DAYS and AMC Stars Support Samantha’s Friends

Current and former Days of Our Lives stars Molly Burnett, Casey Deidrick, Mark Hapka, Lauren Boles, Terrell Ransom Jr. and a sunglass rocking Suzanne Rogers (pictured above) were among the DAYS and All My Children stars who attended the Samantha’s Friends fundraiser at Henry’s Hat on June 4, in Los Angeles.  For more on Samantha’s Friends and how you can help, visit

Lauren Koslow

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    Okay, are Lauren Koslow’s blue hair extensions supposed to be “in fashion”??? Someone please enlighten me, because I haven’t seen ANYONE wearing that style in real life ANYWHERE!!! Is it just an LA thing???

    I love those shorts that Molly is wearing, but they’d look much better on Casey Deidrick or Mark Hapka!! I know. I’m a naughty boy………….. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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