Tom Degnan OUT at OLTL; Gina Tognoni’s Departure Confirmed

It looks like Tom Degnan is leaving Llanview. According to Soaps In Depth, Degnan will be exiting the role this summer. Meanwhile, in the same article, In Depth confirms Robin Strasser’s tweet that Gina Tognoni is in fact leaving One Life to Live before the serial ends. Expect for Joey and Kelly to head out of Llanview together.

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    Too bad, I’m a big fan of Gina’s and Tom was growing on me as Joey!!! Good to hear that they will be leaving together. I think they’re going to be more departures to come.

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    Good for them! I was starting to like TD as Joey, and GT’s Kelly was always ‘THE’ only Kelly for me. But it’s time for them to move on to better things and a better network.

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    Thank God they’re leaving happily ever after, but these are two characters who REALLY should be there at the finale (alongside Kevin, one of the other big leads from the Todd generation . . . plus the J/K/K triangle is pretty iconic at this point). Such a shame they’re checking out early! :(

    And we just lost Susan Haskell! :(

    What is with GT jumping these ships early?

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    Would have preferred for it to be Kelly and Kevin endgame but I’m not upset with Kelly and Joey. Good end for both characters even if they are leaving WAY too early :(

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    Gina NEEDS to go over to Y&R to play Victoria. At least that would put ME out of my misery of having to continue to tolerate that DREADFUL Amelia Heinous in the role. Wishful thinking, of course!!!!

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    guilty pleasure

    If TD (Joey) and GT (Kelly) are leaving the show together, the what happens to Aubrey and Cutter? How come Terri Conn and Josh Kelly haven’t been both fired from the show yet?

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    I am glad that Kelly and Joey are reuniting and leaving town together, although it doesn’t have quite the same impact as it would if Joey were played by Nathan Fillion (or even Don Jeffcoat). Maybe Gina and Nathan Fillion will make a cameo as Kelly and Joey in the final episode.

    Should I cross my fingers for a Cassie/Kevin reunion??

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    I am neither happy nor upset about this, but I agree that it is weird/wrong that they are out and there is not an announcement that Aubrey and Cutter are out. They are useless characters at this point, and I hope they leave sooner rather than later and we are not left with the likes of them at the end instead of longtime characters that we care about.

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    I concur with everyone else…sucks they are leaving so early, but it’s nice to know that Kelly and Joey are together. As for Cutter and Aubrey, it seems as though Aubrey will be going back to him and Cutter has a huge secret (CJ? Frankie Holden?), but still where does that leave Aubrey?

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    I concur with everyone else…sucks they are leaving so early, but it’s nice to know that Kelly and Joey are together. As for Cutter and Aubrey, it seems as though Aubrey will be going back to him and Cutter has a huge secret (CJ? Frankie Holden?), but still where does that leave Aubrey?

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    I was just about to post that it would be better if Nathan Fillion did the goodbye with Gina whose return has been so dissappointing. GT was the hottest free agent on the market when GL was cancelled and OLTL squandered their jackpot. I longed for Gina’s return from the day she left and now I am perfectly okay with her departure, she and I deserve better. This is just one reason why I will never drink the Carlavati-aid, another: middle america couldn’t handle Kish? but they can handle yet another rapist reraping their victim, first Todd while Marty had amnesia and now Ford while Jessica is controlled by an alter. I guess as a NYC girl I just don’t get it.

    Scott Evans guested on Law & Order:Criminal Intent this week and it made me miss him more, see it’s really just Fish I miss but I miss him alot.

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    This is too bad; unlike some, I’ve liked TD since he was introduced(despite that period where he was the second dumbest man on the show behind Charlie; luckily he’s regained his balls a bit) and GT has been fantastic the last few months after the initial awkwardness/bad writing that plagued her first few months back. Hopefully, that useless Aubrey and Cutter won’t be too far behind(though the rumblings about Cutter being C.J.Roberts might just derail that).

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    You know, I always thought that this Joey Kelly thing was pretty contrived. All of the sudden, Kelly and Kevin didn’t matter at all. So, I am pretty disappointed that Kelly and Kevin don’t end up together but at this point, does it really matter? I think not; this is all that we have been primed for since before Joey and Aubrey arrived. I too, wonder what this means for Aubrey and Cutter.

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    At least Kelly gets a happy ending. They didn’t know WTH to do with her character when they got her back. I absolutely LOVE Gina Tognoni and have since she started as Kelly and loved her even more as Dinah on GL, so I wish her ALL the luck in the future. And by golly, I finally stopped hating on TG as Joey and now they want to axe him too. Seems that’s becoming the new thing with all of the shows as of late. Axe, axe, axe. It’s very telling. I wish him luck as well!

    PS: I still miss DG as Kevin, he was the best … and Nathan Fillion should have at least a cameo by the end, dammit.

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    guilty pleasure

    For the last time, Cutter CANNOT be C.J. Roberts!!!! C.J. is Jessica’s cousin, and Cutter made out and married Jessica, and scammed money and the Buchanan mansion from Clint in exchange for commiting Tess!!! C.J. is an heir to the Buke fortune, and Bo said a couple of years ago that C.J. was living in the Buchanan compound in London with Cord and Kevin when Bo and Nora enrolled Matthew in a british boarding school!

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    ^^ Soaps have done incestuous plots before. If Cutter is CJ and he’s truly a scumbag, I wouldn’t put it past him to make out with and marry his cousin.

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    guilty pleasure

    I don’t think that C.J. would have any other reason to make out and marry his cousin to bilk cash and his great-grandfather’s mansion from his family when C.J. is a Buchanan heir himself!!! Besides, Josh Kelly is rumored to leave the show pretty soon, so why would he stick around until the end if he isn’t C.J.?

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    Ditto on all comments.
    I always liked Gina and was thrilled when they brought her back.
    Though I did want to see her with Kevin!!! :*
    Are they wrapping up the show already?? I thought it was suppose to go in December?? :santa:

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    Did CJ once return briefly as a war vet with an alcohol problem? Or was this something Flash aka Sarah, his sister alluded to in some mysterious phone calls to him? Or am I confusing this plot line with one for Tim Dillon, Amanda’s big brother, on AMC?

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    [quote=guilty pleasure]If Cutter is C.J., then they would REALLY ruin a great legacy character!!![/quote]

    Cuz they’ve NEVER done that before ;) .

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    guilty pleasure

    Actually they’ve done it before when River and Adrianna dated each other, even though they weren’t blood-related (and were unaware that they were related to each other!) because River was the adopted son of Cassie and Andrew, but Adrianna was Dorian’s daughter, and Cassie was Adrianna’s sister and Dorian’s other daughter, which made Adrianna River’s aunt, which still made it pretty incestous!!!!

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    There are a bunch of people they need to cut now, and bring back some of the more veteran characters to watch the last 6 months.

    Please get rid of all three Fords, and I still haven’t figured out why Deanna is on the show at all. She isn’t around James, and isn’t doing anything.

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    guilty pleasure

    No, Max is not one of Asa’s heirs! Max pretended to be Asa’a son, but it later turned out that Ben Davidson was Asa’s long-lost son that he had with Renee that she gave up for adoption!

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    I have so many questions on this show.
    What was the purpose of getting Marty out of town??
    What information did she have?? Was Patrick really alive this whole time??
    I watched yesterday a few episodes and I am lost.

    Last time I watched, Mathew was near death, as was Clint. Did I miss something?? Wasn’t that last week??

    Someone help me out with this Marty & Todd & Tomas & Patrick situation!!!


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    Patrick has been alive all this time and held at the same facility as Roger Howarth’s Todd. Why? It was never explained. Did Patrick fake his death? Did they fake his death? Or was it someone else? Never really explained.

    Marty had a disc that Todd and Tomas wanted but she didn’t know what was on it. So they decided to “trade” Patrick for the disc and then Todd decided to help Marty leave town (and avoid the authorities) because he “owed her one”. *cringe* Of COURSE you “owe her one”, Todd, you raped her twice, you @$$hole!!!

    Anyway, Thorsten Kaye wouldn’t return as Patrick (he probably told OLTL to eff off for trashing his wife’s character), so the ending was all kinds of rushed and anti-climactic.

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    Haha don’t worry about it! It was revealed he was alive on Thursday, they showed “him” on Friday, and Marty left with him on Monday. But Marty said she and Patrick would be back for Cole so I hope OLTL brings them back toward the end just for an episode or two. I wanna see Patrick again and I want to see Marty interact with the real Todd.

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    Wouldn’t that be nice to see Cole reunited with his father??
    Cole is coming back, if they don’t physically bring these 3 together, I hope there is a reference to him & Starr going to see him ASAP. :love:

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