Michael Muhney Extends Time at Y&R

If you’re a fan of Michael Muhney’s dastardly Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless, don’t expect to see him leave Genoa City anytime soon. According to Soaps in Depth, Muhney has signed “a new multi-year deal with soap.” 

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    Good actor. He’s been a great addition to the cast. However, I might be in the minority, I don’t really care for the Adam and Sharon pairing. I’ve enjoyed the friendship between Sam and Sharon. I’d like Adam to move on.

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    I like Adam much better with Sharon that her being with the Dead Zone Dude, Sam. He has this droopy looke about him and I think of the Dead Zone when I see him.

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    Glad he’s sticking around. I didn’t see much of the show when Chris Engen was in the role, but I saw enough to see that he was a cutie, too.

    Btw, why would Adam’s fantasy Sharon have brown hair, considering she was blonde the last time he saw her. They should’ve brought out that cheap, blonde wig (that Stacy Haiduk wore) for that scene. :D

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    Ugh. I don’t like the character of Adam and/or Michael Muhney. But if he has to stick around, could he please do something with his hair? It looks so ridiculous.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Great news!

    Michael Muhney is the ONLY reason I watch Y&R. If he leaves, I’m right behind him. Frankly, he is one of the best actors on the show!

    BTW, I love his hair!

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    [quote=postmamax2]Ugh. I don’t like the character of Adam and/or Michael Muhney. But if he has to stick around, could he please do something with his hair? It looks so ridiculous.[/quote]

    Totally agreed! His hair looked better when he first came on the show. Muhney is so bad in this role—they need to send Adam off to jail and recast in a few years when we’ve finally washed the bad taste he has left out of our mouths.

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    I don’t really care for Muhney’s portrayal of Adam. It is too forced and rehearsed, IMO. I find Adam and Sharon to be rather boring in the chemistry department. Don’t put them back together. Adam needs to be reduced to a supporting character and they don’t need revolve the entire show around him anymore.

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    Ever since Adam read the entire cast at Sharon’s funeral–the highlight was when he said that Nikki has been through more men and booze than the rest of them combined, or something along those lines–I’ve loved Adam/Muhney. I love Maura West but I’m glad they’re getting Adam away from Diane (who they clearly have no idea what to do with).

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    Really disappointing news. He is horrible in this role and I agree, his hair leaves a lot to be desired. I have yet to see him have chemistry with any of the actresses on the show.

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    While I am happy that any daytime actor gets to keep their job, I am not a fan of the character of Adam.

    I am not a Shadam fan, because of the choices that Sharon had to make to stay with Adam. I am not a Shadam fan because their love story prior to the kidnapping was never developed well enough for me to believe that they were so in love that kidnapping didn’t matter. Everything after that point falls flat for me.

    I am not an Adam fan because I have never understood his motivation for revenge. He took the lack of acceptance from his family and took the anger to 100…and is sitting now trying to get revenge against them? Really?

    He was a victim of horrible writing, lack of development (or development too late), and he was a part of the Newman takeover of Y&R.

    All things combined to make me not like Adam.

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    I love, love, love Michael Muhney!! He is just wonderful. And leave his hair alone! It suits his character. With OLTL closing its trapdoor, and I don’t know where my beloved Trevor St John will appear next, Michael is my go-to man for sheer entertainment. When he is on, being his adorable diabolical self, I watch! Otherwise, Y&R holds no fascination for me other than his love story with Sharon and his feud with Victor. Keep up the riveting, Machiavellian plot turners!

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    Adam has sucked since before Michael Muhney came on board, but he has made the character worse. The last time I liked Adam was when he was on house arrest at the Newman ranch and played by Chris Engen but BEFORE it turned out he was gaslighting Ashley. That story did the character in for me. Up until that point, Adam was sympathetic and extremely rootable, especially against his nasty-ass siblings who treated him like dirt.

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    … I’m glad Michael Muhney is staying.

    Right at this point he really is the only one who can stand up to Victor and then even possibly take him down. He’s smart, sarcastic and witty.
    Just move on from Sharon though … she sucks all of her men dry.

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