Axe Falls on Braun, Foster and Bjorlin at DAYS!

More Days of Our Lives stars have received pink slips. According to Soap Opera Digest, Tamara Braun, Bren Foster and Nadia Bjorlin have been let go. Braun recently replaced Natalia Livingston as Taylor.

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    Wishful casting: Tamara Braun as Victoria on Y&R!!!!!

    Sorry, but Nadia Bjorlin is just a HORRIFIC actress, and I don’t say that lightly. I honestly don’t know why DAYS has kept her around all these years, other than the fact that she’s pretty and she’s got a banging body!!!!

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    Yes!!! Good choices!

    I figured Quinn would be out along with Vivian.

    Surprised Taylor is out since they went to the trouble of recasting her, but I don’t really care. I don’t like Taylor—I only ever liked her with Katherine Ellis in the role in the 90s.

    SO HAPPY Chloe is out!! The character who returned in 2007 was a tramp with Chloe’s face. The real Chloe is still out there someone, singing opera with frizzy hair and wearing cat-eye glasses.

    Good choices, Days!

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    Well it just wasn’t working for Tamara at all. Geeze, they must have yanked her at her 13 week contract clause! And things with Nadia could have been better if they brought her mother back full time and played up that dynamic. I just hate seeing Louise leaving!

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    I cannot figure out if Nadia chose not to renew or if she was let go. There are conflicting reports. Either way, it is time, in my opinion, for CHloe to be off the show for awhile. Dena really ruined the character. Taylor is a terrible character and even emmy winning Tamara couldn’t make it work. I’m glad the show is ditching Bren’s Quinn. These are three cuts I agree with and are not nearly as sad as the news of Louise and Crystal’s firing.

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    Also, Chloe’s firing should quell rumours about Belle and Shawn returning. I can’t see them returning when their Last Blast crew (Philip, Mimi, Chloe, etc.) are all off-canvas.

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    Well that was a complete bust for Taylor as a character.

    I was starting to like the new guy. His accent is way sexier than EJ’s. But with Viv going I suppose it makes sense.

    And Chloe has pretty much run her course.

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    [quote=keanna]Can’t say that I’m surprised by any of these, more house cleaning on Days.
    Plus, I don’t believe about the rumors about Tamara going back to GH as Carly, TPTB flove Laura Wright!![/quote]

    That’s my girl!!! :beer: :bigsmile: LW isn’t going anywhere.

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    Can’t say that I’m surprised by any of these, more house cleaning on Days.

    Tamara as Taylor just didn’t fit, the way Dena was writing for Chloe was just bad, I agree the real Chloe is out there somewhere.

    Plus, I don’t believe about the rumors about Tamara going back to GH as Carly, TPTB flove Laura Wright!!

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    Wowzer, DAYS is really cleaning house! Let’s hope this makes for a better show! Will sadly miss Vivian. Not so much Carly because she’s not near the Carly everyone loves and remembers, but will miss Vivian very much.

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    Tamara come back to GH as a mob princess!! Please.[/quote]

    How great would that be?? :beer: :bigsmile:

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    LMAO at TB going back to GH to play a mob princess!! Yeah because Sarah Brown playing one who is 10 times the actress Braun is, was hugely successful.

    Maybe TB should have taken that alleged offer she had from GH. They likely wouldn’t have dumped her after 13 weeks.

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    In regards to TB as Victoria Newman… I was all for it until her I saw her current portrayal of Taylor. Now I’m hesitant. She needs to tone it down sometimes. I think Alicia Minshew would be a great Victoria.

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    I am glad that you agree with me. The ugly fact is that Heather Tom ain’t coming back to Y&R, and furthermore, Amelia Heinous is NOT, nor has she ever been, a suitable replacement. I hope Maria Bell has the good sense to call her up RIGHT now and offer her the job.

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    Nadia Bjorlin, take some acting classes. You’re an incredibly gorgeous woman, but that is no where near enough to make it as an actress, especially as you start aging.

    I don’t mean to be cruel, but those are the facts.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the last of Dr. Dan (Shawn Christian). As long as they’re bringing old favorites back, they could fill that slot with Dr Mike Horton, just not with Roark Chritchlow in the part. Any AMC or OLTL actor would be better than him.

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    Out of all the people I still want gone, Melanie, Daniel, Rafe, Gabi and Dario are still around. 5 of 6 people have been fired, so there’s only room for one.

    Unfortunately I think Daniel is safe and we’ll be subjected to a Jack/Jennifer/Daniel triangle. This will only be interesting if it turns out Daniel was hired by Peter Blake to keep Jack and Jenn apart.

    Rafe also seems safe, even though he’s useless. If he stays, AT LEAST bring back Lucas and do a Lucas/Sami/Rafe triangle.

    When Will hooks up with Sonny, Gabi will probably turn to Chad. Bam, Gabi/Chad/Abby triangle, so unfortunately I think she is safe.

    Dario seems like a good candidate for an exit, but I’d rather see Melanie leave—she has CONSUMED this show for the past three years and just plain needs to be gone. She is awful.

    Days, don’t stop the firings with 6. There are still plenty of losers who need to be OUT!!!

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    I actually liked Quinn, but without Vivian sticking around, there really isn’t a point for him. Chloe has been treading water for a while now. DAYS missed a huge opportunity by not redoing the Brady/Chloe/Phillip triangle. Kyle Lowder could’ve been a great Phillip recast. I’m pissed about Tamara. The show totally wasted her. She’s not good at playing the mealy-mouthed heroine. I wonder if she’ll go to GH now…

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    jlaf–I get nostalgic for the old Carlys–both of ‘em. SJB’s mixed-up pathos-filled rotten to the core potrayal was Bobbie-tastic; and, she bore fore us MyKill. TB was softer, and brought the character forward. She actually had female friends. If I could choose a Carly, I would also bring back TB–no offense to anyone–even SJB who I now think of as Claudia.

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    As much as NB needed to take some acting classes (although I do agree she is much better on Venice) I would rather have her and Tamara on my screen than the Hernandez, Daniel (wtf is he still doing on Days Jennifer/Daniel don’t work) Abby and lord there are so many others.

    I’m sorry it just seems that they are getting rid of decent actors that just need better stories and keeping bland actors that are getting all the stories.

    Other than the vets of course.

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    See, now DOOL talked up this Quinn dude for months, and now he’s out. Natalia actually worked as Taylor, but the problem was the writing for the character. She was brought on as a foil for Nicole and EJ which was dumb, considering EJ was never in love with Nicole, it was all one sided, and it’s like they just didn’t know where the hell to go after that. Even recasting didn’t help. So again, it was the character, NOT the actress. Recasting was pointless and Tam’s deserves better. And I know Nadia is no thespian, but I do like her. From what I hear, she chose to leave. Can’t blame her if so. And if she was indeed pink slipped, she’s better off. They could’ve easily revamped the Phloe/Broe triangle. I was actually a fan of both pairings in H.S., though I always leaned Phloe, lol. Oh well…

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    AlistairCrane, I agree about Melanie. She has eaten up so much of the show for the past 2-3 years, I’m ready for her to go. Carly’s leaving, can’t she take her daughter with her? LOL I also feel that Dena Higley paired Melanie up with all the men that should’ve been involved with Chloe. Phillip, and now Brady is being shoved on her, too. When Chloe returned to the show, DH should’ve taken advantage of the past between Phillip, Chloe and Brady and recreated the triangle. Melanie never should’ve been involved. The only guy I’ve liked Melanie with was Nathan, and TPTB wrote him out.

    I used to hate Daniel, but I actually like him with Jennifer. HOWEVER, with Jack returning, I would hope that this would lead to an eventual Jack and Jennifer reunion. J&J are the couple that got me hooked on Days back in 1990.

    As for Days’ younger set right now there’s not one of them who stands out to me. The guy who plays Chad isn’t terrible, but the show is seriously lacking any chemistry. They haven’t really had a younger set have real chemistry together since the Shawn, Belle, Chloe, Phillip and Mimi days. I hated Chelsea and the youngsters that came after the “Last Blast” crew. I think what made that group special (besides the fact that all the actors were genuinely likable – except for Jan, who was awful) was that we got to see them do actual teenager-y stuff, like actually GO TO SCHOOL lol

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    Not complaining with these axes honestly.
    The new guy is pointless to me….and Nadia I’ve never liked and never thought she was an amazing actress and her character has never settled with me….I figured it wouldn’t take long for them to axe her…esp. after the PP S/L

    Not really understing the Tamara one though…Natalia wasn’t good enough so hired someone who was on the show less than 3 years ago as a dif. character which annoys me something fierce. I love Tamara but that was a dumb move and then to fire her a couple months later…gessh what a waste.
    – I never could have imagined someone else playing Carly on GH other than Tamara but I took to LW right away because she plays it so similar to TB and I really love Laura so I’d really hate it if they replaced her with Tamara…honestly I don’t think they’d do that though since Laura has been around for awhile and I think for the most part everyone loves Laura as Carly.

    [quote]Dario seems like a good candidate for an exit, but I’d rather see Melanie leave—she has CONSUMED this show for the past three years and just plain needs to be gone. She is awful.

    A person after my own heart…I’m so tired of Melanie!! I’ve never liked her character and I stopped watching for about a year because of the show being all around her and it still is but I just FF though the junk…she annoys me so bad….no offense to her as an actress but I wouldn’t complain with that move…plus they’d have so much more airtime for the past days returns lol!

    Steph is another one that annoys me too…I’ve never liked her recast.

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    I really think that either Days is about to get pink slipped and this is a last ditch effort to save the show (again) or Corday is jumping the gun a little to quickly.

    I would of liked to of seen what the new Head Writers were going to do with characters like Carly, Vivian, Chloe even Melanie and Taylor instead Corday is telling them what to write. He needs to calm down.

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    Days has a contract until Sept. 2013. I applaud these decisions, even though some are hard to swallow. I think the actress playing Abby is improving and I hope she stays in the role. I am glad to see Ken paying attention to the show…I just hope he continues to keep it a priority.

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    ^^ Everyone seems to have forgotten Days got an early renewal for TWO YEARS just a few months ago!

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    There are rumors circulating that Joe Mascolo might be out as Stefano. If that happens, I feel that DAYS will TRULY have jumped the shark. Stefano might be one of daytime’s most emasculated male characters, but he’s still one of the most interesting actors that DAYS has. I can’t imagine DAYS without “the Phoenix.” Hope these rumors are false!!!

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    Days got a contract extension but everyone knows that those contracts don’t matter they can be cancelled at any time thanks to the loop holes they have put in.

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    Wow, things are getting crazy. After John, Marlena, and Jack who are they going to bring in? I hope its really good, but I can’t think of many people that would blow the doors off the show. I would absolutely love for Wayne Northrop to come back as Roman Brady and get a frontburner storyline. He’s such an amazing actor and Roman is one of the most important characters in the show’s history. I don’t blame the writers for not writing anything for Josh Taylor though. I mean lets be honest, he’s a joke. If Eileen Davidson is available that would be another big time move, but I don’t think she is. She’s pretty deep into the storylines on Y&R.

    I’m disappointed about Tamara Braun. Not that Taylor is gone, just disappointed that they were stupid enough to cast her in that role. I didn’t like the character, but NL had way more chemistry with James Scott. They were actually hot together so bad move on their part with this one. Tamara Braun coming back would be genius if they had waited awhile and had her come back in some way related to John Black and Marlena’s return. Maybe they ran into her in some major trouble over in Europe. Anything but what they did.

    Nadia decided to leave so I can’t complain about it. It seems like she promotes the show more than any other star on it, so it is really a pretty big loss even though she isn’t the best actor and I’m not a Chloe fan. I feel like they should have tried to keep her, but her decision. Sadly this means no Brandon Beemer.

    I LOVE Crystal Chappell and the character of Carly and normally I would be horrified that she was let go, but they ruined things this time around. Higley sucks, that’s all I can say. Maybe bring her in again in the future, if there is a future, and try all over again. Pretend this never happened.

    I hate that Louise Sorel’s fate is tied to Carly. She hasn’t really had anything to do with her for months and she doesn’t need Carly around to be a major player. I love Vivian and it seems like things are gonna get good in the next few months and they’ll be all for nothing. She’s a gem and maybe the best actress on the show and they shouldn’t have to get rid of her because of Carly leaving. The Quinn storyline is out of the left field, but I can tell its gonna be a really good one. Bren Foster is a shockingly very good actor.

    A major problem with all of these firings is that DOOL tapes so far ahead. Who is gonna want to get invested when all of the people with big storylines are getting axed? Just doesn’t make sense.

    I don’t agree with the Melanie hate. I think she overacts a lot and is whiny, but I like the character. If they go back to before Phillip and give her some of her charisma back. I also think Shawn Christian is an asset to the show. They just need to stop bouncing him around. I’ve been dreaming of the day they cast Alicia Leigh Willis as Dan’s back-from-the-dead ex. Then BOOM! Chemistry. She can pull him out of the dumps after Jack and Jennifer reunite. Okay yes returns from the dead are getting old, but she was never a character so it wouldn’t be a crazy and annoying rewrite.

    I want the Hernandez’s gone. I would be never about firing Rafe because I think Galen has a big following. So maybe slowly pull him out of Sami’s orbit and see what happens there. Maybe some random chem tests. If nothing works, cut the loss. Dario and Gabi need to go like two months ago. They bring nothing and aren’t good actors.

    Lets get some Tony and Anna back while we’re at it.

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    I haven’t watched Days since the glory years (1985-1993). LOL
    yeah to me those were great times.

    Miami, London The Dragon The Prism The Pawn.
    Those were exciting times.

    All ruined by that guy Reilly? The one who buried Carly alive and
    had Marlena possessed by Satan and levitatin on the bed. Give me a break.

    I still read the recaps ever so often to see if something will catch my eye but it never does. The show is just so bad.

    They recast Natalia Livingston with Tamara Braun only to fire her a couple months later? What was the point?

    They are bouncing all these actors for what?

    To bring back those fossils? John and Marlena (with her expression ohhhhh).

    Drake has always been a bad actor to me and I can’t imagine anyone under 50 is dying to see those 2 back.

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    Oh lord, I wouldn’t be able to handle Stefano leaving. He is the glue that holds DOOL together. He’s magnificent in every scene he’s ever played in. There are very few moves they could make that could force me to turn the show off, but that is one of them. There’s no Bradys without the DiMeras and there are no DiMeras without Stefano. I know Joe Mascolo is getting up there and when he decides to leave he needs to get the sendoff of the century. He deserves a lot better than being part of this fire sale they have going on.

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    Alstonboy, if they get rid of Joe Mascolo, they might as well stick a fork in this pie. It’s done. Stefano is an even more integral part of Days than Victor Kiriakis. And why bring back John and Marlena if they won’t have Stefano to play against?

    I know this might sound like blasphemy to some, but I don’t think I’d miss Lauren Koslow if they gave her the heave-ho. I get a little tired of that botoxed grimace sometimes.

    I absolutely agree with some of the firings. I just hope the storylines play out organically and that it doesn’t all happen abruptly.

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    You and I are always disagreeing, aren’t we ;) ;) ?? But I enjoy our differences of opinion. I TOTALLY disagree with you about Lauren Koslow. I think she’s marvelous. I don’t understand why she has blue weave pieces in her hair :( :( …., but I love her. Kate is one of the few characters worth watching on DAYS these days, and I can’t imagine any other actress playing Kate other than her!!!!

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    Laura Wright is going to be out regardless, as GH is going to be canceled no matter what abc is telling you right now; they are LIARS and it is clear they want out of the soap biz, but instead of being honest about things, they LIE LIE LIE.

    I don’t want to see Laura Wright out of a job, because I think she is an awesome Carly; Tamara Braun has always been my favorite Carly, but I think it would be too jarring for them to switch out Carlys now. If Laura left of her own accord, and Tamara was available, that would be a different story, but this rumor smacks of “the real Greenlee” fiasco all over again. And yes I know Tamara is not the original Carly, but it is the same principle.

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    I know some people didn’t like Nadia’s acting but I think she improved 100% from her last stint. I love Nadia as a person but Dena Higley ruined the character so I blame her for Chloe being written off. I was hoping for a Broe or Phloe reunion. Oh well, good luck to Nadia, Tamara, and Bren. Tamara is the best actress out of all of them and it’s too bad they even hired her to replace Natalia. They should have brought her on as Maggie’s daughter Sarah Horton since it seems they are bringing on more Horton and Brady family members.

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    This brings it up to 5 exits thus far. Which means one more exit. I don’t see why they need to stop at 6 exits. I have suggestions for more exits.(Melanie, Daniel and especially every single Hernadez on the show)

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @days4ever: I’m a bit of an acting snob. So I will look at this from two perspectives.

    #1 I thought teenage Chloe as played my Nadia was on-point. But adult Chloe was never fully developed. If you look at an actress like say Victoria Rowell she knew how to mature her character of Dru and provide all the right nuances in context her characters younger years. An Actor or Actress must do this. Writers can only write dialogue. It is always the job of the actor to interpret the lines since writers and actors rarely see each other. So to an extent the actor needs to be good at improvising and trying to develop a of since of how the character has grown over the years.

    With Nadia’s previous stints on the show post teen years it seemed that she was hell bent on singing opera along with the original adult Brady Black. I don’t know too many people who cared about her singing at that point. In fact those musical numbers had me warming the FF button. I’m sure I am not alone. Just asks Jamey…lol

    #2 It is true the storylines written for this character were also uninspiring so I get the point of that as well. But good writers are inspired by the actors to write. Nadia from where I sit couldn’t inspire me to write about a potted plant.

    Most of her scenes from what I saw and that was a lot consisted of her batting her glued on eyelashes and looking surprised all the time. Meanwhile her scene partners like say Arianne Zucker were knocking it out of the ball park every time and ruling the scenes.

    Those are my thoughts on it.

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    I would be stunned if Joseph Mascolo is fired—that would be incredibly disappointing especially with Marlena and John returning! I was really hoping Stefano would kidnap Marlena upon her return to Salem just like in the good old days.

    If he does go, they need to set up a classic whodunnit murder mystery where Stefano is killed off and Marlena and John are the prime suspects.

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    GMAFB, David. Christie Clark is one of Days’ most talented actresses. She is such a gracious woman, a sweetheart, an Emmy nominee, and Days needs more good girls like Carrie on the show. Christie is also RADA-trained. Sometimes it’s very clear to me you stalk me on Daytime Confidential and post contrary, nasty things just to piss me off.

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    I hope the returning characters are Carrie, Austin, and Lucas.

    Actually, I am terrified Days would totally assassinate their characters by shoving them into forced love triangles, so I’d rather Austin “die” offscreen and a widowed Carrie returns to Salem. Then when Days eventually goes off the air, Austin can come back from the dead and he and Carrie can reunite permanently. I do NOT want another situation like Austin/Carrie/Mike, the WORST triangle in the history of Days, one that destroyed my favourite couple and almost ruined one of my favourite Days heroines.

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    I like Chloe. What’s galling is that as far as I’m concerned, the character hasn’t made anymore mistakes in that town than anyone else. Kate is a lowlife and yet she’s always running her mouth about someone. The way that dope fiend Carly was in Chloe’s business was a crime–and yet this same heifer is stealing drugs from the hospital.

    I knew Tamara Braun was a mistake. I just can’t see EJ being interested in the character, now that she is Taylor. Not only that, but that whole story was poorly written. If Taylor ever went to the cops on him, we’ll see how much EJ ‘loves her’.

    I did like Quinn’s accent as well, but with Stefano, Victor and EJ on the show, there isn’t anymore room for criminal men in Salem.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Stalk you? I’m no JER. We just have very different ideas on what a good soap is. I’m from the book of Agnes and Bill Bell and you are from the book Reilly. That’s where we tend to disagree in based on traditional models vs Reilly style soaps.

    But I never liked Christie and she got her Emmy nomination in a the category where she can go up against a 5 year old. Not against the real players in the game.

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    Honey, Christie is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is one hell of an actress and certainly blows her on-screen sister Alison Sweeney out of the water!

    And JER’s writing style was actually very traditional, more traditional than you think. Passions satirized traditional soaps and the goofy cliches you’d see on old shows like Search For Tomorrow and The Secret Storm.

    Anyway, I am going to do my best to skip every post I see from you and not read them and not respond to them because just reading what you have to say makes my blood boil. For my own sanity, I will be ignoring you, David.

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    [quote]Joe Mascolo turned 82 in March. Maybe he wants to retire[/Quote]
    No way!! I didn’t realize he was that old…He doesn’t look anywere near that old…wow.
    I can’t imagine anyone would be stupid enough to fire him…he makes the show…can’t imagine the show withut it….it’s like GH without Sonny I don’t like him but it’s like the base of the show

    They have great potential for vets to bring back but of course some of them should never have gotten the pink slip to begin with.

    I’d love for Belle and Shawn to come back…but they’d probably be recasted which could be pointless…I like Martha but couldn’t stand the recast of Shawn with Brandon so if they brought him back i’d have to skip on watching.
    I am excited for Marlana and John return long as it’s smart writing…same with Jack.

    I can handle Sami and Rafe but it’s no were near as good as Lucus…I so wish they’d bring him back for Sami.

    I’d love to see Alicia Wills come back to a soap or something…I miss her…I think the last time I saw her on something was the L word a couple years back.

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    Soap_fan_forever I loved Alicia on GH. Awhile back DOOL cast her as a temporary replacement for Chloe, when NB was sick with something. Nadia got better before those scenes ever aired, but DOOL was said to be impressed. I don’t see how she even made sense as the Chloe recast, but I think she must have had some good chemistry with Shawn Christian. I’m hoping before they start plucking people from the newly dead soaps that they think of her.

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    Now THIS casting news makes sense! Louise Sorel is an important part of the cast. I think it’s a BIG mistake to let her go. Dena Higley didn’t know what to do with the character, but firing her is not the solution.

    Quinn, I haven’t cared for. I don’t think he should be Vivian’s son because she was hovering over Lawrence so much as if he were her son and how much she has loved Phillip so this re-write doesn’t cut it for me. If Vivian goes, then there really isn’t reason for Quinn to stick around so good choice to dump him.

    Taylor, I like the actress but she was miscast. Taylor is too much of a victim and Tamara Braun doesn’t play victim well. I just don’t believe Nicole could trick Tamara Braun’s Taylor so easily. She just wasn’t a fit for the show in this role. She should have been Ava more than anything else, especially if John and Marlena are back because she had a thing for John.

    Chloe, well I always liked her as “Ghoul Girl”. When she became “beautiful” and came back more recently, she just didn’t gel with me. She was just whiny and had no direction. I’ve been waiting for them to get rid of her.

    Now my only request is to have Melanie and Dario leave the show with them. Might as well clean house. Is it me but what is appealing about the Melanie character? I have yet to like her after all these years? Yes, she is less grating, but still when I watch, I speed through her scenes. The only scenes I view are of Hope, Maggie, Victor, Jennifer and Vivian. Everyone else I speed through.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Nadia Bjorlin, take some acting classes. You’re an incredibly gorgeous woman, but that is no where near enough to make it as an actress, especially as you start aging.
    I don’t mean to be cruel, but those are the facts.


    That is not fact, just your opinion..

    My opinion would be that since everyone on this site already know her name because shes been on our TV’s for years, that she has already made it as an actress.

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    I’m glad these people are leaving. I can stand seeing Gabi, but I don’t think she’s needed. I’m just glad to see Nadia/Chloe leaving. Her constant whining and robotic expressions annoy me to no end. I’m hoping Dario is the last one to leave. I suspect that other people will leave later, like Daniel and maybe Gabi. This may be the last set of people totally leaving Days. I believe the show will be gone by September 2013. I would think this would be the last overhaul of the show because of that.

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    I cant say any of these firings gives me much hope that the show will get better. In fact, Nadia leaving just gives most of us guys a reason to tune out.

    Bringing John and Marlena back doesnt make me want to watch, and Melanie (who is the reason I stopped in the first place)is still there.

    Yuck, yuck, yuck..

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    [quote]DAYS missed a huge opportunity by not redoing the Brady/Chloe/Phillip triangle.[/quote]

    I’d rather not see a “redo” on these couples. Lets see something new, instead of the same old tired things they’ve done already.

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    [quote]Soap_fan_forever I loved Alicia on GH. Awhile back DOOL cast her as a temporary replacement for Chloe, when NB was sick with something. Nadia got better before those scenes ever aired, but DOOL was said to be impressed. I don’t see how she even made sense as the Chloe recast, but I think she must have had some good chemistry with Shawn Christian. I’m hoping before they start plucking people from the newly dead soaps that they think of her.[/quote]

    Agreed…I liked Courtney all the way up in’till the end then her character really started getting on my nerves but that could have been because she was involved with Nikolas and I was a little Territorial about my NikEm Rofl!
    I remember reading that I think in Soap Digest or something and I just cracked up…I love Alicia but I can’t imagine her playing Chloe…they aren’t really anything I like…I guess they would have put a dark wig on or something but even with dark hair I don’t believe she really even resembles Nadia…I was sad those didn’t air though…I wanted to see them lol.

    I guess with the demise of soaps of late I guess I won’t see her come back to daytime which stinks. I think she’s a great actress…so hopefully she get picks up for something soon.

  50. Profile photo of lizzyann70

    :bigsmile: Totally happy with all the axing! Cloe I thought should have gone off with Phillip and Parker! This new guy Quin is horruble, worst I’ve seen in a long time! And well, Tamara is a great actress and I loved her as Carly on GH however she didn’t fit as Taylor they should have left NL also, Laure Wright is an amazing actress I don’t think she’s going anywhere! She’s the best Carly as far as I’m concerned!

  51. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I never have cared about Chloe much either way, but I do hope the same. It would make sense for her to join them in Chicago. Maybe not for a romance, but maybe she gets a job in Chicago that has to do with opera or something along that line and moves to be near them. Sounds good to me. That has me thinking about the fact that I for one am happy about these firings. I think they make sense, even the Vivian and Carly ones. Love Louise Sorel and her portrayal, but the character was old and tired this time and demented to boot. I hated that Maggie never got revenge for what Vivian did. It was the writing that stunk, but also the timing. You can’t reclaim the magic of the awesome “Buried Alive” storyline (loved that story so much). That was when I really religiously started watching Days with my mom. I have to say the same with Carly. Crystal Chappell is a great actress, but again the storylines sucked overall and I feel like she is part of a different era of Days. They’re the type of characters that are enjoyable, relatable, and fun, but they aren’t legacy characters, so why keep them when they have to get rid of people to get legacy characters back. Marlena and John have been with the show for 35 and 25 years, respectively. So yeah, I’m glad to see them back, while other characters’ ships have sailed. But that’s just me.

  52. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I agree with these axings although I must say that is a crappy way to treat an actress as good as Tamara Braun and the fact that she really wanted to come back to this show specifically and I thought she was really starting to shade the character of Taylor as someone less goody goody. But I agree that Taylor was really just not worth investing in. Chloe needed to go along time ago. And newby character without his mom is just a drug dealer and personally I am not into cheering on drug dealers (sorry GH).
    I really do hope that they keep Stephano around for a while longer. I have really enjoyed watching Joe take this character into his last years. He shades every scene with touches of Stephano heading for his maker and maybe he needs to leave a legacy behind besides murder and hatred. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE when he lapses into Italian just exactly like an older imigrant would do when he or she is stressed out. Joe Mascalo is one of daytimes best actors and Has NOT been given that kind of credit maybe because of the rediculous stories he has had to play out.
    People who need to leave my screen
    Dr McDreary (yes he has gotten better but too late!)
    Gabi and Abbey the bobsey twins (get away from those boys so they can figure out they love eachother)
    Dario and Melanie ( I do not totally hate them but I would rather spend my time with others)
    Their combined salaries should allow for either John or Marlena to be put on contract. With insurance and wardrobe and other benefits that they would save could pay for the other’s contract.

  53. Profile photo of GamecockMom

    I am THRILLED that they are getting rid of Tamara Braun!! I can’t stand her. She looks so trashy! I couldn’t believe the horrible casting when she showed up as Taylor. The girl she replaced acted constipated all the time….barely able to say her lines…but she was gorgeous and believable as a classy good girl. I’m not buying Tamara Braun as a classy anything. Give me a break! Good riddance!

  54. Profile photo of giftofamber

    Ok, I may not be a Nadia fan, but she wouldn’t have been in my list to go either (I admit to FFing her as Chloe constantly, but she showed on Venice that she has potential w/good writing and direction, so I was thinking maybe with the new writers). Why are none of the Hernandezes on the “clean house” list? Everyone has been begging for that family to go nonstop.

    Alistair: I preferred Tracey Middendorf to Christie Clark. Tracey just seemed to fit up against Ali Sweeney a lot better.

  55. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    [quote=giftofamber]Alistair: I preferred Tracey Middendorf to Christie Clark. Tracey just seemed to fit up against Ali Sweeney a lot better.[/quote]

    I liked Tracey as well. I did not think that they gave her enough time to get popular in the role. She looked the part but had a little more edge than Christie Clark. I also thought that Christie and Patrick Muldoon looked weird together. He seemed way way too old to be interested in her. I have the same problem with Melanie and Brady (or Phillip) currently. They look like child molesters. While Christie did grow up eventually, by that time, Austin was being played by the insipid Austin Peck who could NOT remember his lines and often looked out off camera with a furroughed brow trying to think of them. (did they perhaps set up some cue cards for him? Or a teleprompter?) (ok Austin did finally learn to act on ATWT miraculously. I guess those NY actors wouldn’t put up with his bs.)

  56. Profile photo of katkit

    Gee if Days ever decides to do a story where Nicole is suddenly anorexic, wasting away, shrill, pathetic, and incredibly unlikable they can again recast Tamara Braun in yet another role to turn worse than it is already. She’d be perfect. Wont miss her and I hope she never ever graces a soap screen again.

    AS for Nadia, no shes not a good actress but I’ll miss her anyway. Chloe is a part of Days almost as much as many others. Dena Higley really butchered Chloe as a character so it’s probably not bad that shes going. What a waste her return was. I did enjoy she and Lucas together until they butchered that also.

  57. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I know there seems to be a lot of people on this site that like Laura Wright as Carly, and they credit her with being a great actress…but I am not one of them. I think she is over the top in her acting. I don’t find her to have any subtleties to her interpretation of Carly. I find Carly to be an abrassive, annoying and needy character, since LW took over the role. This is the first time since 2005 she has been nominated for an Emmy…which to me is astounding. She is the only female character on this show who has had constant front burner story lines written for her. She has had the show’s main focus on her, as well as plenty of meaty material written for her character. In other words….the show has really bent over backwards to give her ample opportunity to win them Emmys.

    Her peers obviously must have agreed with my assessment, because this is the first time she managed to get the nomination for Best Actress, after trying for 6 years. She gets pre-nominated by her castmates, but never manages to get the actualy nomination for the award from the other industry people. Pretty embarrassing for GH to never have their lead female nominated with the other shows lead actresses. I guess with the other shows dwindling, the competition is not as stiff, and GH’s constant propping of this character has finally won out.

    I prefer TB as Carly, because she did come across softer, while still keeping true to the characters essence. LW comes across like a charging bull most times to me. I find her very annoying, and she has made Carly one of my least favorite characters on the show. I actually liked the character of Carly when TB played her, so i for one would be happy with a recast.

  58. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Alstonboy, we actually agree a lot more than you’d think. Where we usually disagree is about Y&R. I get the feeling that you’re far more passionate about that show than I can ever be, although I never miss an episode.

    What Days really needs to do is to spread the wealth around and stop being so Sami-centered. This wouldn’t be so bad if the Sami we see now were the old scheming Sami that kept the other characters on their toes, but half the time I don’t recognize this woman with all those kids who keeps obsessing about the very dull Rafe Hernandez.

  59. Profile photo of

    ^^ That’s why I would like to see Carrie and Austin return. Sami’s at her bitchy best when she’s scheming against her sister. I don’t necessarily want a love triangle, but I would like to see Sami interfere in their relationship and try to break them up (even though she’s with Rafe) just because the idea of Carrie being with Austin (the man who “got away”, in Sami’s opinion) grinds her gears.

  60. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    Taylor and Quinn can go, I’m not invested in them, but I do have a soft spot for Chloe since she’s been in Salem on and off for 11 years. It’s really sad how Higley decimated the character. When I read a spoiler about Chloe and Philip were going to be revisited, I hoped for some emotional story where they realize they love each other. I got a drunken one night stand they regretted instantly. At the end of the who’s the daddy storyline, they had her attempt suicide but Phil was very supportive of Chloe and I thought maybe now. Then Jay left. She moved in with Maggie so I thought they would start rehabilitating her then. Hell, it worked for Melanie. Spoiler said they were casting a new guy for her and I thought good, start fresh. Then just as suddenly Chloe decided to move out of Maggie’s even though she has no job and refuses to accept alimony from Daniel. Huh? Then spoiler revealed new guy for her is a pimp that wants to turn her! So disappointed! Really? Chloe meets dreamboat Aussi -has a drunken one night stand. OY. She doesn’t know the guy’s last name. Ack!

    Disappointed again and again and again. I can’t believe a woman writes this show. I’m sorry new writers won’t get a chance to plot Chloe’s course. But with the HORRIBLE turn it’s taken this week it may be a good thing Chloe leaves Salem.

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