing on DOOL will be the last Days of Our Lives episode that I watch.

    Ther are three things that I am thankful to DOOL for:

    1. Crystal’s return to Days allowed her the opportunity to bring Galen Gering, Nadia Bjorlin, Shawn Christian and Peter Reckell to Venice.

    2. Now Crystal no longer has to ask the execs for permission for outside projects. How stupid was it that she had to get freakin permission to star in HER own web series!

    3. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Crystal in Atlanta at the Days book signing there and also at the meet and greet the night before. I was able to tell Crystal in person just how much of an impact she and her support of the LGBT community has had on me. She was down to earth and easy to talk to. She made me feel as though we were the only two people in the room. It is an experience that I will never forget and always cherish.

    NBC & Days? If you are done with Crystal, then I am done with you and your shows…there’s only one other I watch and that’s SVU which has pretty much been killed dead too.

    I’m done!

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    Why get rid of interesting or controversial characters, while keeping the boring ones around? It’s obvious NBC is setting up to cancel Days.

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    Right. That’s why you have 5 comments on this article. No need to hate on people you don’t agree with. We all love soaps. And it’s just sad to see them shoot themselves in the foot.

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    Carly’s not the be-all and end-all of Days of Our Lives. Days knows they don’t need her to survive or they would have kept her. You’ll get over it.

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    Ok, as someone who is both LGBT AND a former DAYS viewer from Carly 1.0 times (and stopped watching when it became the Marlena show until Carly’s return), I disagree that Carly is not popular with the average DAYS fan. Her Carly 1.0 was so laced with subtext that those of us watching way back when (b/c my mother was a viewer) were totally entranced by Dr. Carly Manning. I remember being crushed that Carly was leaving & swearing off soaps entirely (which I did for about 10-15 years until I re-discovered her on Guiding Light, even if she was w/the wrong woman. lol).

    If Carly is “less popular” with the average DAYS fan, it is because of the constant Bope pimping (and insistence that Carly somehow gets in the way of that), the constant Carly hate when she returned, the horrible writing, and being stuck with Daniel, who is a rather dull character. Psychology shows that if people hear something enough, they start to believe it, so all the characters hating Carly would eventually transfer to the fans, or so it would seem TPTB had hoped.

    The reason there is so little outcry over here is because most of her fans are so overjoyed they won’t have to watch the show anymore that the big picture is lost. Without Crystal, DAYS is going to have a much tougher time staying on the air, and some of us who are also DAYS fans are concerned since the ratings have dropped so tremendously.

    I am not a John/Marlena fan at all. I liked Patch & Kayla & Shane & Kim & Jenn & Alice 100 times more than John/Marlena, and maybe if the show had centered around them a decade ago when Carly left the first time, I might have stuck around. However, since I am older and wiser and realize that not one of the other actors have done a thing for the LGBT community other than a NoH8 pic or appearing on Crystal’s websoap, and the show has chosen to “slow down” a gay storyline which didn’t even include its gay icon, Crystal is where my loyalty lies, no longer with DAYS. While I plan to stop watching like everyone else, it bothers me a little more because I was actually a DAYS fan and hoped the show would make better choices, whereas many of Crystal’s fans were from her stint on OLTL and Guiding Light and have very little personal investment in the show.

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    Listen, I get it, Crystal fans, you’re upset and bitter. I was upset when my faves were fired, and not just on Days (like today—I am FURIOUS with OLTL for what they did to Marty). But your rage is not going to get Days cancelled. Stop watching if you must, but anyone who tunes out because of Carly’s exit will simply be replaced with returning Marlena and John fans like myself. I can’t wait to be able to watch my favourite soap again!

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    LOL. Therein lies the irony. The ratings are already low enough that it may well be cancelled already, hence why people are arguing fan favorites leaving instead of boring characters would mean a cancellation. NBC may just be developing its replacement. I’d have tolerated John/Marlena (not well mind you) if Crystal had stayed. Maybe there are enough John/Marlena fans to balance out the Carly fans. For your sake, I hope you are right. However, I’m more of a realist.

    I’m perfectly happy to flip the channel to OLTL, which is an amazing soap right now.

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    Days is renewed through September 2013—the show got a two-year early renewal several months ago, with an option to renew again through September 2014. Days is safe for two more years at the least.

    Deidre Hall fans outnumber Crystal Chappell fans–for every one Carly fan that stops watching, two more viewers will return for Dee.

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    [quote=XochiALC]Alistair, I’m not just talking about Carly. 4 more to go. Don’t assume your favorites are safe. DOOL is digging it’s grave.[/quote]

    John and Marlena and Carrie and Austin are my favourites. John and Marlena are returning, and Carrie and Austin are off-screen. The only characters left on Days I like are Bo, Hope, and Jennifer, and with Jack coming back I’d say they are safe. So I am excited about the remaining firings—hopefully they will be getting rid of dead weight like AT LEAST ONE of the Hernandez kids, Quinn, Chloe, Melanie, Daniel, etc…

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    giftofamber, I see we will never agree on anything. OLTL is awful and I am glad it is cancelled after what they did to Marty, my favourite character. Imagine if they turned Carly into a raging, irredeemable psychopath. Then you would know how I feel. P.S. I loved Carly in the early 90s, and Buried Alive is my #2 fave Days plot of all time.

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    Every popular soap star has fans whose zealousness is going to make lesser fans scratch their heads. That is no reason to start calling the fans names. We’ve all been disappointed by the status of superstars in the past, from Dee to Victoria to Becky. Why rub salt in the wounds of those folks feeling a loss?

    I’m ticked DAYS let Crystal go. That is all.

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    No one’s rubbing salt. But I’m under no obligation to baby Carly fans because they are upset.

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    It is truly unfortunate that the producers and writers at Days of Our Lives never used even an ounce of Crystal’s limitless talent, charisma and sex appeal for the nearly two years she was on this very mediocre soap. Once Crystal leaves, its goodbye Days for me and hello THE GROVE and VENICE the SERIES. Its only because of Crystal Chappell that I made myself watch this terrible soap. She was the only point of light for me in DAYS.

    Frankly, Guiding Light was so much better than Days and I miss Crystal dearly in a soap that truly respected her talents and gave her lots to do. I think the writers at Days do not respect women because they either make them wimpy/weak or evil/slutty. Soaps are dying not because of other stuff coming to replace it (like Katie Couric) but because the writing on network soap is terrible and they don’t use their actors to their full capacity. Crystal writes awesome soap stories in her webseries soap, Venice the Series and I am sure she’ll do equally well with her new webseries, The Grove.

    I will continue to support my goddess of love, Crystal Chappell, in whatever endeavor she appears in.

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    My last day watching DOOL will be Crystal’s last day as well, I waited 16 years for her return, & Days blew it big time! From time to time after Crystal left in 93 I would tune in, but tuned out just as quickly, there was no one IMO that compared to Crystal with talent! If the characters returning were that big of ratings pull Days would have never let them go in the first place & would have been #1 in ratings all these years, but they never have, & never will!

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    OMG this is sickening!!! The majority of the posters in this thread signed up TODAY so they could declare that they are “tuning out when Crystal leaves”. GMAFB. If Days thought your viewership was going to affect the ratings, they wouldn’t have let her go. Kind of creepy that she has the kind of fans who sign up on message boards like some sort of “attack force”. I hope Crystal has good security.

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    Alistair what is so creepy about it? Crystal has many fans who adore her. They have the right to speak their mind just like any other fanbase. When Rebecca Hearst was let go I remember the same kind of outrage. I think CC is a damn good actress and its a shame that she is unemployed. Louise Sorel is fantastic and she is jobless? While they keep characters like Dario, Gaby, Rafe,Taylor ZZZZZZ Anyways, The daytime Entity will soon be gone anyway at the rate they are getting rid of all these wonderful actors and actresses. Pretty soon all that will be left are the cheap and talentless hair models. Maura West was another outrage for me. Why hire a 2-time emmy winning actress just to feed her crap material. Same thing happened with CC. They have proven they have what it takes in the past. Its a disgrace! Days has been unbearable save a handful of characters for me since the fauxRafe story. Talk about overkill. In those handful of actors I still liked to watch was Louise Sorel and Crystal Chappell. Now I’m down to 3. Not much reason to watch. Im out when they are gone.

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    I’m disappointed in Days decision to let Crystal Chappell go. Since I’m a Day’s fan from around 1990 I’ve always loved Bo and Carly’s love story, and everyone remembers buried alive. She a strong actress and I wish the new writers would get a chance at the character.

    I watch the show, I just don’t read the recaps. I suspect people who say they haven’t watched the show in 3 years and give all these pronouncements.

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    Also Alistair, I saw you say that you hated OLTL for what they have done to your favorite character Marty. Well then you should understand how they feel. I think OLTL is by far the best soap on tv right now. At least I dont fast-forward 90% of it. I watch every story. It has good writing. Something that Days has been lacking for a long time. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I think everyone should just be happy that people still care enough to get angry at this point. Can’t we all just get along? (:

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    I do understand people love a certain actor or actress. I have a few on my list as well. I love Diedre Hall. Marlena was such a wonderful character in the 70s and 80s. She had such a strong moral center and was a rock and pillar for everyone around her. In the 90s her moral compass was rocked being torn between two men and having an affair and showing she was really vulnerable and able to make huge and consequential mistakes. Ones that have followed her and others (Sami and Roman namely) through the years. Her portrayer Diedre Hall has always played Marlena with dignity and reserve allowing her emotions to come forward at the right moments. Always loving but always objective as well. She has always been protective of the character and has fought privately and publicly for the integrity of the character. So when people get to talking about their favorite soap actress or actor and how important that person is to them, I certainly can relate.
    I personly never have liked the character of Carly that much. Maybe I never gave her a chance or maybe I just didn’t like the stories she was in. I certainly never accepted her as some sort of substitute for Hope that the show tried to make her on her first go around. (in reality though that is what she was. I think that is why this round has been so difficult. The character was sort of a recast of Hope without calling her by that name, and it is rather like having two Roman Brady’s or two Carly’s on GH or two Todd’s on OLTL. It is one too many.) Yet it is too bad that the writers couldn’t have gone off in a different direction with the character and not just been the uncomfortable character that wasn’t fitting in. Crystal is a talented and ambitious and nice woman. She and her fans deserved better.
    But and this is a VERY BIG BUT, no single character or actress can carry a one hour a day program. If the ONLY reason one watches a one hour soap opera each day is for ONE character, HUH? That seems like alot of show to sit for for a character that is NOT even the star of the show. So one might consider how smart it is to spend sooooo much of your life for such little reward. However if Carly were a bright spot of the day for you on a show you generally enjoy, great. If however she was the ONLY reason you watch Days, well ya might do better doing something else with that hour of your life anyway.

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    Halo, you’re one of the ones who only started posting here because you heard from another board that your girl was getting “attacked”. Now that’s weird!

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    Allistair, I’m actually loving MadMarty – Susan Haskell is doing brilliantly with the psychologically damaged Marty. It’s not a far stretch from her character – I remember watching back to her early days on the show. Sure, she gained some really good stuff over the years, but she’s knocking this stuff out of the park. I’m loving it. Most of the time Marty is dull as dishwater, but this going crazy stuff, I love it.

    I haven’t been able to watch much of DAYS in recent months. Some days I can barely get through Crystal’s stuff because the writing has been so bad. You can only do so much with dreck writing. If they’d even bothered to write her some good material, Carly might have had a more positive stay this time round. But 90% of the time she was just there to prop up other characters (Daniel, Chloe, Melanie). They ignored the character history of Carly 1.0 that interacted well with the Hortons and Bradys.

    I couldn’t give two hoots about the Sami Brady show (Sami/EJ/Rafe redux over and over and over again). I liked Kayla and Patch years ago, but the Kayla of the last two appearances was written so badly, that she came over as a judgemental harpy. Chloe is annoying as hell. As are the Hernandez siblings, I could do without. I liked John & Isabella – couldn’t stand John & Marlena.

    I love Suzanne Rogers and John Aniston’s Maggie/Victor storyline, and Wally Kurth & Judi Evan’s Justin and Adrienne, but it’s not enough to keep me watching the show.

    I am looking forward to Crystal’s Venice season 3 and her new websoap, The Grove later this year.

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    AlistairCrane What business is it of yours do you own this board? No one cares what you think! You must not have anything better to do what a shame!

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    [quote=marknsprmo]But and this is a VERY BIG BUT, no single character or actress can carry a one hour a day program. If the ONLY reason one watches a one hour soap opera each day is for ONE character, HUH? That seems like alot of show to sit for for a character that is NOT even the star of the show. So one might consider how smart it is to spend sooooo much of your life for such little reward. However if Carly were a bright spot of the day for you on a show you generally enjoy, great. If however she was the ONLY reason you watch Days, well ya might do better doing something else with that hour of your life anyway.[/quote]

    Excellent post marknsprmo. I agree wholeheartedly. I think Crystal Chappell is a wonderful talent and showed on GL as Olivia but her runs on DAYS have been hindered by a poorly written character. Carly was cast as a replacement for Hope and attached to Bo in a way that the character could not survive without Bo. That’s still the case. I wish the writers had done a better job because a talent should inspire the writers (like Y&R should have done by Maura West) but they did not. Carly Manning was a poorly defined character on DAYS for like three years and at the time did not garner enough popularity to warrant a return 20 years later.
    I get the fandom for Ms. Chappell for her body of work, particualrly, GL and Venice, but I do not understand the hoopla over Dr. Carly Manning.

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    Thanks soapbaby! I think part of the issue also is that there was a big influx of viewers when Carly was on the show the first time. They did not know Bo and Hope really. So their first Days experiences were with Carly and also with the legendary buried alive story ( a story that was borrowed from a “Night Gallery” episode staring Patty Duke Astin which by the way was a horrifying episode that to this day makes me frightened to be buried). The older viewers of Days ( I am speaking generally ofcourse) did not warm up to Carly the first time. So we do not have the same attachment to her. I personally prefered Billie Reed when she came along. I thought the chemistry was much better between Bo and Billie(RKK not PR. With PR it is Hope all the way) and she was nothing like Hope so there was not this same comparison.

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    For me, the only bad thing about Crystal’s exit is that we’ll never see flashbacks of Carly buried alive again. :-(

    Days missed an emotional beat this time around–they should have had Carly struggle with claustrophobia. I think when Carly dies for real she would want to be cremated.

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    I’ll be honest I’ve loved days since I started watching around 96-97 but I’m done to. I love John but I don’t care that much for Marlena now I enjoy her more than Sami. I think I’m just put off right now I actually like Vivian, Carly and Chloe I can’t stand Sami, Rafe or any of the Hernandez the only reason I’d tune in is for Nicole and that’s not enough of a reason.

    I’m not a rabid Crystal Chappell fan but I am a fan and yes I intend on tuning out. I don’t care if there are more “deidre hall” fans than crystal fans those same dee fans hopefully won’t get the crappy writing that we got.

    Just remember Corday fires as quickly as he hires.

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    Dr. Carly Manning was my favorite of all of Crystal’s roles, and I am tired of having to justify why Carly was just as good if not better than Olivia Spencer. Carly was a classic Gothic heroine, who IMO was anything but a Hope recast. Hope was more of the girl next door type (until Princess Gina which was after Carly 1.0 if I remember correctly). Carly grew up in a family that wanted to marry her off as part of a business arrangement, and she did what every strong woman would do, she ran away, changed her name and went to medical school before her past caught up with her around her 25th birthday. The #1 mistake Days made with the character of Carly was trying to make her straight and put her with Bo/Daniel. Carly was my favorite lesbian character growing up, even if it required a slight bit of video editing, there was still a lot of lesbian leanings with the character. If they had paired Carly with Jenn or even Nicole, the character would have been far more popular than as a Bope/Danloe interloper.

    I didn’t like John or Marlena, but I did love Izzy B. I wish Isabella could return someday.

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    If KC wants to bring back Days to the “good ol’ Days” then what is wrong w/a great Love triangle between Hope,Bo,&Carly!! Apparently, IMO (of course) he is too scared of what fans really want!! Talk about a huge MISS w/the firing of CC!! SO LONG DAYS….

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