OLTL Stars Mingle For a Cause

Former and current One Life to Live stars Mingled For A Cause at Blondies in New York City on June 4. Kristen Alderson, Brittany Underwood, Jessica Leccia and Shenell Edmonds (pictured above) were among the stars that sang karaoke and mixed with fans at the second annual event, which helped raise money for Bailey House and AHA.  See more photos from the event after the jump. 

Jessica Leccia, Tom Degnan and Gina Tognoni


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Our OLTL folks look like they are really having fun--woo, woo! Big smile

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6 April 2009
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Wish I coulda been there. It looked like fun! Smile

Brit Underwood & Kris Alderson were tweeting about the event.

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Looks like an awesome event!

Would have loved meeting everyone there.

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I'm glad the cast of OLTL had such a blast for such a wonderful cause. Jessica Leccia looks gorgeous and photogenic per usual.